JoriPress & JoriPress JoriPress & JoriPress en Copyright © 2023 JoriPress & All Rights Reserved Introducing New WhatsApp Status Features

Status on WhatsApp is a popular way to share updates with friends and close contacts. Every status disappears in 24 hours and may include photos, videos, GIFs, text and more. Just like your personal chats and calls, your WhatsApp status is protected by end-to-end encryption so you can share privately and securely.

We’re excited to add a set of new features to status on WhatsApp that make it easier to express yourself and connect with others.

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Private Audience Selector

The status you share may not always be right for all of your contacts, so you can now choose who views your status each time you update it. Your most recent audience selection will be saved and used as the default for your next status.

Voice Status

We’re introducing the ability to record and share voice messages of up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp status. Voice status can be used for sending more personal updates, especially if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself by talking rather than typing.

Status Reactions

We’re adding status reactions to provide a quick and easy way to respond to status updates from your contacts. You can now quickly reply to any status by swiping up and tapping on one of eight emojis (???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????). You can still reply to a status with text, voice message, stickers and more.

Status Profile Rings for New Updates

With the new status profile ring, you’ll never miss a status from a loved one. This ring will be present around your contact’s profile picture whenever they share a status update. It will be visible in the chat lists, group participant lists and contact info.

Link Previews on Status

Now when you post a link on your status, you’ll automatically see a visual preview of its content, just like when you send a message. Visual previews make your statuses look better and also give your contacts a better idea of what the link is before they click.

These updates have started rolling out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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Launching Meta’s First Pan&European Design Challenge on Safer Internet Day

In partnership with the Trust, Transparency & Control Labs (TTC Labs) and ThinkYoung, we’re opening applications for the EU Youth Design Jam, a pan-European co-design challenge inviting young people aged 16-18 to collaborate in our design process and provide feedback about their experiences online.

On April 27 in Brussels, participating teams from four EU Member States — Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden — will come together with EU policymakers, Meta and other social media companies to share the joys and challenges they face in the digital world, along with their ideas for safe, positive and age-appropriate online experiences for their generation. 

Meta already drives industry-leading participation of teens, guardians and experts in the co-design of age-appropriate experiences globally through TTC Labs. We’ve built on TTC Labs’ multi-year effort to co-design with young people to improve safety and privacy across our technologies. We support the EU proposal for an EU Code of conduct on age-appropriate design and share the EU’s objectives to involve young people in shaping EU digital policies that affect their online lives. Launching the EU Youth Design Jam is one of many ways we’re working with young people to provide better technologies.

Helping Teens Focus and Set Boundaries

We want young people to build online relationships in a safe environment.  That’s why we work closely with experts in mental health, child psychology, digital literacy and more, to build features that help people connect online safely and responsibly. We’ve made strong progress in this space over the past year, including: 

  • Defaulting teens into more private settings at sign up
  • Helping protect teens against unwanted interactions from adults who don’t follow them
  • Removing more content that violates our policies and making potentially sensitive content more difficult to find
  • Offering tools for teens to spend more meaningful time online with features like ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Nudges,’ that encourage them to both take a break from Instagram and explore different topics on it.

We’ve also been using age verification technology to help teens have age-appropriate experiences, in partnership with Yoti, privacy-preserving age verification specialists.

Supporting Parents with the Family Center

Our Family Center  has educational resources from leading youth and safety, privacy and well-being experts on how to have conversations with your teens about healthy and safe online habits. 

We’ve also developed parental controls that help parents and teens navigate their time online together. They’re designed to strike the right balance between giving parents oversight, while preserving teens’ privacy and autonomy. These tools allow parents and guardians to:

  • see who their teen follows and who follows them;
  • see when their teen shares they’ve reported or blocked someone; 
  • see when their teen changes any of the default privacy settings; and
  • see how much time their teen is spending on Instagram, set daily limits and schedule breaks when they don’t want their teen to be using the app.

Our vision for Family Center is to eventually allow parents and guardians to help their teens manage experiences across Meta technologies, all from one central place. Read more on our Instagram Parents Guide.

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Sequoia reveals in filing how much is sitting in its Sequoia Capital Fund (and yes, it’s a lot) Almost a year ago to the day, the 50-year-old investing powerhouse Sequoia Capital announced that it had reorganized itself around a singular, permanent structure: The Sequoia Capital Fund.

Now, thanks to an SEC form filed on Friday, we know how much is sitting in the fund: $13.6 billion.

The number represents two things: the value of the stock that Sequoia has rolled into its permanent fund from its legacy funds — these are shares in now-public companies that Sequoia backed as startups, including Airbnb, DoorDash, Unity, and Snowflake. Some of those shares are owned by Sequoia; some of them are owned by the firm’s limited partners, who have agreed to let Sequoia continue to manage the shares on their behalf.

The $13.6 billion also represents new capital commitments that will later get called down and invested in more traditional funds that sit below Sequoia’s permanent fund, like a $195 million seed fund that was announced last month. The idea is that if all goes well, the money will be invested in startups that eventually go public and whose shares wind up in  the Sequoia Capital Fund in a kind of long, virtuous, lucrative circle.

Not every portfolio company’s shares are ultimately swept into the fund. Sequoia said instead in a post last year the permanent fund is for a “selection of our enduring” businesses.

When Sequoia’s portfolio company Stripe eventually goes public, for example, rather than distribute the payment company’s shares to its investors, Sequoia — assuming it has the support of its limited partners — is more likely to move Stripe’s shares from the many different vehicles that it has used to back Stripe into its Sequoia Capital Fund with the expectation that those shares will continue to rise in value.

Sequoia’s strategy — implemented in late fall of 2021, even while announced last year — has received its fair share of criticism.

One of the firm’s limited partners told this editor last month that his institution would have preferred to manage out its distributions but agreed to Sequoia’s long-hold strategy in order to preserve its relationship with the firm. Meanwhile, industry watchers have noted that had Sequoia distributed shares of many of its highest-flying companies in 2021, rather than hold them as the market soured last spring, it would have produced vastly greater returns for its limited partners.

The firm insists it has no regrets. In a sit-down last month, longtime Sequoia partner Alfred Lin said that even if Sequoia could rewind the clock to late 2021, it wouldn’t do anything differently. “We’re investors for the long run,” he said, adding that the “only question we ask is whether [we] think these companies are going to be worth more 10 years from now than today — not any short term three-month, one-month, or one-year period.”

The companies that Sequoia has tucked into Sequoia Fund, Lin said, are “building for the long run . . . and If you believe in the long run, one of the best advantages [in] holding is something called temporal arbitrage. You’re just arbitraging people’s nerves because they don’t like seeing volatility.”

A Sequoia spokesperson declined to comment for this story, but according to a source close to the firm, limited partners are locked up until the end of this year. Indeed, presumably to ensure some stability at its outset, Sequoia banned redemptions from the Sequoia Capital Fund for its first two years, though going forward, if its investors want some liquidity from Sequoia Capital Fund, they will have two chances each year to ask for this via some combination of shares and cash.

In the meantime, it’s not clear how much of that $13.6 billion is tied up in shares versus comes from new capital commitments, which get earmarked for certain of Sequoia’s sub funds with each investors’ blessing. Yet an even more interesting number will soon be revealed if history is any indication.

Because Sequoia restructured as a registered investment advisor as it was creating its permanent fund, it must now file a yearly form called an ADV that specifies investment style, assets under management, and key officers.

This form was last filed on March 31 of last year and showed that, as of 12/31/21, Sequoia was managing a stunning $85 billion. Because it must be filed annually, Sequoia will be sharing the latest on its assets under management soon.

Sequoia reveals in filing how much is sitting in its Sequoia Capital Fund (and yes, it’s a lot) by Connie Loizos originally published on TechCrunch

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The Premier League, Man City, and 100+ charges


The only place to start this morning was the extraordinary statement released on the Premier League’s website, charging Man City with over 100 breaches of Premier League rules after a four year investigation.

To say this is unprecedented doesn’t even come close. Many of the charges are financial, with the club accused of not properly disclosing remuneration to players or managers, as well as failing to provide accurate, good faith information about sponsorship deals – in essence, cooking the books.

Back in November City announced record turnover in part due to a massive £309.4m in commercial revenue generated from a clutch of new sponsors. The 2023 Deloitte Money League saw Man City top:

Manchester City retain their position at the top of the Money League and for the second time were the club to generate the highest revenue in world football. This caps off a rapid rise up the rankings, with the club having only broken into the top five for the first time in 2015/16. This growth has been fuelled by an increase in commercial revenue (up €65m to €373m in 2021/22), which is a new Premier League record.

Quite interesting, all right.

One of the most interesting charges, especially when you read City’s denial which came out in a statement a few hours later, is this one, which: require a member club to cooperate with, and assist, the Premier League in its investigations, including by providing documents and information to the Premier League in the utmost good faith.

Those apply from December 2018 to date. City were reigning champions in December 2018, and have gone on to win another three titles in that time period. Which is what makes this so fascinating. In essence, the Premier League is charging its most successful club with breaches of rules that would, by any measure, not just damage that club, but the competition itself.

The sheer scale of this is just incredible. This isn’t one or two dodgy moments, this is the result of a four year investigation with over 100 charges. City have denied everything, which is exactly what you’d expect, but the Premier League have clearly found sufficient evidence to do what they have done. That they didn’t even advise City before releasing the statement suggests that there’s a seriousness to how they will approach this, and an independent commission will be appointed and proceedings will take place in private. After which, the outcome will be published on the Premier League’s website.

As for what kind of punishment City might face, that’s another fascinating aspect to this. When you’re dealing with an institution for whom money is no object – because the club itself is essentially owned by a nation state with some of the deepest pockets in the world – a financial censure is basically pointless. It’s like issuing a parking fine to a billionaire, it doesn’t make a dent and he’ll still park where he likes.

There are suggestions of points deductions, transfer bans, relegation, stripping of previous titles, expulsion from the Premier League and more – IF the charges proven. A Man City supporting lawyer writes:

The only reasonable sanctions to breaches of rules, and so many breaches, are ones which actually hurt the offending club. These are rules that every club is expected to abide by, and if City have flaunted those down the years while winning multiple titles, it’s the kind of cheating for which there ought to be serious consequences. Which doesn’t mean they haven’t been an incredible team with a brilliant manager, it’s that they’ve built a lot of their success in contravention of the rules. Lance Armstrong was an amazing cyclist, but …

Let’s be honest, amid the astonishment at the charges – and I think much of that was down to the sheer number as much as anything else – there was an element of ‘Well, of course’ from football fans who have harboured concerns about City down the years. This isn’t the first time they have faced charges for financial irregularities, a previous UEFA investigation saw then hit with a two year Champions League ban before that was overturned by CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport – which cannot, by the way, be a get out for these new charges)

If you have a few minutes, I recommend watching this video from Nick Harris of Sporting Intel (from around 12’54 for just about 11 mins) –

Play the Game 2022 – Billionaires and breakaways: Is that the future of football? from Play the Game on Vimeo.

City have denied everything, claiming there is ‘irrefutable evidence’ to support its position. The question now is how quickly might things progress. It feels like the amount of charges and the vigour with which they will be fought by an extremely proficient and highly-paid legal team will probably to lead to a protracted saga, all the while playing out in private while everyone waits for a conclusion.

Beyond that, will it have any impact on Man City on the pitch? Things already feel a bit shaky; this is not the all-conquering City we’ve seen in seasons’ past. There could, of course, be a circling of the wagons. They might use this in an ‘us against them’ kind of way, but for that to be really effective, you have to feel like there is a genuine injustice being done towards you. Players at Juventus knew they were being paid in a way which contravened rules, it’s not implausible to think that something similar could apply here to City employees – players and managers etc.

Is the Premier League just out to get City for no good reason? Clearly not. As I said earlier, this damages its own brand because they have been hoodwinked, and if the charges are proven the titles of its most successful club in recent years are completely tainted. The basic integrity of the entire competition over so many years will be damaged. Not beyond repair, but it will leave a dark mark on its history forever.

Remember this, the Premier League is so protective of its own brand, it will send people to jail for selling dodgy boxes to stream games on. They have shown a full hand here and if they come out of this without proving those alleged breaches, they’re going to look ridiculous. Which makes me think there’s a confidence that they have the evidence to back all this up.

How it all plays out, and in what time-frame, will be fascinating. And with our game against City coming up on the horizon, it adds another layer to an already compelling title race.

Till tomorrow.

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I have over 20 tattoos but that doesn’t make me a muyaye – Sheilah Gashumba response to Dad’s tattoo remarks

Sheilah Gashumba says she is the sweetest human being and people should not be fooled by the tattoos on her body and her circle of friends.

“Imagine the tattoos she has. How can God give you skin that good and you get tattoos? People bleach every single day to have skin as good as hers but she goes and gets tattoos on her butt? On the butt? And you think I can be happy?” Frank painfully said in an audio that leaked in January.

In the audio, Frank Gashumba also revealed how the self-styled Lil Stunner was disrespectful to him and how she has a bad choice in selecting her boyfriends.

While speaking to the media at the launch of her new glam shop, Sheilah Gashumba said that her father is protective of her and does not easily approve of her lovers.

“It’s just like your parent would react if he saw you bring a girl like me to the home. He would say that girl is a muyaye,” Sheilah Gashumba told the media.

She, however, emphasized that she is one of the sweetest people on earth as she has helped so many people through charity and employment.

She asks that people stop judging her based on her social life and appearance because having many tattoos on her body does not make her a crazy person.

“I have over twenty tattoos but I’m the sweetest human being you will ever meet. I don’t need to go to church. I help people, I employ so many people. I have tattoos but it doesn’t mean I’m crazy,” she added.

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Sheilah Gashumba: My Dad wouldn’t even accept Cristiano Ronaldo’s son as my man

Sheilah Gashumba believes her father Frank Gashumba will never settle for any man she falls in love with and not even Cristiano Ronaldo’s son would please him.

In an audio that leaked in January, Frank Gashumba noted how his daughter has a bad taste in selecting men to become her lovers.

He mentioned how her current boyfriend looks rugged and with hair like infamous rebel Joseph Kony and that her lovers are always broke.

The revelation did not settle well with the self-styled Lil Stunner who, during the launch of her new glam shop, Gash Luxe, responded to the criticism.

Sheilah maintained that she loves Rickman and they will even get married. She also noted that her father does not hate Rickman but is rather protective as she is his only child.

She said that to him, it doesn’t happen who she falls in love with, and not even Cristian Ronaldo’s son would please him.

“Me and him (Rickman), we’re gonna get married. But you saw them talk together. My dad will never accept anyone. Even if it’s the president’s son, Vice President, or even Cristiano Ronaldo’s son. I’m the only child,” she said.

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Enabling a Safer and Inclusive Internet for Everyone

Over the years, we have made significant investments in building various age-appropriate measures and tools to ensure young people, women, parents and children continue to feel safe online. As part of Safer Internet Day, we are taking another step in strengthening our commitment to people’s safety.  

We are partnering with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for the G20 Stay Safe Online Campaign, in which we will create and share helpful resources in multiple Indian languages about how to stay safe online. The resources will cover themes such as tackling online frauds, how to report harmful content, tips to keep yourself safe when interacting online and more. India is at the cusp of becoming a $1 trillion digital economy and at the time when India is holding the G20 presidency, this strategic partnership will not only support and equip the existing internet users but will also be beneficial for the rapidly increasing amount of new internet users in India.

Under PM Modi’s vision of India’s Techade, we are witnessing rapid digital adoption and with this growth, there is a need to create easy to access tools and resources to protect users from increasing cyber crimes. We, at MeitY, have designed a Stay Safe online campaign in this year of India’s G20 Presidency and we are glad that tech companies like Meta are taking a lead in supporting the government’s vision of building an inclusive digital space which is free of severe online threats.

Akash Tripathi, CEO, MyGov

We are also launching a #DigitalSuraksha campaign that builds on our efforts to offer a safer and inclusive internet to everyone. The first phase of #DigitalSuraksha includes a partnership with Delhi Police to provide digital literacy to users in the city. Its current phase also includes measures to enable digital education and literacy across youth well-being, child safety, tackling misinformation and overall education about various safety tools and resources available across our technologies.

The G20 Presidency opens up a great opportunity for India to design and create an ever-inclusive Internet model for the world, and we are excited to partner with the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology in this endeavor. Creating a $1 trillion digital economy requires an ecosystem that is safe and empowering and we will support the government’s campaign by providing users with education, tools and resources to protect themselves in this rapidly evolving digital world.

