How do I talk to Klm Airlines from Peru?

How do I talk to Klm Airlines from Peru?

KLM is one of the most reputed airlines in the European Union. They are preferred worldwide due to their top-grade customer services and scheduled flights to popular destinations globally. One of those destinations is Peru, and if you want to contact them from Peru for some issues, then the best option is to call the KLM Airlines Peru phone number available on their website, as described below.

  • Dial the KLM Airlines telefono Peru +51-17-085-576, and you will be asked to pick a language over English and Spanish.

  • After picking up the language, you will listen to the recorded voicemail instructions and follow them point by point to choose the option related to your issue by pressing the adequate key.

  • They will forward your call to a dedicated agent who will answer shortly to provide a guaranteed resolution to your problem.

However, if you are exploring other methods to reach them from Peru apart from calling, you can move ahead with the ones below for your convenience. 

Via Email: 

Email is also a possibility to get a reply from KLM customer support agent from Peru. It is helpful in raising a new concern and also monitoring an ongoing issue. Email them at about your issues with details like name, email, phone, booking reference/ code, the issue faced, etc. They will reply within 24 hours with a possible solution. 

Via WhatsApp:

KLM also provided whatsapp support to the customers as conveying the message through it is convenient and requires only a fair amount of Internet connectivity. You can save the number +31-206490787 to message them or replicate the steps below.

  • Firstly, navigate the contacts page of the KLM’s website.

  • Click the WhatsApp logo and scan the QR Code on the following page using your phone to link the phone number.

  • Once the number is linked, send a message about your issue to get a reply.