Exploring the Leading Platform Engineering Tools for 2024

Explore the latest platform engineering tools of 2024. Discover key technologies shaping the future of software development and infrastructure.

Exploring the Leading Platform Engineering Tools for 2024

Platform engineering is considered a practice built up on DevOps guides that assist in improving each development team’s compliance, costs, security, and business processes, eventually helping to improve developer experiences and self-service within a secure, governed framework.

Lately, there has been quite a buzz about the permanent implementation of platform engineering in the IT industry. According to a recent report by Gartner, it is estimated that more than 80% of engineering organizations will have a crew dedicated to platform engineering by 2026, where these teams will focus on building an internal developer platform. This also implies that regardless of the business domain, these platforms by nature will help in achieving high business scale and reduce the time it takes to deliver business value.

In today’s exclusive AI TechPark article, we will help IT developers understand the need for platform engineering along with the top three trending tools they can use for an easy business operation.

Getting Started with Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is not for every company; for instance, in fledgling startups, where every individual does a bit of everything, this guide doesn’t come in handy. On the other hand, for companies that have two or more app teams where duplicate efforts are observed, platform engineering is the best option to tackle that toil, allowing the developers to think outside the box.

The best way to start the platform engineering journey in your organization is to have a conversation with the team of engineers, allowing them to understand and survey bottlenecks and developer frustrations, further advising the use of platform engineering that embeds and pairs programming within application teams.

During the process of building an application, developers need to question the size of the requirements, patterns, and trends needed in the app, the bottlenecks, and many more. However, it doesn’t end here, as to further comprehend the application, they require multiple testing and opinion polls by their internal customers; developers are also required to document every minute detail and change on the platform to encourage self-service and independence in the long run.

Therefore, whether it is infrastructure provisioning, code pipelines, monitoring, or container management, the self-service platform will be a guide to hiding these complexities and providing developers with the necessary tools and applications.

Platform engineering is considered the optimal suite of tools that aids in orchestrating a symphony of tools that align with developers’ unique operational needs and aspirations while also keeping cost, skillset compatibility, feature sets, and user interface design in consideration.

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