Head, Public Policy, Instagram and Policy Programs, Facebook India (Meta)

Providing Digital Literacy

Law enforcement agencies are a critical partner in ensuring online safety. As part of the #DigitalSuraksha campaign, we will work with the Delhi Police on a two-month-long programme to provide digital literacy to 10,000 students across various Delhi schools and colleges on topics such as cyber bullying, sextortion, trolling, identity theft and how to safely browse the internet. Furthermore, we will jointly build resources with the help of Delhi Police to educate people about protecting themselves against online and digital scams. We are also providing training to Delhi Police personnel on our various safety tools.

We have also launched a Digital Nagrik Pledge encouraging people across India to become responsible digital citizens (Nagriks). This initiative builds on our partnership with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to provide a digital citizenship course to 10 million students and 100,000 teachers. The Digital Nagrik Pledge will further support the Indian Government’s objective to ensure an open, safe, trusted and accountable internet. The goal of the program will be to get one million people to pledge and become safe digital citizens over the next one year.

Building Consumer Awareness 

To further emphasize the critical importance of educating people on digital safety, we are also introducing a series of consumer awareness initiatives on the tools and resources available for people to stay safe.

Building on the partnership with Delhi Police, for one month, we are going to wrap one train on Delhi Metro’s Yellow line to help educate people about safety tools available for them across our apps. Commuters will be redirected to these safety tools through a QR code.

We are also launching a new campaign, called “Help protect children. Don’t Share. Don’t Comment. Report,” that prevents the sharing of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and encourages people to report such content instead. The campaign will educate people on the harm of sharing CSAM and the impact it has on victims. It will encourage anyone who sees harmful videos and images of children to protect the victim by reporting it immediately to Facebook. 

This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day underlines a crucial aspect of supporting young children by having conversations about life in the online world. With an aim to support and encourage meaningful conversations between parents and children around critical topics like use of social media, mental health and digital wellbeing, we are partnering with Yuvaa to launch UnGap.

A series of six episodes, UnGap is a chat show featuring pairings of well-known parents and children that includes actor Sheeba Chaddha and daughter Noor, actor Ahsaas Channa and mother Kulbir Badesron, comedian Abhishek Kumar and father Sundar Baalaji and entrepreneur Roshan Abbas and daughter Ayatal Abbas, among others. 

Additionally, we also launched an awareness campaign focusing on “tips for tackling misinformation” with Yuvaa. Available in Hinglish, the campaign features 15-second videos featuring six simple tips and tricks on tackling and identifying misinformation. 

We will continue to add more initiatives to the #DigitalSuraksha campaign over the course of the year. They will be geared toward reaching a larger audience through education, creating more awareness and advancing India’s agenda of digital inclusion and growth.

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SoftBank loses nearly $6 billion in a quarter as downturn continues SoftBank Group’s investment vehicles posted a loss of nearly $6 billion in the quarter that ended in December as the Japanese tech investor continues to bleed through the market downturn.

This is the fourth consecutive quarter in which SoftBank Group has lost money, prompting many to challenge the fundamental thesis of the giant, which has deployed more capital in the tech markets globally than anyone else in the past decade.

SoftBank said it lost $5.8 billion across Vision funds and Latin America fund in the quarter. While a $5.8 billion loss is nothing to write home about, SoftBank will take comfort in the fact that it lost $10 billion in the previous quarter.

The company said the fair value of its current late-stage portfolio is over $37 billion.

In 2021, SoftBank was one of the most prolific investors globally, cutting checks worth over $20 billion in just one quarter as many investors aggressively scrambled to win large deals. As the market reversed early last year, many backers have had to brutally recalibrate their strategies.

SoftBank Vision Fund invested just $350 million in the quarter, according to an earlier Bloomberg analysis. TechCrunch understands that the sum SoftBank invested during the quarter was less than $350 million.

While the financial health of SoftBank’s private investments is opaque, it’s clear how it has performed in the public markets — and it’s not good.

Overall, SoftBank Vision Fund 1’s holdings in its publicly-listed companies have a fair value of $19.9 billion, compared to the $31.4 billion that the giant invested in them. Through the Vision Fund 2, SoftBank poured $48.3 billion across firms and is currently staring at a loss of $17.6 billion.

While SoftBank’s shares in Coupang stands at a profit of $4.2 billion, the Japanese firm has lost over $9 billion in Didi and $5.1 billion in WeWork.

On the earnings call Tuesday, SoftBank said it’s in the “defence mode” and is preparing for three different scenarios. The firm anticipates that the market may start to show recovery linearly this year, or by second half of this year, or stumble through until early 2024.

SoftBank has sought to bring more discipline across its portfolio firms in the past one year as raising money became exceedingly difficult. Masayoshi Son, founder and chief executive of SoftBank Group, cautioned that the funding winter for startups may continue for longer because some unicorn founders are unwilling to accept lower valuations in fresh funding deliberations. Son skipped the earnings call Tuesday.

More to follow.

SoftBank loses nearly $6 billion in a quarter as downturn continues by Manish Singh originally published on TechCrunch

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Dotfile is a one&stop identity verification API for compliance purposes Meet Dotfile, a new startup backed by eFounders that just raised a $2.7 million funding round (€2.5 million) to help companies verify users and other companies with a single application programming interface (API).

Serena is leading the funding round through its V13 Invest fund (backed by FDJ). Kima Ventures, Pareto Holdings, Super Capital, Upscalers, Polymatter Ventures as well as several business angels are also participating in the round.

If you’ve talked with fintech startup founders, they probably have told you that there are dozens of small and big companies working on identity verification processes. The reason why there are so many players in this industry is that identity verification is an important process to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and ‘know your customer’ (KYC) regulation.

As a consumer, you may have encountered these verification systems when trying to send money on a peer-to-peer payment app, sell an expensive item on a marketplace or rent a car. These services ask you to scan your ID, take a selfie video, connect to your bank account, send documents, etc.

Dotfile's founders

Dotfile’s founders. Image Credits: Dotfile

Instead of building yet another identity, risk and fraud management API with limited geographical and industry coverage, Dotfile wants to aggregate dozens of KYC and KYB services so that companies can mix and match APIs and data sources depending on their needs and the profiles of their clients.

This way, fintech startups that are just getting started don’t have to benchmark multiple products, negotiate contracts with each provider and manually build integrations with each API. Dotfile also tries to unify these services and provides an embeddable verification interface. Alternatively, developers can use Dotfile’s API directly.

Similarly, Dotfile helps you centralize your verification data in a single backend. If a user emails you because they received an error when trying to verify their identity, the person in charge of compliance can easily see where the process failed.

Dotfile also provides a workflow builder, which lets you create if-then-else rules to cover all sorts of scenarios. For instance, if a customer is trying to verify their business, there could be different processes if it’s a French company, a European company or a non-European company.

The startup is still relatively new as it was created in 2021. But it could be particularly interesting for new fintech startups as Dotfile helps you ship a fintech product more quickly. In a way, it acts an abstraction layer so that entrepreneurs can focus on different things.

A screenshot of Dotfile's interface

Image Credits: Dotfile

Dotfile is a one-stop identity verification API for compliance purposes by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

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The Snapdragon naming scheme could get complicated (again)
Credit: Qualcomm


  • A leaker has claimed that Qualcomm could offer more complicated Snapdragon processor names.
  • The company could purportedly offer names like Snapdragon 7 Gen 2P and 7 Gen 2T.


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Twitter will stop forcing its algorithmic timeline on iOS and Android The circle of Twitter decisions is complete. The social network will finally stop forcing its algorithmic “For You” timeline to users on iOS and Android. Twitter said that the apps will remember your choice of the timeline when you close them.

Essentially, if you were looking at the chronological “Following” timeline while exiting the app, you won’t be forced back to the algorithmic timeline when you open Twitter again. The company rolled out this update to the web last month, and now it’s pushing it to the latest versions of Twitter mobile apps.

The Elon Musk-led company started pushing the algorithmic “For You” timeline last month by making it the default feed on iOS. Later, it also brought the dual-timeline view to Android and the web.

Many users were not happy with the fact that there was no way to make the chronological timeline the default as Twitter pushed them back to the “For You” timeline on refresh or when app reopens. The latest update solves that issue, but the dual-timeline view is here to stay.

Prior to this, Twitter had a star button that let you easily switch between a chronological or algorithmic timeline.

And at the moment, you have to use Twitter’s official app to access the social network as the company killed third-party apps by making changes to its API usage terms.

Twitter will stop forcing its algorithmic timeline on iOS and Android by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch

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Microsoft one ups Google with surprise AI event later today! chatgpt login page

Credit: Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority
  • Microsoft is holding a press conference later today, and ChatGPT announcements are very much on the cards.
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is also in Redmond for the event.
  • We might finally see Microsoft announce ChatGPT integration for Bing.

A day after Google announced its ChatGPT competitor — Bard — Microsoft has announced a surprise AI event happening later today. The in-person press event will take place at the company’s Redmond headquarters on February 7 at 1 PM ET.

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I Only Used SkinCeuticals Products for a Week, and My Skin Looks So Bright When one of my friends was struggling with patchy skin and discoloration, I gifted him with a bottle of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. The skincare brand is consistently one of the most dermatologist-recommended brands out there, so I felt confident that the beloved serum could help him, but I wasn't prepared for just how much of a difference it could make.

Over the course of a few weeks, I watched his skin transform each time I saw him. After a month, his skin had gone from blotchy and uneven to bright and even-toned. I couldn’t believe how clear the difference in his skin was. It looked like he’d gotten a treatment done.

Last month, I started going through my own skin troubles. If I had to describe my skin in one word, it would be dull. Maybe it was the harsh winter temperatures, maybe it was the hot air blowing out from my radiator, or maybe it was stress, but one thing was abundantly clear: My skin needed major help, stat.

I decided to switch my skincare routine to an entirely SkinCeuticals regimen. I tailored my new routine to my specific needs: I have skin on the drier side, I struggle with dark circles, and I wanted brightness and less discoloration to be top priorities.

I thought it would probably take a few weeks to see results (it typically takes months), but after just one week, I could start to see the difference. Not only did my skin look more even-toned and brighter, but it also felt noticeably softer, and the dark circles under my eyes were dramatically less pronounced. Let's dive into the SkinCeuticals products that worked for me. I can confidently say I would recommend them to anyone. 

This serum is very similar to C E Ferulic, and it's a good option for anyone hoping to get environmental protection and a more even skin tone. Once it absorbs into the skin, it's effective for 72 hours. 

Application notes: I found that using five to six drops of this in the morning is the best way to go. Pat this into skin instead of trying to rub it. 

No lie, I think this might be the best eye cream I've ever used. A unique blend of flavonoids and peptides fight against dark circles while firming and toning the eye area, blueberry extract fights fine lines, and optical diffusers scatter light to make dark circles appear less pronounced. 

Application notes: Use your ring fingers to lightly apply this product around the whole eye area. Tap whatever is left on your fingers onto your lips for extra firming. 

Along with dullness, I'd also noticed an increase in blemishes on my skin. This serum helped shrink existing blemishes and redness.

Application notes: Using four or five drops of this serum at night worked best for me.

If you're dealing with discoloration of any sort, consider this your new skincare staple. This serum uses ingredients like tranexamic acid, kojic acid, and niacinamide to dramatically reduce dark spots. 

Application notes: You can use this morning and night, but I liked using it best at night. I thought the sweet spot for me was to use five drops.

Since my skin is dry, I struggle with finding cleansers that don't strip my face and make it feel tight after I wash it. This cleanser never makes my face feel tight or dry—and it even melts all of my makeup off.

Application notes: I always wet my face before using two pumps of cleanser. Massage it in for about 30 seconds before rinsing. 

This rich moisturizer is like a soothing antidote to dry skin. It's so hydrating, and it's rich without feeling thick or suffocating. It also doesn't pill under makeup, which many moisturizers that err on the thicker side typically do. 

Application notes: I really like using this moisturizer in the morning. It sinks in fairly quickly, so it's good to use under makeup. 

I actually think that this moisturizer was the key ingredient that I was missing from my skincare routine. It contains 10% hydroxy acid to help refine and gently exfoliate the skin while also moisturizing. If I were to only keep one SkinCeuticals product in my routine, it would probably be this one. 

Application notes: Use a thin layer of this moisturizer as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine. 

Next, Chloe Fineman Would Rather Use an Augustinus Bader Cream Than Drink Water

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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People Don't Believe My Mom Is 75—Here Are 11 Anti&Aging Serums She Uses Ten years ago, my family experienced a huge scare when my then 65-year-old mom was rushed to the ER in order to receive emergency cardioversion—aka a medical paddle used to restart her heart. The day before the trip to the emergency room, we'd been traveling, and my mom (who has since discovered she has an extreme sensitivity to sugar) had a pumpkin spice latte and an almond-filled French pastry for breakfast and then later on after dinner a small vanilla ice cream cone. As she explains, it was enough sugar (at least for her) to send her heart into atrial fibrillation, or an uneven heart rhythm.

"As scary as the experience was, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise," she tells me. "I banished heavy sugar doses from my diet and noticed that my skin started looking better. Soon after this, I forced myself to watch a program on PBS I'd recorded called The Age Fix, hosted by plastic surgeon Anthony Youn (and later read his book by the same name). I'd resisted watching the show because I knew it wouldn't be my personal choice to go the route of plastic surgery when it came to age prevention, but as a makeup artist who specializes in helping women over 50, I felt like there could be some helpful information."

As my mom told me over the phone, Youn connected the dots for her when he said the most important thing we can do for our skin is to eat a clean, healthy diet, and sugar basically equals wrinkles. So as my mom began to reduce her sugar intake and make healthier choices when it came to meals and snacking, her skin started looking better and better, and she became more interested in what else she could do to help some age-related redness, dark spots, fine lines, and not-so-fine lines that were becoming ever harder to miss when she looked in the mirror each morning. (Her words, not mine!)

"Frankly, I'm also embarrassed to admit I'd never done much besides a morning facial cleanse in the shower, some moisturizer under my makeup, and an evening cleanse," she laughs. "But as I started checking into skin-enhancing serums and products that might benefit my skin, I realized that to get the best results from these products, I needed to make sure these formulations could penetrate deeply into my skin. I purchased a Facial Cleansing Brush ($119) which, according to research, can get your skin six times cleaner than a normal cleansing routine, and I began to add a few other exfoliating skincare products into my regimen as well."

But it wasn't until my mom began introducing various anti-aging serums into her skincare routine that she says she truly began to notice a difference in the appearance of her skin. "I also switched to a natural moisturizer—Essentiel by Adele Moisture ($39) is pure heaven—which has made my routine a bit cleaner and has been a game-changer in terms of my skin's hydration levels, especially since we spend our winters in the Arizona desert."

So are you curious to know the specifics of my mom's anti-aging skincare routine and her favorite serums? Keep scrolling! Ahead, she's sharing the best anti-aging serums and formulas that have actually made a difference in the way her skin looks and feels.

"I know this serum gets talked about all the time, but there's a reason it's so iconic. It works. If I could only use one anti-aging serum for the rest of my life, it would probably be this one. It's literally changed the clarity, brightness, tone, and texture of my skin ever since I started using it. I combine it with the two serums below, and it's my own fountain-of-youth cocktail."

"This serum is a triple threat and features coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant that boosts collagen production, which we need when we're aging!) in addition to hyaluronic acid for hydration, and Matrixyl 3000, an amazing anti-wrinkle ingredient that's used as a less harsh alternative to retinol. This serum has really helped decrease my redness and some of the uneven patches that used to bother me on my complexion."

"As I mentioned, I like to mix this serum from Timeless with the above two for a super-charged serum mixture. It features Matrixyl Synthe'6, a powerful peptide that, according to the brand, boosts six skin-rebuilding essentials. It's great for wrinkles, and it's helped reduce some of the fine lines on my face and crepiness around my eyes."

"Alright, I confess: I've been absolutely hooked on literally all things Tatcha ever since Erin introduced me to the brand a couple of years ago. I love exfoliating with The Rice Polish: Deep ($68), and I'm always amazed when I look in the mirror after using it. My skin always looks brighter and less ruddy due to how effectively it sloughs off buildup! Who knew that removing dead skin cells could make such a dramatic difference in appearance? I love to follow the exfoliation process by applying The Essence Skincare Boosting Treatment ($110), the Dewy Serum ($89), and The Dewy Skin Cream ($70) to finish. Normally, I prefer fragrance-free products, but one whiff of the scent of these products makes me feel like I've been transported to a luxurious spa. Erin asked me to write one or two sentences, and I'm already way over my allotted word count… but did I mention the brand's Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream ($62)?!"

