Free Online Courses 2020.

COVID19 Lockdown free lessons

It's not news that 2020 has been and is still challenging right from Lockdown, people getting laid off work, the COVID19 has and is still stressful. As we all know, in everything bad thing that happens - good things always come along & let's think of that as a blessing in disguise.

Some of the good things that have come out of this season( Social distancing, Sanitizing) is that we all get to be more hygienic - we wash our hands a lot, sanitize, and have become our neighbor's keeper(we report anyone with signs of Covid19).

Now back to the point, the courses on my NO1 list are the following from Microsoft and LinkedIn.

1) Here are 10 certificate #course by LinkedIn and Microsoft that are ???? free.

These all are learning paths i.e collection of multiple courses on related topics and provides vast knowledge in the specific area. Courses are free until March 2021???? So, let's start learning something new. It's always better to learn and grow.


1. Financial Analyst Link -

2. Data Analyst Link -

3. Graphic designer Link -

4. Digital marketing specialist Link -

5. Software Developer Link -

6. IT Administrator Link -

7. Project Manager Link -

8. IT support/help desk Link :

9. Sales Representative Link -

10. Customer Service Specialist Link -

                              Please remember to enjoy as you learn and Stay Safe.