7 Uganda's Traditional Attire You'll Love

Ever since the world has become more globalized, fashion and culture have taken on a life of their own, with every country having something to offer. One such country is Uganda in Africa which has many traditional outfits that you will love.

7 Uganda's Traditional Attire You'll Love

Uganda is a diverse, beautiful country with many different cultures. One of Uganda's most exciting aspects is its traditional dress. The color red is an integral part of the Ugandan culture, and you will see it in nearly all pieces of clothing they wear. Many people assume that if someone wears red, they are wealthy or high up in society, but this isn't always true!

While variations depend on where one lives in Uganda, these seven outfits are some favorites to get you excited about what's available. You are sure to find the most elegant dresses to exotic dresses on our list.


The Luganda kanzus are a favorite of many women in Uganda! These beautiful outfits feature deep shades of red and gold. The fabric used to make this outfit is usually made from silk or satin, making it quite shiny. Men also wear kanzus, but they are not nearly as colorful as the ones worn by women.

   The Baganda kanzus are very similar to the Luganda Kanzus in that they both have a deep red color that is accented by gold. However, unlike with the Lugandan kanzu, the men and women wear outfits that are different colors. Men will wear white pants while women wear black skirts. Each outfit comes with a kanzugira, a bright red piece that wraps around to the back.  

Grass skirt

Grass skirts got their name from the fact that they are made out of natural grass! These skirts are usually used for special occasions and are worn along with other types of clothing.



In Uganda, both men and women wear kangas but for different reasons. The color schemes are very similar to each other as well! Traditional men's attire is often simpler than women's. This is because different rules govern how men dress than there are for women. Men usually wear kangas with baize jackets to represent their social status.

These beautiful kangas usually come in groups of three! They differ from other African outfits because they are whole cloth and go all the way down to the ankles. They're similar to skirts but are made up of one large piece of fabric and therefore easier to wear.


These are a pair of traditional trousers for men that are made out of a basket weave pattern. In order to make this design, the women will wrap the colorful thread around their hands and arms multiple times in order to create a uniform woven texture. 


Kangura is bright red wraparound skirts that come with various designs depending on where you live in Uganda. The most popular designs are big, bold flowers in the center or polka dots all over.


   This is the latest trendy outfit among Ugandan women who live in cities or towns such as Kampala. They're very similar to a dress because they cover both your arms and legs. Women will wear either a white or black Rubanda depending on their culture.


The last type of traditional dress is the Nsangi which is usually worn by women who live in rural areas quite far from cities. Women wear the outfit with a big red headscarf and some beadwork for decoration. Men will sometimes wear it too, but they tend to wear the outfit when attending ceremonies.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of 7 Uganda's traditional attire that we love. If there is anything else you think should be added to the list, please let us know! What are your favorite pieces? How do they make you feel, and what memories come back when wearing them? Comment below and share with others.

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