"This serum initially feels a bit heavy and thick out of the dropper, so I was shocked when it absorbed almost instantaneously into my skin the first time I used it, and I've been hooked ever since! I'm not quite sure how they managed that, but it's truly a wonderful product, especially for the comparatively low price point. I love a clean-beauty brand that packs a punch, and this product doesn't disappoint! It feels really soothing and fantastic on the skin, and used along with the Luminizing Face Moisturizer ($48), it provides hydration and imparts this really lovely soft glow. It's great under makeup, too!"

"I just finished my first bottle of this stuff, and let me tell you, I used every last drop! I definitely saw a decrease in fine lines after using this product, but I was puzzled as to why it was working. Usually, if I even just see the word retinol, my skin starts to turn red and flake. But there was no redness or irritation! There was no flaking! Yet I was seeing a decrease in fine lines. This formula is effective yet gentle. To me, it's pure magic, and the hype and buzz are 110% warranted. There are no two ways about it—I love this product."

"This essence-serum hybrid is definitely an investment. However, it really helps hydrate and condition the skin, and I've also seen improvements in the firmness and how plump and youthful my skin looks since I added it to my normal routine. Essentially, it's a treatment you apply after you cleanse and tone, and it acts kind of like a serum primer—enhancing the benefits of whatever serum you use afterward—while also utilizing nutrient-rich caviar water to make your pores look smooth and tiny."

"Oh, this one is so, so good, and it's definitely made my skin look brighter and plumper—fewer fine lines and less sagginess! It's really lightweight, which I like. So many anti-aging products can get really heavy and cloying feeling. It features a specialized Line Relaxing Complex. It's also really hydrating, and I don't even feel like I need a moisturizer after I apply it."

"I really noticed a difference with this serum—especially regarding an improvement in the firmness of my skin and the overall tone of my skin. I especially love the fact that it's more affordable than many other products and easily available at Target, Walgreens, and other locations."

"Several nights a week, I will also just use SkinCeuticals' Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight, a nightly treatment which promotes cellular turnover and radiance. I'm a big fan of SkinCeuticals, and this product has been a favorite recently. I'm not sure if it's considered more of a serum, exfoliator, or cream, but I'm lumping it in here!"

"Erin's really obsessed with this brand, so I knew I had to check it out. Dr. Barbara Sturm makes a handful of really luxurious and high-quality serums, but it's this anti-aging formula, in particular, that's been a real game changer for my skin. I've only just started to use it, but I definitely like some of the results I'm starting to see with this product." 

"I know I mentioned my love for Tatcha earlier, but I am so obsessed with this gentle polish from Tatcha for keeping my skin clean, soft, and congestion-free. This has become one of my ride-or-die skincare products to help with aging. I use it a couple of times per week, and it's really made a difference in the texture and brightness of my skin."

"Okay, I know this is going to sound a bit corny, but after applying this face cream, the only word that came to mind was “velvet.” My skin had never felt softer. Since I live in a dry climate, the next product on my wish list is the Anti-Aging Body Cream ($125). I feel like I need these results everywhere, not just my face! I honestly look forward to applying it. As an added bonus, this is one face cream that absorbs into the skin almost instantly."

"I always approach new skincare products with a bit of skepticism. I think we’ve all had experiences where we’ve had high expectations for a product after reading the claims but then were disappointed. My first experience with this product was trying it for the first time at night. When I looked in the mirror the next morning, I almost did a double take. Not only did my skin look brighter, but this product also reduced redness and seemed to even out my skin tone. It’s an absolute winner."

"One pump of this hydrating cream and your skin feels like it's being treated to a whole lot of special pampering. I love to use it as an all-over hydrating treatment but also as a pick-me-up throughout the day—almost like a spot treatment—wherever I need a little extra dose of hydration. Keeping my skin perpetually dewy and moisturized in the desert is tricky, but this is one of the few products that really keeps hydration locked in."

"I'm really picky when it comes to lotions and moisturizers and was, admittedly, skeptical of this multipurpose formula when Erin (who's obsessed) brought it home with her a few years ago. However, it didn't take long after she forced me to try it that I completely fell in love. It's pure heaven, infused with so many wonderful ingredients, and I like to use it all over my body, face, and hands. Even my husband is obsessed with it! I also appreciate the affordable price point as compared to some of my other regular creams and moisturizers."

"Finding an eye cream that's reasonably priced is hard enough. But finding one that delivers noticeable results and is reasonably priced feels akin to ending up with a winning lottery ticket. This cream feels rich without being too heavy, and it glides beautifully onto that delicate under-eye area. It definitely helps brighten and tighten everything up a bit, too!"

"Since I like to switch up my skincare and creams depending on what my skin is feeling, this luxurious cream from La Prairie is another one I swear by. When paired with the Essence in Lotion I mentioned above, it's amazing at moisturizing my skin and diminishing the severity of some of my sun and dark spots."

"I love everything I've ever tried from Shani's line (Erin is devoted and always brings her favorites when she comes to visit), so I expected no less than a super-special eye cream from Shani Darden. It feels like heaven on the skin! I'm all in for any under-eye product that both brightens and firms, and this does both—noticeably."

"This is my go-to night cream. It has a unique blend of multitasking ingredients like RES and glycolic acid so you get some exfoliation benefits in addition to the hydrated glow you wake up with the next morning. Erin complimented my skin's radiance and texture last time she visited, and I partly attribute that to using this cream regularly over the past few months."

Next Up: For Brighter, Firmer Skin, Make Sure Your Body Lotion Has This Ingredient

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Gameball raises $3.5M to scale its CRM platform for consumer brands The uptake of customer relationship management (CRM) tools has grown immensely over the last few years such that the market size is expected to experience a 12.5% compound annual growth rate, and to be worth $145.79 billion in the next six years. This growth is largely attributable to the uptick of online merchants using CRM tools to boost sales, increase profits and beat mounting competition from other providers.

One such platform that is helping consumer brands leverage their data to grow is Gameball, a customer intelligence and marketing CRM platform, that was launched in 2020 by egyptian entrepreneurs Ahmed Khairy (CEO) Ahmed El Assy (CPO), and Omar Alfar (CTO).

Gameball says brands use its tools to build long-term relationships with customers and ensure retention through personalized loyalty programs that are informed by data.

Khairy told TechCrunch that since the startup’s launch, growth has been exponential and they have so far served over 7,000 businesses reaching 20 million customers. The startup plans to grow this further by embarking on a marketing drive and setting up hubs in regions where its platform is on demand over the next one year.

Gameball’s expansion drive is backed by a $3.5 million seed funding it has raised from 500 Global, P1 Ventures, Launch Africa, and Middle East VCs Seedra Ventures, Arzan Ventures, Propeller, Core Vision, as well as a number of regional investors.

“Moving forward we are focusing more on commercializing the product. We are also trying to focus on certain countries that will give us access to certain regions…like the U.K to give us access to Europe, and Saudi Arabia for the GCC region,” said Khairy.

“We have been seeing a lot of growth coming from those markets, and beyond being mature markets, it’s easier for them to adopt solutions and technologies like Gameball. Their economies are kind of stable, enabling us to better leverage them for growth.”

Hisham Halbouny, general partner at P1 Ventures, said: “The consumer landscape is evolving rapidly with brands competing for customer engagement, trust and retention. Gameball is solving a large multi-billion-dollar challenge that can transform digital marketing, customer loyalty and monetization around the world. We are thrilled to back the team on their journey as they grow their footprint in new markets.”

Khairy, Assy and Alfar, started building Gameball as a Shopify app, before moving on to build an API solution for businesses outside Shopify.

Khairy says clients using their platform can carry out multi-channel marketing campaigns, run loyalty programs, build customer profiles for targeted promotions and rewards for increased engagement.

“Our clients have a lot of channels and interaction points with the customers but bringing all those things together in a single dashboard, where they can actually have better visibility on their customer behavior and customer insights and then use this data to run efficient marketing campaigns is one the biggest pain for our customers. So, we started building for that problem,” said Khairy.

Gameball, a CRM platform for consumer brands, raises $3.5M seed funding

Gameball’s clientele include Sega, Xiaomi, Experience Philippines and Breadfast. Image Credit: Gameball.

Khairy added that through analyzing customer behavior, Gameball is able to give brands monetization opportunities, and help them upsell and cross-sell efficiently across their customer base.

“We empower marketers to get better insights, data, and visibility on the customer behavior. We basically give them the tools to run the retention and marketing campaigns more efficiently based on this data, and to personalize and make more money out of those relationships,” he said.

He added that the platform helps brands to tap existing customers, who are capable of bringing greater value to businesses than new customers. Besides, businesses no longer require to spend blindly on customer acquisition through paid ads as they have an opportunity to tap existing ones via targeted campaigns and loyalty programs.

Gameball’s customers cut across all sectors including ecommerce, retail, and fintech. Its clientele include Sega, Xiaomi, Experience Philippines and Breadfast.

Gameball raises $3.5M to scale its CRM platform for consumer brands by Annie Njanja originally published on TechCrunch

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Tinder rolls out new safety features, including an Incognito Mode Tinder is rolling out new features aimed at making it easier for users on the dating app to control how they interact with others. The new features, which are rolling out globally, were announced today to mark Safer Internet Day.

One of the new features is called “Incognito Mode” and is a step up from fully hiding your profile. Members can still Like and Nope in the app, but only those whom they’ve Liked will see them in their recommendations. The feature is designed to allow users to take complete control over who sees them while scrolling through profiles on Tinder. Incognito Mode is a premium feature available for Tinder+, Gold and Premium members.

Tinder incognito mode

Image Credits: Tinder

“Incognito Mode is a new way of being able to control your experience,” Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s VP of Product and Integrity, told TechCrunch in an interview. “You’ve always been able to hide your profile on Tinder, but we wanted to create a feature that lets people hide their profile, but still be able to see everybody else and only get shown to the people they like.”

The company is also launching a new “Block Profile” feature that gives users the option to choose who they want to see on Tinder. Now, when profiles are suggested, before matching, users can block them so they don’t show up again. Tinder notes that the feature provides an easy way to avoid seeing a boss or an ex on the app. The new feature is launching in addition to the current “Block Contacts” feature that lets users can determine which of their contacts they’d rather not see, or not be seen by on Tinder.

Tinder block profile

Image Credits: Tinder

In addition, Tinder is making it easier for users to report bad behavior by introducing “Long Press Reporting.” Long press reporting lets people tap and hold offensive messages, launching the reporting flow directly in the chat experience. The company says that by simplifying the reporting process, it hopes more users will report bad behavior on the app.

Last, Tinder is updating its “Does This Bother you?” and “Are You Sure” prompts to include more language that it classifies as being harmful. The Are You Sure? prompt appears before a message is sent when Tinder detects harmful language. The Does This Bother You? prompt encourages users to report inappropriate conversations so that the company can take action against users who break the app’s rules. Now, the two features will cover more keywords, phrases and emojis that might be considered harmful.

“Over the years, we’ve been introducing safety in every step,” Kozoll said. “From trying to understand the authenticity of our members and making sure members are being respectful towards each other. We see that whole journey as a place where we can help. And so today, we’re looking at the latest features in that evolution.”

Tinder is also launching Green Flags, a new campaign that highlights the safety features that it offers users, from creating a profile, to liking and matching, to chatting and to meeting up in real life. The company says the Green Flags campaign is an extension to Match Group’s recent campaign that introduced in-app messages and email notifications to give users tips on how to prevent being scammed online.

Tinder rolls out new safety features, including an Incognito Mode by Aisha Malik originally published on TechCrunch

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The February 2023 update is here for Google Pixel Watch Google Pixel Watch Crown

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Welcome to the Google Pixel Watch update hub. Here you’ll find the latest information on software releases for Google’s first smartwatch. We’ll detail the current firmware versions for the Pixel Watch and alert you if there’s a new update rolling out.

Tue, 07 Feb 2023 08:40:05 +0300 JoriPress
28 Under&$100 Pieces That'll Give Your Outfits That "Chanel Girl" Look

It goes without saying that Chanel's influence over the fashion industry has proven to be neverending. There are brands that come in and out of style, but Chanel has always been cool and coveted since its inception. The "Chanel girl" look has evolved a bit over the years and has certainly become a bit more casual and lived-in if you will, but it's maintained that classic, pretty, polished aesthetic. Now, it's just paired with distressed jeans sometimes. The point is, ask any fashion girl what the Chanel look is and they'd be able to describe it precisely. And it's a look a lot of people want.

The problem is that everything Chanel makes is wildly expensive, from handbags to hair accessories, but let's go back to that aforementioned influence over fashion that it has. If you shop certain popular brands, you'll notice that Chanel has a certain influence on everything from the fabrics to the colors to the buttons that are used. Because of this, that covetable "Chanel look" can be achieved, often with pieces that are less than $100. Scroll to see what we mean and shop some of them that were inspired by Chanel's recent S/S 23 and Haute Couture shows.

Every fan of Chanel knows that owning a tweed jacket in indisputable.

A black bow has been Chanel's hair accessory of choice on many occasions on the runway over the years.

Thanks to Chanel, slingback shoes will never be out.

Another very important "Chanel girl" piece: a tweed miniskirt.

Even when flats weren't as trendy as they are now, Chanel girls always wore iconic ballet flats.

Soft, pretty colors are a hallmark of many Chanel collections.

A tweed bag adds a sophisticated touch to anything it's worn with.

Just add jeans and ballet flats (or slingbacks).

Lots of designers are embracing rosettes right now, but Chanel has already been doing it for years.

If you didn't think gold lamé was very Chanel, think again.

Bring on the pearls.

More tweed, because why not?

As far as the Chanel designers are concerned, chain belts are always in.

The most "Chanel" way to wear a pleated skirt is with a dressier piece (like a blazer).

Gold shoes were all over Chanel's recent couture runway in Paris.

When it comes to casual pieces, Chanel leans into classics with a nautical touch.

Pair this with your tweed or pleated skirt.

More than ever, people are pairing their fancy Chanel pieces with denim.

Your ballet flats aren't complete without these.

Try these fancy pajama shorts out with a chain belt.

Black-and-white pieces provide an easy way to capture that Chanel look.

Chanel wearers are no strangers to heart motifs.

Chanel girls cannot live on tweed alone.

Bow ties worn as chokers are another popular accessory these from the recent couture collection.

One word: pearls.

It may be subtle, but cap toes scream Chanel.

Quilting and chain straps are Chanel handbag trademarks.

Another recent accessory trend Chanel has embraced as of late? Opera gloves.

Next, the best celebrity Chanel outfits from the past 15 years.

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We Hate to Say It, But These 8 Basics Are Out—Every 2023 Version to Try Instead

Is it just me, or are wardrobe basics getting a complete overhaul? While they have always maintained an important status in our closets and contributed to many chic outfits, I don't remember them ever being this good. In fact, I really only go out of my way to restock these basics when my closet is in desperate need of fresh versions, and only begrudgingly at that. For me, buying these run-of-the-mill clothing items, as useful as they are, is like flossing—I know it's in my best interest, but it rarely excites me to do it.

Suddenly, though, several new trendy basics have emerged, and they're so good that they're actually making me eager to do some shopping. Items such as nipped-in blazers, oversize drop earrings, and low-slung denim are beginning to win over fashion girls from Copenhagen to Miami, and inevitably, they've all but taken over my feed (and my shopping cart) while threatening to replace their now-outdated counterparts. I'm smitten with beautiful basics and know you will be too, which is why I'm highlighting eight of them here and breaking down the now-outdated versions they might be replacing.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, don't worry. I'm not insinuating the demise of standard blazers. Instead, I'm simply adding nipped-in and tailored shapes to the list of suiting trends that are quickly rising to the top of our shopping lists this year and IMO deserve the same staple status boxy blazers have earned.

Let's talk about earring trends. Supersize hoops can step aside for the moment because these chunky drop earrings have arrived and are completely dominating in the fashion world. Popularized by Bottega Veneta's Drop Earrings, the sculptural look gives off a nod to the '80s, and as you can see from the below versions, is an unreasonably chic option.

