What are the most famous festival in Scotland

Discover Scotland's most famous festivals, from the Edinburgh Fringe to Hogmanay. Experience world-class arts, music, and culture in stunning settings.

What are the most famous festival in Scotland

Over the course of two millennia, Scotland has created a remarkably rich cultural heritage. Participating in a festival is one of the finest ways to get a true taste of Scottish culture in Scotland. Engaging in the age-old customs that have moulded the social structure throughout the ages will help you discover — and fall in love with — the true Scotland. 

It's reasonable to assume that the Scots have gone a little festival crazy. There are festivals dedicated to nature, the Vikings, folk music, boats, golf, rugby, bagpiping, Highland dancing, storytelling, farming, and a host of other subjects. These are a few of Scotland's most well-known and genuine festivals that you shouldn't miss. 


In Scotland, the night before New Year's is referred to as "Hogmanay." It is a national holiday and one of the most well-liked celebrations in Scotland. Hogmanay is a time when many people celebrate the celebration with great fervor, both by hosting and attending parties. The Hogmanay celebration has its origins in Viking times when they used bonfires to commemorate the winter solstice. The whole of Scotland is in a celebratory mood. You can enjoy these festivities with your student accommodation in Glasgow  mates.

Glasgow's Gin & Rum Festival 

Take part in the excitement and learn about a singular event that honors the finest aspects of gin and rum and guarantees the year's biggest celebration! 

The Gin & Rum Festival is the place to be if you're looking to party the night away or quench your thirst for knowledge! With samples from the carefully chosen guest distillers, indulge in its themed Gin and Rum bars, and let your hair down with pals while taking in live entertainment and music from the award-winning DJ, students living in Glasgow can discover new favorites. 

Burns Night  

Robert Burns, the renowned author from the eighteenth century who is regarded as a national treasure in Scotland  is honoured on this night. The Scottish people adore the writer to the point where a whole festival is devoted to him. The Scotts honour the national poet annually by holding this event on January 25, the day of his birthday. One of the most well-known events in Scotland is Burns Night, which is observed with haggis dinners, speeches, poetry readings, and traditional dance. Students living in private student apartments in Glasgow should read the poet's well-known poem "Auld Lang Syne" and to put this celebration on their calendars! 

Celtic Connections 

As you've probably figured out by now, one of the best things about visiting Scotland in the winter is the excellent winter festivities it offers. At Celtic Connections, you may get a taste of Scotland's love for folk music during your winter vacation. 

This well-known music event takes place in prestigious locations throughout Glasgow for about three weeks starting in mid-January. There's little doubt that you will enjoy yourself in this vibrant UNESCO City of Music. 

By going to this folk festival, you may interact with Scotland's thriving music scene and get to know new musicians. In addition to Celtic music and Gaelic cultural gatherings, you may see artists performing in a variety of styles, such as jazz, blues, and fusion. 

Highland Games 

You may watch a series of traditional sports competitions known as the Highland Games when you visit Scotland during the summer. You can visit this event along with your friends from student rooms in Glasgow during your summer break. 

Observe as participants in the tug-of-war, hammer throw, races, and "caber toss" (log-throwing) are dressed in kilts. Enjoy live music, piper processions, Highland dancing, and other entertainment. Anticipate plenty of tartan and an exciting environment!  

The fact that there are multiple Highland Games is one of its greatest features. These customary gatherings take place all over Scotland, from the islands to the Borders. They begin in May and last through September, taking place on weekends during the summer. With over 30 events held each month, the Highland Games are at their peak in July and August. 

Merchant City Festival 

Glasgow's Merchant City neighborhood is the site of the exciting three-day Merchant City Festival, which includes free admission for all. 

The Merchant City Festival is set to infuse the streets and venues of the Merchant City, which includes event sponsors Merchant Square and The Social Hub, with a variety of outdoor arts, circus, dance, and live music performances. Students living at the Student Accommodation near University of the West of Scotland (UWS) can attend this event and enjoy the Merchant City Festival markets and food stands.