In lieu of micro-minis, pencil skirts, and knee-length styles are jumping to the top of our minds right now. Backed by the recent runways from Miu Miu and Prada, the streamlined look is catching on and the fashion crowd is leaning towards these ready-for-work silhouettes over riskier micro-minis.

In case you were wondering, leather bomber jackets are probably the one item on this list that can be found in the closets of 99% of fashion people right now. The aviator shape lends a more updated feel to the classic leather jackets we all know and love.

Low-rise. Low-slung. Whatever you call them, they're here, and they're happening. And they couldn't be any cooler. We suggest opting for a relaxed or wide-leg fit that is much easier to wear for anyone put off by the idea of low-rise jeans.

Shoulder bags have pretty much rendered all other bag shapes obsolete in recent years. Now with designer versions like the Khaite Olivia Hobo Bag and The Row Everyday Bag, slouchier shapes are officially eclipsing the micro-mini bags that reigned supreme in the past, and we couldn't be any happier for the shift. Minis may be fun to carry, but we're delighting in the practicality of these larger carryalls.

Leggings are one of those "boring" items that I always have on hand but never think much about. Well, this year, they're getting a stylish upgrade in stirrup shapes that made me reconsider them as a workout-only item. Not only are they a cool way to get away with wearing leggings as pants, but they're also pretty with low heels.

Skinny-heel shoes—whether they're pumps or boots—are officially our favored styles. In fact, the slimmer and sharper they are, the better when it comes to this chic closet staple.

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Where to find Flamengo vs. Al&Hilal on US TV Here are all of the details of where you can watch Flamengo vs. Al-Hilal on US television and via legal streaming:
WHO Flamengo vs. Al-Hilal
WHAT FIFA Club World Cup
WHEN 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT • Tuesday, February 7, 2023
WHERE FS2, FOX Deportes, DirecTV Stream, and fuboTV
With fuboTV, you can watch Flamengo vs. Al-Hilal and tons more games with a 7-day trial. With the legal streaming service, you can watch the game on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV or hook it up to your TV with Google Chromecast.
Now with fuboTV, you can stream USA Network, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, CBS Sports Network, FS1, FS2, beIN SPORTS, beIN SPORTS en Español, beIN SPORTS Connect, beIN SPORTS XTRA, NBC (in select cities), CNBC, USA, FOX (in select cities), FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, Telemundo, Universo, Univision, TUDN, UniMas and Galavision.
Plus fuboTV, the legal streaming service, also streams Liga MX, World Cup, Women’s World Cup, MLS, UEFA Champions League (in Spanish), Europa League (in Spanish), Primeira Liga, Ligue Un, World Cup qualifiers, NWSL, select USMNT games, select USWNT games, select Mexico games, select England games and more.
The fuboTV app is available for Windows PC, Mac, Apple iPhones, Android phones, Amazon Fire TV, Android Mobile, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Hisense TVs, iOS devices, LG TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Vizio Smartcast TVs and Xbox One.
Here are the steps to take to watch the Flamengo vs. Al-Hilal game with your free fuboTV trial:
1. Click on this link for the fuboTV 7-day trial.
2. Click on the red ‘Start for free’ button (see screengrab below)
3. On the login page, enter your e-mail address to sign up (or you can use your Facebook or Google logins) (see screengrab below)
4. After entering your login details and signing up for the free trial, you’ll be taken to the fuboTV main screen (see screengrab below)
5. From here, you can either scroll down the page to see the TV listings which include the Flamengo vs. Al-Hilal game (see screengrab below)
6. Or you can click on the ‘Guide’ button at the top to see all of the channels available to you (see screengrab below)
Courtesy of World Soccer Talk, download a complimentary copy of The Ultimate Soccer TV And Streaming Guide, which features details on where to watch all of the leagues from around the world on US TV and streaming.
To find out when soccer games are on, download the free Soccer TV Schedules App which includes listings of all of the live soccer matches available in the United States (available on Apple iOS devices and Android devices).
Photo credit: Imago
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Where to find Sheffield United vs. Wrexham on US TV Here are all of the details of where you can watch Sheffield United vs. Wrexham AFC on US television and via legal streaming:
WHO Sheffield United vs. Wrexham AFC
WHAT FA Cup Fourth Round Replay
WHEN 2:45pm ET / 11:45am PT • Tuesday, February 7, 2023
WHERE ESPN2, ESPN+, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, Sling Orange
With ESPN+, you can watch Sheffield United vs. Wrexham AFC and tons more FA Cup games. With the legal streaming service, you can watch the game on your computer, Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Oculus Go.
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Recycleye grabs $17M, calling plastic crisis a ‘tremendous business opportunity’ Highlighting the plastic industry’s infamous track record on recycling, London-based Recycleye says it raised $17 million in new funding led by “deep tech” investor DCVC.

The startup claims its recycling-picking robots can identify materials “at an unrivaled 60 frames per second” and sort them more accurately than humans can. Ultimately, the startup says its tech cuts the “cost of sorting materials.” TechCrunch has reached out to the company for information on its projected cost savings.

Based in Palo Alto, DCVC says its mission is to “multiply the benefits of capitalism for everyone while reducing its costs.” Climate tech is one of its focuses, and one lens through which we can see capitalism’s environmental toll. In the case of plastics, the oil industry has long preached the virtues of plastic recycling, while doubting its economic viability, in order to sell more virgin plastic.

Every stage of plastic production disrupts the climate and natural world, from “the extraction and transport of the fossil fuels that are the primary feedstocks for plastic, to refining and manufacturing, to waste management, to the plastic that enters the environment,” the Center for International Environmental Law wrote in 2019.

Plastic pollution — a major climate change driver — is rising, too. That is due in part to shortfalls in “waste management and recycling,” OECD, an intergovernmental body, said last year. The group concluded that someone needs to “create a separate and well-functioning market for recycled plastics.”

The trouble is: Sorting, melting and ultimately reusing most plastic — which you can only recycle a couple of times is way costlier than buying virgin plastic. Much of the time, we simply don’t do it. Most plastic (about 91%, per OECD) is not recycled and single-use plastic production is at an all-time high.

By focusing on speeding up scanning, identifying and sorting used materials, Recycleye is one among many companies that are attempting to fix part of this broken system with AI. Citing OECD’s report, Recycleye said, “Changing this wasteful and environmentally damaging dynamic, seen across a range of materials, presents a tremendous business opportunity.”

Recycleye says its machine learning and scanning tech “is twice as fast as the industry standard and means that each item is seen on average 30 times as it passes along the conveyor belt, with double the chance of being accurately identified before picking.” We’ve reached out to the company for more context on these figures.

Several other investors chipped in on Recycleye’s new Series A funding round, including London-based early-stage investor Playfair Capital.

Recycleye grabs $17M, calling plastic crisis a ‘tremendous business opportunity’ by Harri Weber originally published on TechCrunch

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The Final Markdowns From Nordstrom's Designer Sale Are Here—24 Items to Shop RN

We've reached the final stretch of sale season, when the very best deals arrive on items that almost never get marked down. Early on, you're not going to run into a lot of trouble scouring for discounted fast-fashion items. You won't, however, see a bevy of Miu Miu, Prada, and Bottega Veneta at discounts up to 60%. Those kinds of prices are for the patient and the patient only. But if you were able to hold off on shopping at the beginning of the markdown period, now's the time to reap the rewards. 

As we speak at Nordstrom, the final reductions have been made to the retailer's selection of on-sale designer items, with all of the above labels as well as Moncler, Burberry, and more currently priced far below their normal retail value. But if I know anything about designer sales, especially ones as good as this one, their contents don't sit around for long. Below, shop what's left of Nordstrom's designer sale.

If Barbiecore is your thing, you need to add these to your cart immediately. 

Belts are the moment in 2023, especially ones with interesting buckles like this Burberry logo'd one. 

These toe-loop sandals are giving serious '90s vibes. 

Trust me when I say that this is not your average T-shirt. 

When summer finally arrives, you'll be thrilled that you bought these on deep discount during Nordstrom's sale. 

It's about time we all book a beach vacation.  Shop the matching Side Tie Stretch Recycled Polyamide Blend Bikini Bottoms ($66).

Anytime you can find sweatpants that, with the right styling, can be worn for more than just lounging, you have to take advantage. 

My dream shoes—found. 

If your wallet has seen better days, now is the time to refresh it with a classic card case that will go with any bag you put it in. 

The kind of tank top you can rely on to bring in the compliments.

Orange really is the new black. 

An extra-cool alternative for those poplin button-down shirts we've been wearing on repeat throughout the last year.

Socks as a statement accessory don't get enough credit if you ask me. 

A winter snowstorm has never looked so good. 

I've had these in my cart for months and am seconds away from finally clicking purchase. 

The fashion-approved way to hide your hair when you probably should've washed just it. 

Let's be real, when does Miuccia Prada ever design an item that I don't want? 

The styling possibilities really are endless with a bodysuit like this one. 

If it's metallic, fashion girls are buying it in 2023. 

Now to plan a date night, either with your S.O. or best friends, to wear these for. 

Manifesting summer by stocking up on warm weather–ready pieces.

The perfect bag for lugging anything and everything around. 

I bought a pair of Puddle boots a few years ago and was shocked to find how wearable and practical they are. They're the only boots I wear in the rain or snow these days. 

Swimsuit season is approaching. And to make this purchase even more worthwhile, this suit can so easily be worn as a bodysuit, paired with a midi skirt or simple jeans. 

Coming up: Nordstrom Dropped a Sale, and I Scanned the Whole Thing—These Buys Are It

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Sportsbooks Predict President Biden Ratings To Improve After State of the Union Address Sportsbooks Predict President Biden Ratings To Improve After State of the Union Address - originally posted on

America appears to be warming up to President Joe Biden.

President Biden saw some positive action in the polls today, presumably in reaction to his handling of “Balloon-Gate.”

The top online sportsbooks are predicting that President Biden will see another ratings improvement following Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

BetOnline, one of the best sites for betting on politics, has released odds ahead of the State of the Union address.

Bettors can find a wide variety of different betting markets for the SOTU. BetOnline is offering odds on a number of State of the Union props, including the length of the SOTU, keywords said, Sarah Huckabee’s GOP rebuttal, Kevin McCarthy’s temperament and more.

The State of the Union comes at a pivotal time in Biden’s presidency. He will be under pressure to address the Chinese spy balloon that was recently shot down by the US military.

President Biden is also expected to announce a bid for re-election next year, making this particular speech one of the most highly anticipated State of the Union addresses in recent memory.

Below, we’ll go over some of the politics betting markets available at BetOnline.

Length of State of the Union address
Over/Under 59.5 minutes

How many Biden claims will be queried by WAPO Fact Checker blog?
Over/Under 7.5

Will Kevin McCarthy rip up speech?

  • Yes 6-1
  • No 1-15

President Biden approval rating (according to on 2-8-23)

  • Over 43.5 percent
  • Under 43.5 percent

How many times will Biden say jobs?
Over/Under 8.5

How many times will Biden say infrastructure?
Over/Under 2.5

Which will President Biden say more times?

  • Inflation Reduction Act
  • Affordable Care Act

Which will President Biden say more times?

  • Ukraine
  • Russia

What will President Biden say first?

  • Jobs
  • Inflation

What will President Biden say first?

  • China
  • Russia

What will President Biden say first?

  • Insurrection
  • MAGA

What will President Biden say first?

  • January 6th
  • Border

What will President Biden say first?

  • Economy
  • Deficit

Who will be the designated survivor?

  • Tom Vilsack 8-1
  • Alejandro Majorkas 10-1
  • Denis McDonough 10-1
  • Gina Raimondo 10-1
  • Jennifer Granholm 10-1
  • Michael Regan 10-1
  • Miguel Cardona 10-1
  • Avril Haines 12-1
  • Marty Walsh 12-1
  • Cecilia Rouse 20-1
  • Marcia Fudge 20-1
  • Xavier Becerra 20-1
  • Merrick Garland 25-1
  • L. Thomas-Greenfield 30-1
  • Shalanda Young 30-1
  • Janet Yellen 35-1
  • Katherine Tai 35-1
  • Anthony Blinken 40-1
  • Pete Buttigieg 40-1
  • Ron Klain 40-1
  • Arati Prabhakar 50-1
  • Isabel Guzman 50-1
  • Kamala Harris 80-1

SOTU Word Bingo Odds
(Biden to say word at any time. Odds with fraction of less than 1 are favorites and are expected to be said. Odds with a fraction of 1-1 or greater are underdogs and are not expected to be said)

  • Ukraine 1-25
  • China 1-20
  • Putin 1-8
  • Russia 1-8
  • Inflation Reduction Act 1-4
  • Infrastructure 1-4
  • Chips 1-3
  • Balloon 1-2
  • January 6th 5-9
  • Build Back Better 2-3
  • Jill 2-3
  • Cyber 4-5
  • Border 4-5
  • Affordable Care Act 5-6
  • Xi Jinping 1-1
  • Intelligence 1-1
  • Super Bowl 1-1
  • Billionaire 5-4
  • Election 3-2
  • European Union (EU) 3-2
  • Opioid 3-2
  • Delaware 3-2
  • Germany 2-1
  • Insurrection 2-1
  • Scranton 2-1
  • United Kingdom (UK) 2-1
  • Fentanyl 5-2
  • Filibuster 5-2
  • France 5-2
  • MAGA 3-1
  • Poverty 3-1
  • Kamala 4-1
  • McCarthy 4-1
  • Midterms 5-1
  • Trump 5-1
  • DeSantis 7-1
  • Fascism 7-1
  • Proud Boys 7-1
  • Critical Race Theory 8-1
  • Twitter 8-1
  • Elon 10-1
  • Mayor Pete 20-1

Republican Address to the Nation Bingo Odds

(Huckabee to say word at any time. Odds with fraction of less than 1 are favorites and are expected to be said. Odds with a fraction of 1-1 or greater are underdogs and are not expected to be said)

  • Weak 1-5
  • Woke 1-4
  • Failure 1-3
  • Fentanyl 5-8
  • Socialism/Socialist 1-1
  • Iran 1-1
  • Liberal 1-1
  • Covid 6-5
  • Recession 3-2
  • Trump 3-2
  • Communism/Communist 7-4
  • Hoax 7-4
  • Hunter Biden 2-1
  • Illegitimate 3-1
  • Durham 4-1
  • Father 4-1
  • Laptop 5-1

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Apple execs on M2 chips, winning gamers and when to buy a Mac Apple’s M series chips were incredibly well telegraphed when they arrived in late 2021. Apple had been designing its own silicon since the A4 appeared in the iPhone 4 just over a decade earlier. The appearance of Apple’s in-house efforts in the Mac was really just a question of when, not if.

When the M1 came, it landed with a resonating bang. In addition to being genuinely noticeably faster, the chips were seen as a big step forward for portable computing because of their shockingly improved “performance per watt” that allowed for full-speed processing while on battery power with increased usage times.

Apple has just launched the next iteration of the M line with this year’s M2 MacBook Pro and Mac mini models — officially denoting this as an ongoing series rather than a one-off leap. With confirmed 20% improvements in CPU and 30% in GPU performance in under 2 years and a really aggressive entry price point, the M2 adds to Apple’s lead in portable chipsets.

I was able to spend a bit of time talking to Apple’s vice president of Platform Architecture and Hardware Technologies Tim Millet, as well as VP of Worldwide Product Marketing Bob Borchers about the impact of the M chips so far, how they see the line developing over time and a bit about gaming too.

Resetting the baseline

“A lot of it comes down to the people and the talent on Tim’s team,” says Borchers, “but I think a lot of it also comes down to the way that we’ve approached designing Apple silicon from the very beginning.”

Millet has been building chips for 30 years and has been at Apple for nearly 17. He says that with M1, Apple saw an opportunity to “really hit it.”

“The opportunity we had with M1 the way I looked at it, it was about resetting the baseline.”

When their desktop computing and laptop computing pipeline was essentially controlled by the third-party merchants and silicon vendors, it didn’t really allow for Apple to push the bar closer to the limits of technology.

This need to own and “reset” the baseline of portable performance in computing coalesced around the time that Apple started working on the iPad Pro. They had been building chips inside of these super-thin enclosures and knew that, with ready power and much larger casings, they could make a significant impact on portable computing.

“Once we started getting to the iPad Pro space, we realized that ‘you know what, there is something there.’ We never, in building the chips for iOS devices, left anything on the table. But we realized that these chips inside these other enclosures could actually make a meaningful difference from a performance perspective. And so with M1 we were super excited about the opportunity to have that big impact — shifting all of it back up to redefining what it meant to have a laptop in many different ways.”

“The opportunity we had with M1 the way I looked at it, it was about resetting the baseline.” Tim Millet, Apple VP

The work that Apple did with the M1 wasn’t focused on pure peak performance, says Millet. From the beginning, there was this idea that they’d be able to reset user expectations around what kind of performance you should be able to get out of a portable computer, and for how long. The focus on performance per watt paid off (as noted in my early review of Apple’s first M1 chip), in that people could run major compute tasks on laptops untethered from power for hours. No compromises. That, says Millet, wasn’t a byproduct — it was the intent from the beginning.

“We wanted to have the ability to build a scale of solutions that deliver the absolute maximum performance for machines that had no fan; for machines that had active cooling systems like our pro class machines. We wanted to…move performance per watt to the point where we delivered real usable performance in these in a wide range of machines.”

Apple vice president of Platform Architecture and Hardware Technologies Tim Millet

Apple vice president of Platform Architecture and Hardware Technologies Tim Millet

Millet says that Apple was pleased with what it had been able to ship with M1 and that it served those goals. My own experiences and those of power-hungry users mirrored that sentiment once the machines began to ship. For decades, Apple had been running up against third-party stewardship over chipset speeds, power requirements and features — with the result of increasingly less mobile computers that ran hot, loud and short. The whole portable industry had been constricting that flexibility for so long that most users (aside from those of us who spend our lives closely examining these boundaries) probably didn’t realize how hard it was for them to breathe.

The M1 whacked a big old reset button on those restrictions, putting portable back into the power computing lexicon. And with M2, Millet says, Apple did not want to milk a few percentage points of gains out of each generation in perpetuity.

“The M2 family was really now about maintaining that leadership position by pushing, again, to the limits of technology. We don’t leave things on the table,” says Millet. “We don’t take a 20% bump and figure out how to spread it over three years…figure out how to eke out incremental gains. We take it all in one year; we just hit it really hard. That’s not what happens in the rest of the industry or historically.”

Borchers chimes in to note that Apple is building products, not parts. This gives it a much tighter loop between needs and deliverables. He notes that the pairing of the technology and product is not an independent choice at Apple; it’s silicon, software and hardware coming together, starting at the point of inception. It’s not “Can we do this?” and then waiting to see if a vendor can deliver the appropriate capability.

“As somebody who’s been building silicon for 30-plus years, the luxury of knowing what the target is, and working side by side with the product designers, the hardware system team, the software people to understand exactly what you’re aiming at, makes all the difference in our ability to really target and make sure we’re adding things that matter, not adding anything that doesn’t,” Millet agrees.

Forcing functions and forgetting fans

For much of the modern history of the Mac, after Apple moved from PowerPC to x86 in 2006, it has had less immediate control over capability in its machines. Whatever it hoped to accomplish with a new machine, it had to include an external factor in there, with external partners like Intel delivering on their own timelines and complexities. There was a forcing function in place. That partner is telling you, “This is what we can deliver you on your scale in this timeframe for these applications,” which cascades all the way through to product design and development.

Apple retaking control of its silicon pipeline also reset the size and complexity of that development feedback loop, which prompts me to ask them whether that relationship has changed internally at Apple post-M1.

“If you go back to the phone, we had that tight interaction really, from the very beginning — and I think that’s true for all of the iOS products. We had that tight feedback loop,” says Millet.

Both Millet and Borchers are diplomatic about the Intel partnership (which is till present, for now, in Apple’s Mac Pro machines).

“Intel was a great partner through the years where we shipped the Intel machines. They were very responsive; they really actually were inspired by the direction that Apple pushed them. And I think our products benefited from that interaction. Of course, our competitors’ products benefited from that interaction as well sometimes,” notes Millet.

But, undoubtedly, the relationship between what Apple wants to ship and what it can ship has been radically altered now that the M-series chips are in the breadth of its lineup. Apple’s chip team working closely with internal teams has been a natural part of Apple’s device pipeline since it began work on the iPhone 4. Now that system has expanded to envelop the Mac branch as well.

“I think it felt very natural for us to sit down side by side with our industrial design partners and our system team partners inside Apple because they’re familiar faces to us,” Millet says. “These are people that we’ve been working with for iPad and iPhone. And it really felt very, very natural. It’s a very Apple way of working where we are all sitting at the table together, imagining possibilities and them challenging us and us going back and doing the math to kind of figure out that ‘yeah, I think we can do that without a fan.’”

Borchers sparks on my use of the term “feedback loop” and notes that it’s less that the loop is smaller and instead that it has been eliminated.

“[That term] implies some sense of latency or delay in the cycle,” he says. “And I think that it’s an appropriate way of thinking when you’ve got multiple parties involved. I think that the big difference here is that we move from having a feedback loop to co-creation, where there isn’t a feedback loop…You [just] sit down at a table and push each other. Okay, well, what if we got rid of the fan? And it doesn’t require this latency in the system, which I think has efficiency gains, but it also unleashes your creativity in new ways. So I actually think you hit on something interesting there in kind of this difference between a feedback loop and a different kind of process.”

M2 Max features 67 billion transistors, 400GB/s of unified memory bandwidth, and up to 96GB of fast, low-latency unified memory.

M2 Max features 67 billion transistors, 400GB/s of unified memory bandwidth, and up to 96GB of fast, low-latency unified memory. (Image: Apple)

Gaming on the Mac

One arena still holds fascination for any of us who have found a home on the Mac for nearly every part of our digital life — save one: gaming. The M-series Macs are undoubtedly more gaming capable than any previous Mac due to the inclusion of much-improved onboard GPUs across the lineup. But even with big titles popping up on Mac in spurts, there still is a fairly large section of “here there be dragons,” where you would think Apple would like to map in the multi-billion-dollar gaming market.

Borchers says that Apple is feeling like the Apple silicon gaming story is getting more solid release by release.

“With Capcom bringing Resident Evil across, and other titles starting to come along, I think the AAA community is starting to wake up and understand the opportunity,” he says. “Because what we have now, with our portfolio of M-series Macs, is a set of incredibly performant machines and a growing audience of people who have these incredibly performant systems that can all be addressed with a single code base that is developing over time.

“And we’re adding new APIs in and expanding Metal in Metal 3, etc. And then if you think about the ability to extend that down into iPad, and iPhone as well, I think there’s tremendous opportunity.”

He acknowledges that Apple needs to do work to bring game developers along the road to adoption, but he says the company is happy that they’ve shipped the core ingredients in very performant systems. He says that the team has been and will continue to look at a variety of chip configurations and components through that gaming lens as well. Anyone who games on the Mac should find room for encouragement in the way Millet says that the team is focusing here, though time will tell.

Millet says that Apple’s work on cracking the gaming market started with the early days of the Apple silicon transition.

“The story starts many years ago, when we were imagining this transition. Gamers are a serious bunch. And I don’t think we’re going to fool anybody by saying that overnight we’re going to make Mac a great gaming platform. We’re going to take a long view on this.”

He notes that Apple offers common building blocks that are shared, scaled appropriately, between the Mac, iPhone and iPad where Apple has historical strength. But he also points out that the purpose-built GPUs in the iOS devices weren’t intended to be general use.

“We weren’t going to design GPUs for that space that were unnecessarily complicated, that had features that were not relevant to iOS,” he notes. “But as we looked at the Mac, we realized that this is a different beast. There will be different expectations over time — let’s make sure we have our toolbox complete.

“And so we did very directed work to make sure that the GPU toolbox was there — working super closely with our Metal partners. We worked hand in hand to make sure that they were going to have all the tools that they needed to accelerate the important APIs that we’re going to deliver to [companies like] Capcom, for example. So that when Capcom approached us, it wasn’t going to be this awkward port for them. It was going to be a very natural ‘Ah, you do support these modern APIs that gamers are needing. This is interesting.’”

That, in turn, makes it simpler to approach game developers with a strong set of tools that feel familiar enough and compatible enough with their existing workflows to make porting games or building for the Mac viable.

“My team spends a lot of time thinking about how to make sure that we’re staying on that API curve to make sure that we’re giving Metal what it needs to be a modern gaming API. We know this will take some time. But we’re not at all confused about the opportunity; we see it. And we’re going to make sure we show up.”

He also acknowledges that it will take time to build an installed base of strong GPUs in order for it to be enticing to the AAA space.

“The other thing we wanted to do, and I think we have hopefully done, is to seed the Mac, the full Mac lineup, with very capable GPUs, whether it be the MacBook Air, obviously, all the way up to the beast, Ultra chips that we can put in our Mac Studio.”

“Because until you do that, until you have a population distributed, developers are going to be wary about making a big investment and kind of focus on Mac,” Millet acknowledges.

So Apple will continue to seed the Mac population as people upgrade from Intel to M1 or M2, and it will, hopefully, become more and more obvious to developers that the Mac population at large has a machine that is capable of running major titles at a frame rate that is acceptable to gamers.

Millet also is unconvinced that the game dev universe has adapted to the unique architecture of the M-series chips quite yet, especially the unified memory pool.

“Game developers have never seen 96 gigabytes of graphics memory available to them now, on the M2 Max. I think they’re trying to get their heads around it, because the possibilities are unusual. They’re used to working in much smaller footprints of video memory. So I think that’s another place where we’re going to have an interesting opportunity to inspire developers to go beyond what they’ve been able to do before.”

The custom technologies of M2 Pro and M2 Max include Apple’s next-generation, 16-core Neural Engine and new powerful, efficient media engines with hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, and ProRes video encode and decode.

The custom technologies of M2 Pro and M2 Max include Apple’s next-generation, 16-core Neural Engine and new powerful, efficient media engines with hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, and ProRes video encode and decode. (Image: Apple)

When computer?

Historically, the most vibrant chatter about the Mac is about the next Mac. No matter what gains or features Apple delivers with a particular system, the question readers and friends are always hitting me with is, “When is the next one coming, and is it worth waiting for?” Lest you think it’s just happening out here in user land, Millet says that he gets it, too.

“Friends and family reach out all the time and they say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking about getting a new Mac, wink, wink. Is now a good time?’ And what’s beautiful about this story is that I really, with full sincerity, believe now is always a good time…Nobody should be shy about it.”

“I don’t think we’re going to fool anybody by saying that overnight we’re going to make Mac a great gaming platform. We’re going to take a long view on this.” Tim Millet, Apple VP
This wave of updates from the Mac with M2 onboard are so impressive that it stops that sentiment short of being too self-serving. The broad consensus, in fact, is that the M2 Mac mini is probably the best-value computer that Apple has ever shipped — and may actually be the best value in desktop computing period. At $599 for the base model, it comes in at a lower price than the previous M1 model and is incredibly capable — clocking in at around 20% faster. Even with that nice positioning, however, the previous year’s model remains more than viable for all of the use cases in that band.

Apple has managed to find a sweet spot that allows the bulk of customers to “buy whenever,” knowing that the M-series chips are indeed that good. Millet says that Apple knows that the top few percent of power-hungry users that want the edge on capability are savvy enough to know the rough release timeline of the “new Macs” and will wait for it.

“That 20% is going to make a big difference to some folks. Absolutely. And they will wait for that moment [when] they can see it because they have workloads that require it,” Millet says, while noting that they’re confident enough in the satisfaction levels of buyers of M1 that they’re not going to hold off.

“If you bought a MacBook Pro last year with M1, you’re gonna be fine. [Even] if you bought it in December, you’re not going to come screaming at me telling me I hate this machine, [and] why didn’t you tell me to wait?”

One rationale for shipping M2 is also that Apple wanted to establish the line in a regular cadence. It was important, Millet says, to make sure people didn’t see the M1 as a “one and done.”

As far as the “when Macs” question goes, Millet and Borchers are both in the “when possible, ship” camp. Coming out of a period pre-M1, when many in the Mac ecosystem felt that it was being underinvested in, it’s clear that Apple wants to send a message that this is not the case and they never want that to become a meme again.

“As a silicon person, I know that technology moves fast and I don’t want to wait around. I certainly want to push hard, as you can imagine,” says Millet. “We want to get the technology into the hands of our system team as soon as possible, in the hands of our customer as soon as possible. We don’t want to leave them wondering…do they not care about us? A new phone shipped last year. Why didn’t the Mac get the love?”

“We want to reset to the technology curve and then we want to live on it. We don’t want the Mac to stray too far away from it.”

Borchers says that the opportunity for Apple lies in the fact that the vast majority of Mac customers are on Intel machines. This makes it less of an “it’s been a year, we have to ship something” situation.

“We’re just trying to make it more and more of an easy decision to move…to an even more amazing system,” he says.

When positioned year over year, the gains are absolutely solid. But if Apple is marketing to, and eyeballing the opportunity of, millions of current Intel Mac users, then the calculus (for them) becomes easier. As proud as the team is of the M1 to M2 speed jump, Borchers says, the real messaging is around the leap from just 2 years ago — especially for the Mac mini, where the leaps are in the 10x and up multiples of performance. All in a price that’s $100 cheaper than the M1 Mac mini and $200 cheaper for students.

“We’re product people at the end of the day, and we want to put our systems in as many hands as possible,” says Borchers. “We feel like the Mac mini form factor is such a great way to unleash creativity and, frankly, goodness in the world that we wanted to be able to put it in as many people’s hands as possible.

“We don’t think about [Mac pricing] in a traditional kind of cookie-cutter way where it’s like, ‘Okay, it’s 2023, we’re going to $799 and we’re going to be predictable.’ It’s more of what do we have [in the pipeline], and what can we do that will surprise and delight our customers?”

Apple execs on M2 chips, winning gamers and when to buy a Mac by Matthew Panzarino originally published on TechCrunch

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‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ becomes the most&watched Marvel premiere on Disney+ Five days after getting its streaming debut on Disney+, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is now the most-watched Marvel premiere on Disney+ based on hours streamed within the first five days, the company announced today.

Disney didn’t provide specific viewing numbers, so it’s not exactly clear how the movie’s streaming performance compares to other Marvel titles on Disney+. However, the claim means the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” premiere performed better than popular franchises like “Black Widow” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

The new streaming record for Disney+ could also mean that more Marvel films may get longer windows between theatrical release and streaming release — but that’s just our guess. In general, movies that get a long theatrical window are more likely to stand out in the minds of viewers as opposed to streaming-exclusive movies that might not get as much hype. Disney+ subscribers had to wait 82 days for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” to stream on Disney+, the longest window of any Marvel movie on the streamer. For comparison, “Thor: Love and Thunder” appeared on Disney+ 62 days after it premiered in theaters.

The “Black Panther” sequel was released in theaters on November 11, 2022, and grossed over $800 million at the box office worldwide. It earned five Oscar nominations and won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Angela Bassett).

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ becomes the most-watched Marvel premiere on Disney+ by Lauren Forristal originally published on TechCrunch

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FRIDA’s robot arm attempts to bring DALL&E&style AI art to real&world canvases One could make a very reasonable argument that FRIDA (Framework and Robotics Initiative for Developing Arts) is as much a thought experiment as it is a research project. Certainly it butts up against similar questions around art and creativity as AI projects like DALL-E and ChatGPT — though the question is arguably even more in your face when it’s a robot arm doing the painting on a real-world canvas.

I recognize this is all extremely subjective, but at this point in the process, I’d go out on a limb and say the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute’s project has some catching up to do with software-based AI systems. Even so, it’s fascinating to watch the project, which (obviously) gets its name from renowned Mexican portrait painter Frida Kahlo.

Image Credits: CMU

“FRIDA is a project exploring the intersection of human and robotic creativity,” says CMU professor Jim McCann. “FRIDA is using the kind of AI models that have been developed to do things like caption images and understand scene content and applying it to this artistic generative problem.”

The system currently requires some input, including text descriptions and existing images, though in a world so tied to literal interpretations, it can work a bit more abstractly. In one instance, the team played the robot the all-time banger that is ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

Though they also attempt to cut questions of job automations off at the pass. For one thing, humans are required for not just inputs, but actual paint mixing (though, to be clear, it’s realistic to assume that’s fairly automatable). The team suggests that it’s ideal as a collaborator.

Image Credits: CMU

Perhaps the most interesting piece of this is the system’s imprecision. The goal of such robotics is generally getting things as accurate as possible. Here, however, the system is allowed to make mistakes and adjusts the remainder of the painting accordingly, using an overhead camera to monitor its own progress. Speed isn’t a priority either. Each painting takes hours to complete.

FRIDA’s artwork can currently be seen on a CMU-run Twitter account.

FRIDA’s robot arm attempts to bring DALL-E-style AI art to real-world canvases by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch

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Man Sentenced To 16 Years For Shooting At Kids Who Threw Snowballs At His Car

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man named William Carson has been hit with a 16-year prison sentence, and it’s all over his response to some neighborhood kids goofing around in the snow.

He Received 16 Years For Firing At A Group Of Children

William was hit with the sentence this past Friday, according to FOX6 News Milwaukee, and it’s related to an incident from more than three years ago.

Back on Jan. 4, 2020, a group of about seven kids were throwing snowballs at cars on the north side of Milwaukee. After William’s car was hit with a snowball, the man proceeded to turn around, exit the vehicle, and send out a barrage of shots as the kids frantically fled.

Two of the seven children were struck, with one being hit in the arm while the other sustained a thigh injury. Additionally, a third child’s jacket was grazed by a bullet.

After fleeing the scene, William was arrested a couple of days later, and he was apprehended while driving under the influence. Additionally, he was found with a gun, and testing revealed that it was “highly probable” that it was the same firearm used to fire shots at the kids.

As a result of the matter, William Carson was charged with two counts of first-degree reckless injury and five counts of recklessly endangering safety in the first-degree.

Prosecutors Initially Sought A 25-Year Prison Term

While William is going away for quite some time, the prosecution was reportedly looking to secure a 25-year sentence against him.

This sentiment was supported by testimony provided by Monique Wilbourn, the mother of one of the children involved in the ordeal.

“You really hurt us, and I really want you to pay for what you did to my family.”

Although the term wound up being less than what the prosecution wanted, we should add that William Carson will have to complete ten years of extended supervision after he’s released.

What are your thoughts on the overall situation?

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EV maker VinFast downsizes in US, Canada Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast is cutting jobs in the United States and Canada as part of a restructuring that will merge operations across the two countries. The restructuring comes as VinFast prepares to enter the U.S. public market and delays deliveries to its first customers in the country.

VinFast has not shared how many employees have been cut, but a LinkedIn post from a former employee said “nearly 35 roles” were affected. A spokesperson told Reuters the headcount in Vietnam, where most of the company’s staff and engineering ops are, would not shrink.

“The past 4 months have been an experience like no other,” reads the post. “From meeting and collaborating with some of the industry’s most talented professionals, to building a team and program with the intention to launch a service nationwide for a startup.”

Note the “intention to launch” part of that statement. Neither the employee who wrote the post nor the company have responded to TechCrunch to clarify the nature of the nationwide service and whether VinFast has ceased operations there, but we have some guesses.

A big part of VinFast’s luxury EV offering in the U.S. is the customer experience, including a mobile service network and over-the-air firmware updates. The company may have also been pursuing an EV charging network in the States, something VinFast has been doing in Vietnam. Some of the affected employees who posted on LinkedIn worked in mobile service operations and EV charging infrastructure, which might signal VinFast is pulling away from launching these services in North America.

VinFast’s expansion strategy into international markets also includes a direct-to-consumer sales model. Many of the 150 people VinFast said it had hired in the U.S. were in sales, support and distribution roles.

The company, a subsidiary of conglomerate Vingroup, has been advancing into the U.S. market with four electric SUVs and potentially a sports car. Last week, VinFast said it would delay deliveries to its first U.S. customers to the second half of February as it finishes updating vehicles with the latest software.

EV maker VinFast downsizes in US, Canada by Rebecca Bellan originally published on TechCrunch

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Modular eel robots combine soft and rigid components Here’s an interesting comment from MIT’s Alfonso Parra Rubio, “Treating soft versus hard robotics is a false dichotomy.” For, I suppose, obvious reasons, thinking around technology tends to be a bit…binary. Certainly we’ve traditionally regarded soft robots as being something that exists in direct opposition to their more traditional counterparts.

But the organic beings that inspire them are often some combination of rigid and soft. After all, what are we if not a bunch of soft tissue bound to a rigid skeletal structure. It follows, then, that roboticists would do well to marry the two, in order to harness the best of both worlds.

Image Credits: MIT

This is one of the guiding principles behind MIT’s recent rethink of its underwater, snakelike aquabots. The robot is largely hollow, built of modular voxels that can be assembled to create systems that are rigid in certain directions and soft in others, combing stiff and flexible elements.

“Smooth flexibility of the body surface allows us to implement flow control that can reduce drag and improve propulsive efficiency, resulting in substantial fuel saving,” says MIT professor Michael Triantafyllou, who was previously involved in MIT’s RoboTuna project.

Thus far, the system has been configured into the kind of meter-long eel design seen in this post, but the modular building blocks mean it’s possible to create a variety of different shapes and scale up the robot’s size considerably.

“There have been many snake-like robots before,” adds fellow MIT professor, Neil Gershenfeld. “But they’re generally made of bespoke components, as opposed to these simple building blocks that are scalable.”

Modularity also potentially means dramatically cutting down the assembly time required to build these robots. The 60 pieces in this system were assembled in two days, rather than the two years that went into building RoboTuna.

Modular eel robots combine soft and rigid components by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch

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These $12 Lashes Were Megan Fox's Secret Weapon at the Grammy Awards

In the year of our lord 2023, no one has Old Hollywood–style glamour down quite like Megan Fox. Time and time again, the actress proves that she is the reigning queen of bold lipstick, defined cat eyes, and perfectly coifed waves, though she always gives her own spin to the bombshell beauty. 

For the 65th Grammy Awards, Fox may have been dealing with a broken wrist and a concussion (per her Instagram post) but she didn't let that stop her from serving some major looks. With her hair in expertly arranged bends, a just-glossy-enough nude lip, and perfectly smoked-out cat eyes, the star essentially nailed the formula for head-turning glam. 

One of the most defining aspects of her look? Lashes for days. When I saw Fox's lashes, I immediately needed to know what falsies she was using, and was pleasantly surprised that they were Kiss lashes, a cult-favorite drugstore brand. Priced at just $12, anyone can try out Fox's major lash moment for size. Plus, Kristina also took a walk down the drugstore aisle for the rest of Fox's look, reaching for entirely Maybelline products for the rest of her face. Sophisticated Hollywood glamour on a budget, here we come. 

"Megan's look is elegant Hollywood, so we wanted to do a glam that focused on gorgeous skin and wispy lashes elongated at the ends," says celebrity makeup artist Jenna Kristina, who created Fox's red carpet look. "The Kiss MLBB Multipack Lashes in Bare Affair were a perfect fit for this elegant wearable glam."

Kristina used this nourishing lash adhesive to fasten on Fox's lashes. 

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The director of Blade Runner produced a short film using a Galaxy S23 Ultra
Credit: Harley Maranan / Android Authority
  • Director Ridley Scott produced a short film with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • The film, Behold, is a four-minute project that’s meant to showcase the phone’s 200MP camera.
  • It also displays the camera’s performance under low light conditions.

Samsung is pretty proud of the camera setup on its Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is in fact the first Samsung phone to ever have a 200MP sensor. To show off exactly what it can do, the tech giant had Ridley Scott use the phone to shoot a short film.

The director of films such as Blade Runner, The Martian, and Alien got some early hands-on time with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. With it, Scott directed and produced a short four-minute film called Behold.

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Gazelles to start residential training ahead of Zone V Women’s AfroBasket Qualifiers
Hope Akello | Credit: FUBA

Uganda Women’s National Basketball Team (Gazelles) will start residential training on Tuesday as they continue preparations for the upcoming Zone V Women’s AfroBasket Qualifiers.

Thirteen home-based players will be joined by two foreign-based players to start residential training.

Junior Gazelles graduate Maria Najjuma will be joining the team alongside guard Jannon Otto who will represent the country for the first time.

The squad has only one member of the team that played at the 2014 qualifiers (Falvia Oketcho), the last time the Gazelles made the continental grade.

It should be noted that the Gazelles played a warm-up game on Sunday and beat a Select Side 79-52.

The Zone V Championship whose winner gets the ticket to the African showpiece will be played from February 14-19 at Lugogo Indoor Stadium.

Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan and AfroBasket hosts Rwanda will be joining hosts Uganda for the week-long tourney.

The Team


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AI&generated ‘Seinfeld’ suspended on Twitch for AI&generated transphobic jokes After charming the internet (and us) with its absurdist nature, the AI-generated “Seinfeld”-spoof “Nothing, Forever” was suspended from Twitch for 14 days.

As part of its parody of “Seinfeld,” one of the recurring scenes on “Nothing, Forever” shows Larry Feinberg — the Jerry Seinfeld character — performing stand-up routines. Usually, Larry’s jokes went something like, “What’s a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.” But, as “Nothing, Forever” creators Mismatch Media told TechCrunch, the team made a mistake with the AI’s content filter, which resulted in Larry delivering a transphobic standup routine.

“Nothing, Forever,” which has been streaming almost constantly since December, initially generated the characters’ dialogue through the Davinci model of GPT-3, plus Open AI’s content filtering protocol. But when Davinci began having technical issues, the team switched to the less-sophisticated Curie model. After changing models, the creators didn’t appropriately incorporate the AI moderation tool. Soon, Larry was spewing transphobic jokes, and “Nothing, Forever” was suspensed.

“First, let me say that the text we generated was a mistake, we are super embarrassed, and that the generative content created in no way reflects the values or opinions of our staff,” co-creator Skyler Hartle wrote in an email to TechCrunch. “We very much regret this happened and hope to be back on the air soon, with all the appropriate safeguards in place.”

Hartle also said that the team is investigating a secondary content moderation system to add as a redundancy, just in case their content moderation filters happen to falter while live on air.

Twitch did not respond to request for comment. Hartle said he has not had any direct communication with Twitch either. But the creators believe the suspension is a result of Larry’s transphobic comments, due to the timing of the suspension.

Twitch’s community guidelines ban hateful rhetoric about specific identity groups, including discrimination or harassment based on gender identity. The platform’s content moderation systems appear to have caught the transphobic rhetoric of Larry, an AI, pretty quickly. But while Twitch’s systems reacted quickly to deplatform an AI, it has not been as consistently successful with mitigating the deliberate harassment of transgender people.

About a year and a half ago, the platform was plagued by malicious “hate raids,” which particularly targeted Black and transgender creators. After creator-led collective action, Twitch rolled out new safety features to help protect streamers from these violent cyber attacks. Last year, as transgender Twitch streamer Keffals rose to prominence for talking about LGBTQ+ issues, she was subject to such harsh harassment that she was targeted within her own home, causing her to go into hiding. (Much of this harassment stemmed from other websites, but as of 2021, Twitch’s community guidelines can hold Twitch users accountable for off-platform harassment.)

The creators of “Nothing, Forever” say they did not intend to air transphobic commentary, and that they do not endorse those views. Yet this predicament shows how quickly generative AI entertainment can go south when left unchecked. After all, GPT-3 is trained on the internet itself, so it can echo some of the most heinous rhetoric from across the web.

There’s something darkly ironic about this incident: a content filtering snafu drove the Twitch suspension of what’s basically a robot. Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle just won a Grammy for his comedy album “The Closer,” which has been heavily criticized for its transphobia. Yet even within the AI-generated universe of “Nothing, Forever,” the AI-generated audience didn’t find Larry’s jokes very funny.

“There’s like 50 people here and no one is laughing. Anyone have any suggestions?” the AI began its comedy set, before going on its brief transphobic tirade. Then, Larry closed his set, “No one is laughing, so I’m going to stop. Thanks for coming out tonight. See you next time. Where’d everybody go?”

AI-generated ‘Seinfeld’ suspended on Twitch for AI-generated transphobic jokes by Amanda Silberling originally published on TechCrunch

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Bloatware on the Galaxy S23 series inflates Android 13 to 60GB
  • Samsung’s version of Android 13 on the Galaxy S23 series is taking up 60GB of storage.
  • Android 13 on the Pixel 7 only takes up 15GB of storage.
  • The reason may be due to all of the bloatware.

If you ordered one of the Samsung Galaxy S23 models, you may find yourself running out of storage space sooner than you’d like. Reports suggest Samsung’s version of Android 13 is four times bigger than the stock version of Android on the Pixel 7.

Earlier this month, Samsung had its big launch party for the Galaxy S23 series. As the handsets begin to find their way into the hands of the public, users are discovering something surprising about the operating system. According to Ars Technica, multiple users are reporting that Samsung’s version of Android on the Galaxy S23 is weighing in at around 60GB.

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How to turn on subtitles on Freevee to get the most out of your free streaming Freevee is among the best free streaming services. The Amazon-owned, ad-supported service has tons of great movies and shows, including originals. But what about subtitles? Does the free service have the same extra features as the subscription-based Amazon Prime Video? Yes, you can watch your titles of choice with subtitles and closed captions, and we’re here to walk you through how to turn on subtitles on Freevee.

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To Me, From Me: Lingerie That's So Good I'd Buy It for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day couldn’t come at a better time. A few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus released her song “Flowers,” and it’s taken the world by storm. The self-love revolution has officially peaked. Just like Cyrus sings that she can buy herself flowers, you can buy yourself lingerie. Whether you’re 100% single and want to have something to wear on the big day or you’re committed to someone and they don’t have a clue about buying gifts, don’t be afraid to send some love to yourself this year.

I was inspired to write this story when my endless scrolling found its way to the lingerie section of one of my favorite retailers. Honestly, I was blown away by the great work that designers have done, and I just need to share some of the amazing sets I found. If you’re looking for your sign to wear lingerie for no reason, I think these 29 mind-blowing finds just might be it.

I think I know what I'm wearing.

Matching the glass of merlot that you will be pouring on February 14.

You'll look lovely in lace.

If anything says Valentine's Day, it's this.

It's the little things.

Oliva Von Halle pajamas are the ultimate form of luxury.

Did someone say Galentine's?

Zara really came through today.

I'd wear this out and about on a Saturday night, but it doubles as lingerie too.

The perfect way to show off some cleavage.

This bralette will wow your partner for sure.

Whenever I want to buy a gift for a bride, I shop this brand (and I also take some things home for myself of course).

Nothing screams Valentine's Day like heart-embroidered lace.

A great way to drop hints that you're ready to enter the fiancé era.

One of the first lingerie brands I ever shopped was this Nordstrom one. It's the best place to start.

As sheer as can be.

My jaw dropped when I first saw this set.

Something you'll wear on Valentine's Day and beyond.

I love pretty things.

If you like to give off an air of mystery.

I also need more thongs.

Wearing purple will make you feel like a royal.

This is a luxury fashion house yet the price point has won me over.

If you like fun color combinations, you have to try this brand.

I am already imaging myself in this.

A set you can wear for a lifetime.

I rarely see Agent Provocateur on sale so act now.

Coco De Mer is a fantasy.

A gift that keeps on giving.

This bra will be living in my mind rent free until it's mine.

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Chris Brown Shades Robert Glasper Over Grammy Win, Later Apologizes
Chris Brown and Robert Glasper
Chris Brown and Robert Glasper

Chris Brown was recently in the hot seat over on Twitter, and it’s all over him throwing some shade at musician Robert Glasper through his Instagram Story. However, it looks like Breezy’s working to make amends, as he’s apologized for his initial reaction.

Chris Talks His Talk On Instagram: ‘Who Da F**k Is This?’

The situation unfolded on Sunday—the day of the 2023 Grammys—after Robert Glasper won the Best R&B Album for Black Radio III.

Shortly after Robert’s win, Breezy shared a few now-deleted posts to his IG Story. Specifically, Chris was questioning “who the f**k” Robert Glasper is. He also appeared to shade Robert’s sound, as Breezy said that—in order for him to be able to compete with Glasper—he’s “gotta get [his] skills up” by learning how to play the harmonica.

At this point, it’s important to shed some further light on Robert Glasper’s musical contributions to emphasize the impact of Chris Brown not knowing him.

Los Angeles magazine describes Glasper as a “pioneering jazz pianist” who had an “indelible impact on the music industry” with his “genre-bending” contributions over the years. We should also add that his recent win was his fifth Grammy award, so he’s certainly no stranger to being honored for his work.

As a result, one person on Twitter announced that “R&B + Hip-Hop musicians who study their craft know [who] Glasper is.”

Twitter Goes In On Chris Brown

After Chris admitted that he’s completely unfamiliar with Robert Glasper, a plethora of Twitter users chimed in and shared their reactions to the mess.

Multiple people pointed out that, given Chris Brown’s musical output, him being unfamiliar with Glasper “makes sense.”

However, one user went against the grain and accused people of “pretending to know who Robert Glasper is by the masses” on account of their dislike for Breezy.

Nonetheless, though, many felt that Breezy, as an R&B star, should be familiar with Glasper.

Breezy Apologizes To Robert Glasper: ‘You Were Not The Intended Target’

On Monday, Chris Brown ultimately changed his tune and slid into Glasper’s DMs to offer an apology.

Breezy first congratulated Robert before apologizing “if [he] took offense” to the situation. He also clarified that Robert was “not the intended target,” though Breezy still acknowledged that he “came off really rude and mean” with his reaction.

Chris went on to praise Glasper’s work before proclaiming that they shouldn’t have been in the same category, as they create “two different vibes and genres.” He also said, “THE ORGANIZATION ISN’T DOING US BLACKS OUR DUE DILIGENCE.”

Ultimately, Breezy wished Robert well and kept it pushin’.

What do you think about Chris Brown apologizing for his comments about Robert Glasper? Additionally, do you think that Chris, as a professional artist, should have been familiar with Robert?

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Tom Brady Pushes Back His FOX Broadcasting Debut To 2024 Tom Brady Pushes Back His FOX Broadcasting Debut To 2024 - originally posted on

Newly retied Tom Brady is pushing back his FOX broadcasting career to the fall of 2024.


The 45-year-old quarterback agreed to a 10-year, $375 million contract with FOX Sports in May 2022 to be the network’s lead NFL analyst “immediately following his playing career.”

During an interview Monday with Colin Cowherd on FS1’s “The Herd,” however, Brady said you won’t be seeing him in the FOX broadcast booth until 2024.


“For me, I want to be great at what I do,” Brady said. “Talking with the people at FOX Sports and the leadership there, allowing me to start my FOX opportunity in the fall of 2024 is something that’s great for me.”

Brady’s announcement is a bit of a surprise, as many assumed he’d begin his broadcasting gig as soon as possible after retiring from the NFL “for good” last week. But the seven-time Super Bowl champion insisted he wanted an extra year to prepare for his new gig.

“(I want to) take some time to really learn, be great at what I do, become great at thinking about the opportunity and make sure I don’t rush into anything,” Brady said.

Brady also said he’s looking forward to “catching up on on other parts of my life that need some time and energy,” which could be a nod to his desire to spend more time with his family in retirement. Brady has a son and a daughter with his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, and a third son from a previous relationship.

While the assumption is that Brady will take over as FOX Sports’ lead NFL analyst when he joins the booth, former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen has been excellent in that role alongside No. 1 play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt.

If Burkhardt and Olsen continue to thrive as FOX’s top broadcast team in 2023, it will be interesting to see whether Brady still takes the No. 1 analyst role or slots in somewhere else.

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The original startup behind Stable Diffusion has launched a generative AI for video Runway, the generative AI startup that co-created last year’s breakout text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion, has released an AI model, called Gen-1, that can transform existing videos into new ones by applying any style specified by a text prompt or reference image.

In a demo reel posted on its website, Runway shows how its software can turn people on a street into claymation puppets and books stacked on a table into a cityscape at night. Runway hopes that Gen-1 will do to video what Stable Diffusion did for images. “We’ve seen a big explosion in image-generation models,” says Runway CEO and cofounder Cristóbal Valenzuela. “I truly believe that 2023 is going to be the year of video.”

Set up in 2018, Runway has been developing AI-powered video-editing software for several years. Its tools are used by TikTokers and YouTubers as well as mainstream movie and TV studios. The makers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert used Runway software to edit the show’s graphics; the visual effects team behind the hit movie Everything Everywhere All at Once used the company’s tech to help create certain scenes.  

In 2021, Runway collaborated with researchers at the University of Munich to build the first version of Stable Diffusion. Stability AI, a UK-based startup, then stepped in to pay the computing costs required to train the model on much more data. In 2022, Stability AI took Stable Diffusion mainstream, transforming it from a research project into a global phenomenon. 

But the two companies no longer collaborate. Getty is now taking legal action against Stability AI—claiming that the company used Getty’s images, which appear in Stable Diffusion’s training data, without permission—and Runway is keen to keep its distance.


Gen-1 represents a new start for Runway. It follows a smattering of text-to-video models revealed late last year, including Make-a-Video from Meta and Phenaki from Google, both of which can generate very short video clips from scratch. It is also similar to Dreamix, a generative AI from Google revealed last week, which can create new videos from existing ones by applying specified styles. But, at least judging from Runway’s demo reel, Gen-1 appears to be a step up in video quality. Because it transforms existing footage, it can also produce much longer videos than most previous models. (The company says it will post technical details about Gen-1 on its website in the next few days.)   

Unlike Meta and Google, Runway has built its model with customers in mind. “This is one of the first models to be developed really closely with a community of video makers,” says Valenzuela. “It comes with years of insight about how filmmakers and VFX editors actually work on post-production.”

Gen-1, which runs on the cloud via Runway’s website, is being made available to a handful of invited users today and will be launched to everyone on the waitlist in a few weeks.

Last year’s explosion in generative AI was fueled by the millions of people who got their hands on powerful creative tools for the first time and shared what they made with them. Valenzuela hopes that putting Gen-1 into the hands of creative professionals will soon have a similar impact on video.

“We’re really close to having full feature films being generated,” he says. “We’re close to a place where most of the content you’ll see online will be generated.”

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How to mark all emails as read in Gmail Need to organize your inbox? It’s easy to miss important messages when your emails start piling up. Here’s how to mark multiple or all emails as read in Gmail to clear your inbox for the next day.

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Jay&Z Says ‘RENAISSANCE’ Deserved To Win GRAMMYs Album Of The Year: ‘It Has Inspired The World’
Beyoncé And Jay-Z
Beyoncé And Jay-Z

Jay-Z is sharing his thoughts and proclaiming that his wife Beyoncé’s album RENAISSANCE should have taken home the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Jay-Z Shared His Thoughts Ahead Of The 2023 GRAMMYs

The music mogul sat down for an exclusive interview with Tidal ahead of Sunday’s award ceremony. And explained that while there is excitement around his wife being nominated for Album of the Year, he doesn’t allow himself to get too caught up in the emotions around it.

Yeah, I remove myself from the process and hope they just get it right. It got to the point where I was like, it’s just a marketing thing. You go, you got an album out and it could help the sales go up. It got to that point, but deep down … Again, we grew up idolizing this. It was like one of the pillars for us…

The 53-year-old went on to explain why he feels his wife’s latest body of work deserved the accolade.

Look what it’s done to the culture. Look how the energy of the world moved. They play her whole album in the club. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that. The whole entire joint — like, everything?! Every remix is amazing. Everyone’s inspired. It has inspired the world.

Jay went on to explain that every cover released by fans is “better than the other one.”

It’s inspiring creativity… When it just inspires creativity, that’s an album. That has to be Album of the Year. It has to be.

The Mogul Addressed His Frustration With The Grammys

The Brooklyn-bred rapper also addressed his longstanding frustration with the Grammys.

The truth is, we grew up wanting to be on the Grammys, and it was our goal. We just want them to get it right. That’s what we want. … Obviously it’s music and it’s all subjective, but you got to be in the ballpark. That’s all we want. We just want them to get it right because we love it so much…

Jay went on to explain that he feels the Grammys “missed the mark” by failing to award his album 4:44 with Album of the Year at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Additionally, the Grammys nominated the album eight times and Jay ended the evening with zero awards.

In that moment, I was like, ‘They missed the opportunity,’ because people emulate success. In that moment, that album, 4:44, was a moment for us to say, ‘Hip-hop is viewed as a young man’s sport. Now here is this album that could take us into the next sphere.’ I feel like they missed the moment.

Hov Addressed His Decision To Perform At The 65th Annual Grammys Ceremony

Despite his longstanding frustration with the Grammys, the 53-year-old revealed that he felt he needed to take the stage “for the culture.”

I thought about it, I was in my head and I just broke down and said, ‘You know, it’s a four-minute verse.’ Again, for the culture, for hip-hop, we got to do that. This ain’t your traditional song. … It’s not your traditional structure of what you think a song that would be nominated for Song of the Year would sound like. It’s not what you expect… A four-minute verse performed at the Grammys. We owe it to the culture, and it ain’t even a burden. It’s a blessing. It’s easy and fun.

Roommates, are you happy that Jay performed despite his frustration with the Grammys? Do you agree with him feeling RENAISSANCE deserved Album of the Year?

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Stanbic Uganda Cup: Early exit for URA as KCCA march on


  • KJT 0-3 KCCA
  • UPU 2(4)-2(3) URA

URA has become the fourth top-tier side to be eliminated from the 2022-23 Stanbic Uganda Cup after falling to regional league outfit UPU in Buhinga.

The tax collectors who are yet to hit top gear in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League exited on penalties after drawing 2-2 in normal time.

In the post-match penalty shootout, the four-time league champions missed twice to bow out at the round of 64.

Sam Timbe’s men join Arua Hill, Maroons and Gaddafi who have also been eliminated at this stage and most likely Busoga United who failed to honour their fixture.

Elsewhere, KCCA beat KJT 3-0 at Bugolobi thanks to goals from Charles Lwanga, Rogers Mato and Moses Waiswa.

However, they ended the match with a player less after defender Geoffrey Wasswa was shown marching orders in the second half.

The Kasasiro join traditional giants Express, SC Villa, Vipers, BUL, Wakiso Giants, Onduparaka, UPDF, Soltilo Bright Stars and Blacks Power among top tier sides in the next round.

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Former Uganda Cranes Captain Sekagya named Head Coach at New York Red Bulls II

MLL Next Pro side New York Red Bulls II has named former Uganda Cranes skipper Ibrahim Sekagya as its head coach for their inaugural season in MLS Next Pro.

Sekagya has been assistant coach at the United States club for eight seasons and recently worked as interim head last season and was in charge of 17 matches in this capacity.

“Ibrahim [Sekagya] has played a crucial role in the development of Red Bulls II in addition to his success as a player with the main club,” Sporting Director Denis Hamlett said as quoted by the club website. “We know he will continue his hard work and dedication to improve in every facet of the club.”

The former KCCA defender who also featured for RB Salzburg in Austria as well as having a long stint in Argentina has been at the club since his retirement as a player in 2015.

 “I am thrilled to continue my journey with the New York Red Bulls organization and lead New York Red Bulls II to success,” Head Coach Ibrahim Sekagya said.

“I cannot wait to get this season started and show all of the work that has been done this winter to put a well-balanced squad on the pitch.”

The bald headed former centre back is a winner as he lifted three Austrian Football Bundesliga titles between 2008 and 2012 and was also part of the team that won the 2012 Austrian Cup.

He joined the New York Red Bulls in July of 2013 and spent two seasons with the club. Sekagya was part of the 2013 Red Bulls team that clinched the club’s first-ever Supporters’ Shield.

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Pep Guardiola could quit City if club lied to him about finances Pep Guardiola could quit at Manchester City if he follows through on his words given the latest accusations that the club broke financial rules. The news broke Monday morning that the Premier League accused Manchester City of exaggerating the value of its sponsorship deals. If true, the club brought in money directly through United Arab Emirates ownership group.

While the punishments can range from fines to point deductions to expulsion from the Premier League, there may be an added consequence.

Martyn Ziegler from The Times brought up previous comments made by City manager Pep Guardiola. In May 2022, Guardiola stated that if he learned City lied to him about finances, he would promptly leave.

“When they are accused of something I ask them: ‘Tell me about that.’ They explain and I believe them. I said to them: ‘If you lie to me, the day after I am not here. I will be out and I will not be your friend any more.’”

The Spaniard, who also managed Barcelona and Bayern Munich, likes to run a clean ship. Trophies are important, yes. But, doing well for the club and fans is moreso.

“What I like is to represent a club who do things properly [and] well. It’s not about winning the Champions League and the Premier League, we want to do well for our people and our fans.”

Pep Guardiola could quit City despite rampant success

Guardiola signed a two-year contract extension with City in November. It keeps him at the club through the 2024/25 campaign. That would be his ninth season at the helm of Manchester City.

However, that could be haywire. Pep Guardiola was not here when these accusations started. The Premier League’s accusations stem back to 2009/10. Guardiola only arrived at the Etihad in 2016/17.

Granted, the accusations run through the 2017/18 season, Guardiola’s third in the dugout at City.

Pep Guardiola is yet to make comments on the recent revelations from the Premier League. However, City vehemently opposed them, countering the accusations that the club did help investigators and committed no wrongdoing.


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Amazon’s Alexa Predicts Eagles Defense Will Be Key to Super Bowl Win Amazon’s Alexa Predicts Eagles Defense Will Be Key to Super Bowl Win - originally posted on

Amazon’s Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant, has made a bold prediction for Super Bowl LVII. When asked who will win the big game, Alexa confidently stated that the Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Alexa Picks Eagles for the Super Bowl

With no real football this weekend, I was a little bit bored. I decided to liven it up a bit and ask Alexa a simple question: “Alexa, who will win the Super Bowl?”

I expected some guff about how she could not predict the future, but instead, I was shocked by the confident answer that was given.

“The Chiefs and their offense are favored,” Alexa said. “But this game is going to come down to one thing: defense. My prediction? The Eagles and their defense are going to soar to their second Super Bowl win. Fly Eagles Fly!”

Despite popular opinion, the best US sportsbooks have the Eagles as the current 1.5-point favorites. This goes against Alexa’s claim that the Chiefs are the favorites to win, but the virtual assistant’s prediction should not be underestimated.

Strong Philly D takes on High-Powered Chiefs O

The Eagles have been a strong team this season, led by their impressive defense and outstanding linebacker Haason Reddick. They have been able to shut down opposing offenses, making it difficult for teams to score against them. This solid defense is what Alexa believes will be the key factor in securing the team’s victory in the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, the Chiefs boast a powerful offense led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He has been able to lead the team to 16 victories this season with his exceptional playmaking abilities.  The Chiefs’ strong offense will definitely provide a challenge for the Eagles, but Alexa’s prediction remains firm.

It will be interesting to see how the game plays out and whether Alexa’s prediction will come true. While the outcome of the game is uncertain, one thing is for sure: both teams have the potential to give us a thrilling and unforgettable Super Bowl performance.

Amazon’s Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant, has made a bold prediction for Super Bowl LVII. When asked who will win the big game, Alexa confidently stated that the Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver AJ Green Retires Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver AJ Green Retires - originally posted on

NFL veteran wide receiver AJ Green has announced his retirement.


Green officially announced his retirement from the league on Monday after 12 years in the league. He made the Pro Bowl in each of the first seven years of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals after Green was drafted fourth overall in 2011. Green played 10 years for the Bengals before he signed with and played for the Arizona Cardinals during the past two seasons.

“I’ve never been a man of many words, so I’ll keep this short,” Green wrote on Instagram. “Thank you. Thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me throughout my career. … I’ve stayed true to the game and it owes me nothing. Be blessed.. Love y’all! The next chapter begins…”

Green ends his career with 10,514 receiving yards and 70 receiving touchdowns in 158 games – which ranks 44th on the NFL all-time receiving yards list and 49th on the all-time receiving touchdowns list. He tallied at least 1,000 receiving yards in six of his first seven seasons. Green finished second in Bengals history behind Chad Johnson in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.,y_375,w_2034,h_1351,c_crop/w_1440,h_956,c_fill/v1642532095/txrnpxizc0gzghasc6n4.jpg

Green signed with the Cardinals in 2021 where he played his final two seasons and tallied 78 receptions for 1,084 yards and five touchdowns in 31 games.

Now with Green gone, the Cardinals wide receiver room is still a question mark. Trade rumors have been surrounding DeAndre Hopkins since the NFL regular season ended. Some have him the favorite to go to the New England Patriots according to Arizona sports-books.  If they do end up making a move, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Greg Dortch will be their top two options at the position.

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Wikipedia unblocked in Pakistan after Prime Minister’s intervention Pakistan has unblocked Wikipedia in the South Asian market, three days after the online encyclopedia was censored in the nation over noncompliance with removing what the local regulator deemed as “sacrilegious” content.

Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, directed the unblocking order, calling the censorship on Wikipedia “not a suitable measure to restrict access to some objectionable contents / sacrilegious matter on it.”

“The unintended consequences of this blanket ban, therefore, outweigh its benefits,” his office wrote in a letter, which was shared publicly on Twitter.

Sharif has also constituted a cabinet committee that will include ministers for IT and Telecom, Law and Justices, Information and Broadcasting, Commerce and Communications” on matters related to Wikipedia and other online content, including exploring and recommending alternative technical measures for removal or blocking access to objectionable content.

The Pakistani telecom regulator “degraded” access to Wikipedia last Wednesday and warned that it would fully block the site in 48 hours if certain content weren’t removed from the site. The regulator had asserted that Wikipedia representatives weren’t acknowledging the order. On Friday, Wikipedia was banned in the country.

The South Asian nation’s move to block the website received wide backlash and global media attention.

“We hope that the Pakistan government joins us in a commitment to knowledge as a human right and restores access to @Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects promptly, so that the people of Pakistan can continue to receive and share knowledge with the world,” Wikimedia, the parent firm of Wikipedia, said on Saturday.

The English version of Wikipedia receives over 50 million pageviews per month from Pakistan, Wikimedia said.

“The Wikimedia Foundation does not make decisions around what content is included on Wikipedia or how that content is maintained. This is by design to ensure that articles are the result of many people coming together to determine what information should be presented on the site, resulting in richer, more neutral articles. We respect and support the editorial decisions made by the community of editors around the world,” it added.

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Even as cloud infrastructure market growth slows, Microsoft continues to gain on Amazon It was a rough quarter for the cloud infrastructure market as companies looked for ways to cut back on spending in an uncertain economy. When you combine that with the strong dollar and a weak Chinese market, the market slowed to 21% growth, a precipitous drop from the 36% growth we had seen the year prior.

While we aren’t seeing the gaudy growth of years past, Synergy Research still found the market exceeded $61 billion for the quarter with the 12 month trailing revenues of over $212 billion, a hefty sum by any measure, even with the slowdown.

Also of note was that while each of The Big Three saw growth slow in Q4 2022 from the previous quarter, Microsoft still managed to gain market share ground on Amazon. Microsoft increased its share from 23%, up from 21% the prior quarter, while Amazon fell from 34% to 33% and Google remained steady at 11%. The Big Three cloud providers accounted for 66% of worldwide cloud revenue.

That comes out to approximately $20 billion for Amazon, $14 billion for Microsoft and $7 billion for Google. Per usual, this is looking at IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services. It doesn’t include SaaS, which is measured separately.

Market share graph for Q4 2022 from Synergy Research.

Image Credits: Synergy Research

Amazon cloud revenue grew a modest 20% over the prior year, and the company acknowledged in the earnings call that growth dropped even further to the mid-teens in the first month of the year. Meanwhile Microsoft reported cloud growth of 22%, down from 24% the prior quarter and Google Cloud revenue grew 32%, down from the 38% growth the previous quarter.

Amazon was first to market and has had a long head start, but it seems as the market slows after years of steady growth, it’s giving its chief competitor, Microsoft, a bit of an opening to gain on them. It could be partly due at least to the fact that Amazon’s market maturity is finally catching up to it, and Microsoft is able to gain some advantage in spite of spending slowing overall.

John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy says there were three key reasons for this quarter’s drop-off, which he believes are short-term issues, and he remains optimistic for the future. “There are three main factors. The strengthened US dollar diminishes the apparent growth rate of many non-US markets; the large Chinese market remains constrained by pandemic issues and local policies; and the worsened economy has caused some enterprises to more closely review spending on cloud services. These factors should be primarily short term in nature and Synergy forecasts that growth rates will remain strong over the next few years,” he said in a statement.

It will be interesting to watch the market in 2023 and see how the macro economic environment affects revenue, and if the slower growth we’ve been seeing continues to work in favor of Amazon’s competitors by enabling them to gain more ground.

Even as cloud infrastructure market growth slows, Microsoft continues to gain on Amazon by Ron Miller originally published on TechCrunch

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Google will fight ChatGPT with ‘Bard,’ a similar AI&powered bot
Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Google’s response to the popularity of chat bot ChatGPT is officially known as Google Bard.
  • Bard is an “experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA.”
  • A select group of testers can access the system today, with a public rollout coming soon.

The success of ChatGPT has been overwhelming. The AI-powered chatbot already has 100 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing services ever, if not the fastest. It was only a matter of time before Google threw its hat into the ring on this one.

Today, the company officially unveiled Google Bard. This is also an AI-powered chat service very similar to ChatGPT. However, this system is powered by LaMDA — which stands for “Language Model for Dialogue Applications.” Google unveiled LaMDA at Google I/O 2021.

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Apple may still be working on a feature Android phones have had since 2018
Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • A new rumor claims Apple is still working on bringing reverse charging to the iPhone.
  • Apple may have initially planned to include the feature in the iPhone 14.
  • iPhones have had some of the necessary hardware for reverse charging since the iPhone 12.

Apple is no stranger to co-opting ideas from Android, like Crash Detection for example. Another Android feature Apple has reportedly been interested in is reverse charging. A new rumor suggests Apple wanted to release the feature last year, but is still working on it.

According to 9To5Mac’s sources who are reportedly familiar with the matter, Apple wanted to debut reverse charging with the launch of the iPhone 14. The rumor suggests the feature would’ve been exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro, but the company ran into engineering delays that caused it to miss its deadline for mass production.

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Offset Seemingly Shuts Down Report About Physical Altercation With Quavo At Grammys: ‘Y’All N****s Is Crazy’
Offset Seemingly Shuts Down Report About Physical Altercation With Quavo At Grammys: 'Y'All N****s Is Crazy'
Offset Seemingly Shuts Down Report About Physical Altercation With Quavo At Grammys: 'Y'All N****s Is Crazy'

Offset is calling cap on a TMZ report about him and Quavo getting into a physical altercation backstage at the 2023 Grammys. Early Monday, the outlet claimed the pair had to be “pulled apart” after a tussle over the Takeoff tribute at the show.

Though he didn’t name-drop the outlet, Offset seemingly responded after the report zapped through social channels–earning a trending slot on Twitter.

“What tf look like fighting my brother y’all n****s is crazy,” Offset tweeted.


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The outlet began its report by saying, “there’s clearly still serious bad blood” between the longtime friends and musicians. Citing “sources,” the report claimed the “physical fight” took place before Quavo took the stage to perform his tribute to his deceased nephew and fellow Migos member. They did not share any photos, videos, or media corroborating the story.

Furthermore, TMZ alleged that the altercation originated from Quavo blocking Set from being a part of Takeoff’s tribute, despite getting the request from show organizers.

The report said:

“We’re told The Grammys had asked Offset to be a part of the tribute, but Quavo refused to let him take part. We’re told Quavo blocked Offet from joining him on stage…leading to the melee.”

They added that their “Offset sources” blamed Quavo for starting the fight. At the time of publishing, Offset’s tweet had over 460,000 impressions and more than 11,000 likes, and TMZ had no new updates to their article.

Offset Also Claps Back At J. Prince After Comments About His Relationship With Takeoff

This is the second time the Migos rapper has clapped back in less than 24 hours. Late Sunday, Offset addressed the warning message J. Prince delivered through an interview on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

The Houston music scene mogul seemingly accused Offset of “throwing rocks and hiding” his hand. He also added that Offset “wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive.” That comment, in particular, seemed to trigger the video response from the Migos rapper.

Offset responded:

“First off, y’all n****s speaking on my real brother,” Offset said. “How dare one of y’all n****s speak on me and Take relationship n***a. I don’t know you n****s from a can of paint n***a. Y’all don’t know how me and my brother rock.”


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Meanwhile, Quavo has not reacted to J. Prince’s comments, Offset’s response to the Prince family, or TMZ‘s report on social media.

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Harry Styles On Expecting Beyoncé To Win Album Of The Year At Grammys: ‘You Never Know With This Stuff’
Harry Styles On Expecting Beyoncé To Win Album Of The Year At Grammys: 'You Never Know With This Stuff'
Harry Styles On Expecting Beyoncé To Win Album Of The Year At Grammys: 'You Never Know With This Stuff'

Harry Styles feels validated after securing the Album of the Year award at the 2023 Grammys for Harry’s House. Styles expressed that sentiment in the show’s press room following his acceptance speech. He also answered whether he expected Beyoncé to win over him.

“I think… I mean you never know with this stuff, I don’t think you can look at any of the nominees and not feel like they’re deserving. I feel like when I look at this category, it’s all people who have inspired me at different times. So, it’s not like…you would understand anyone winning and…I’m really grateful that they chose us. Thank you.”

Though she has the most Grammy wins in history–32 total–she hasn’t snagged an award in the AOTY category throughout her solo career. In fact, voters have overlooked the Renaissance singer at least four times, including on Sunday’s loss.

Elsewhere in the press room interview, Harry said:

“I think we’re really overwhelmed at the moment, I definitely wasn’t expecting to get this. I think being nominated for stuff like this kind of really feels like the winning part, being recognized by your peers. It’s obviously incredibly nice to receive this. I don’t think it’s the reason that any of us in the room do it. I’m so, so grateful that they thought our album was worthy of it. I think, more than anything, it just kind of feels like validation that we’re on the right path. You know, when we get in the studio and begin a record, we just make the music that we wanna make, and I think it feels really nice to feel like, oh, that is the right thing to do.”

Watch the full press room interviews below:

Harry Styles’ Acceptance Speech And Grammys Receiving Online Backlash Amid Beyoncé’s AOTY Loss

Harry’s answer to the Beyoncé-related question reflects his sentiments during his acceptance speech. Upon the announcement of his win, Harry buried his face in his hands before embracing a cheering Lizzo, also a nominee in the category, and making his way to the stage.


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He began his acceptance by thanking fellow nominees, including Beyoncé, Bad Bunny, Adele, Mary J. Blige, Lizzo, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, ABBA, and Brandi Carlile.

“I’ve been so, so inspired by every artist in this category with me at a lot of different times in my life. I listen to everyone in this category when I’m alone. I think on nights like tonight, it’s obviously so important for us to remember that there’s no such thing as best in music. I don’t think any of us sits in the studio making decisions based on what is going to get us one of these,” Harry said motioning to the golden award.

But Harry’s closing remarks have landed him in some hot water with Grammy enthusiasts, fans, and critics online.

“This doesn’t happen to people like me very often, and this is so, so nice. Thank you very much.”


People quickly pointed out that a cisgender, white man winning a Grammy does, in fact, happen often. Buzzfeed reports that the “overwhelming majority” of AOTY winners since 1959 identify in the same category as Harry.


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Meanwhile, Beyoncé seemed unphased by the talk of being snubbed. She was captured on camera, standing and clapping for Harry as he accepted his speech.

She also celebrated making Grammy history with a heartwarming note to fans on her Instagram page.


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Social Media Reacts To Omission Of Gangsta Boo, Lil Keed From 2023 Grammy’s ‘In Memoriam’ Tribute

The deaths of rappers Gangsta Boo and Lil Keed were unceremoniously and surreptitiously omitted from this years Grammys ‘In Memoriam’ tribute, and social media did not hold back in reacting to their absences.

On Sunday (Feb. 5), the ceremony held its annual segment where the academy honors those artists who died in 2022.

Numerous Slain, Late Rappers Honored During Sunday’s Grammys, Except For Gangsta Boo & Lil Keed

Among those who received their flowers this year were Takeoff, Coolie, and DJ Kay Slay.

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old Memphis rap pioneer Gangsta Boo’s name was oddly absent during Sunday’s memorial tribute.

Boo, whose real name is Lola Mitchell, was found dead on Jan. 1 in a neighborhood west of Memphis International Airport. Authorities believe she may have overdosed, with narcotics allegedly found on her person at her time of death, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

Fans on Twitter were quick to notice the glaring omission.

Twitter Lashes Out At Grammy Awards For Omitting Gangsta Boo From Memorial Tribute

One user felt that “leaving out Gangsta Boo, one of the pioneers of Southern female rap, from the GRAMMY memoriam segment is a sin and a shame.”

Another commenter called the unfortunate situation “unacceptable and so disrespectful.”

A third user noted that Gangsta Boo may have been omitted due to her officially dying in 2023 and not last year as is custom during the Grammy Awards.

“My wife theorized that maybe Gangsta Boo will be up there at the next Grammys due to her technically passing in 2023. they have a year to get it right.”

While she was largely ignored during this year’s Grammy’s ceremony, Gangsta Boo’s death elicited an outpour of support by her peers in the wake of her passing

Hip hop colleagues like Juicy J, DJ Paul and GloRilla each paid their respects, while her mother, Veronica Mitchell, shared a message of appreciation for the late rapper’s supporters.

“The Mitchell family would like to thank everyone for their condolences regarding the untimely death of Lola ‘Gangsta Boo’ Mitchell, her mother wrote. “The family is asking for your continued prayers and privacy as we process the loss of our loved one.”

YSL Rapper Lil Keed Also Noticeably Left Out Of Grammy’s 2022 Memorial Tribute, Rans React

Meanwhile, YSL rapper Lil Keed’s cause of death has been revealed after he died suddenly last year, The Shade Room previously reported.

The 24-year-old, whose death has been linked to the rare condition of eosinophilia, was also notably absent during the memorial Grammy tributes on Sunday.

Fans similarly came to the late rapper’s support, and called out the academy for leaving the rapper out of the evening’s memorial services.

“Grammy’s really didn’t honor Lil Keed. Scum,” wrote another viewer. “Did they forget Lil Keed in the Grammy tributes??” a third commented.

What do you think, Roomies? Was their absence just a simple mistake? Or should the Grammys have included Gangsta Boo and Lil Keed?

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Renewed ambitions and battles as new Rally season revs off in Mbarara

It is a new motor rally season that starts this weekend in Mbarara. As expected the season will provide different dynamics towards the chase for the 2023 National Rally Championship. 

The traditional season opener gets the show on the road starting this Friday in Western Uganda. 

Over 30 crews are expected to start the event.

The two-day event will feature seven Super Special Stages covering a total of 134.21 kilometers including a Super Special Stage in Mbarara city. 

“Unlike previous years, this year’s rally is mainly based in Mbarara city.

“Some of the stages are new while others are old although done in reverse. Crews should expect 70% smooth and 30% rough and twisty to spice up their skills,” said Aaron Nsamba, the Clerk of the Course. 

Nsamba further affirmed that safety is always paramount and all measures are put to check for the whole event.

Byron Rugomoka | Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

The reigning national rally champion Byron Rugomoka will be put to test to lead the pack as he initiates his title defence. 

Title-hungry crews will be close enough to fight for the first-season victory to gain an advantage into the season.

It will be a renewed rivalry between the crew of Jas Mangat, Ronald Sebuguzi, Duncan Mubiru among others hence spicing up the action.

Fresh from Machakos rally, Yasin Nasser will give Ugandan fans the sounds of the Ford Fiesta Rally2 as it appears for the first time in an NRC event.

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Man City allegedly broke financial rules more than 100 times The Premier League has charged Manchester City with breaking the financial rules set in place more than 100 times. The five-year investigation reviewed breaches that occurred over a time span from 2009/10 to 2017/18.

According to the Premier League, Manchester City broke the rules in the sense that the club failed to provide the league an accurate account of its financial situation. Moreover, the club failed to disclose monetary contracts issued to players and coaches. Then, it did not assist the league upon investigation.

Manchester City did release a statement countering the charges. In it, the club said it worked with investigators, providing them with “extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials.”

The years for which the charges stem is of note. In the summer of 2008, Abu Dhabi United Group purchased City. Before the 2009/10 season, City started its trend of lavish spending. It spent over $125 million prior to the 2009/10 season. Since 2012, Manchester City spent more than almost any other club in the world. Only Chelsea has more total spending, buoyed by a busy revelation in spending under Todd Boehly.

According to The Guardian, some of City’s financial issues come from City’s Abu Dhabi ownership group disguised its own funding as independent sponsorships by the state’s commercial companies. It used the money on transfer fees, but then allegedly had a secret contract to increase the salary of manager Roberto Mancini. That information came about from information Football Leaks found in 2018.

Manchester City previously faced punishment for breaking financial rules in Europe. In February 2020, UEFA banned City from the Champions League for many of the same reasons the Premier League’s ruling against City. Financial irregularities and failure to work with investigators led to a ban. However, City appealed UEFA’s ban successfully, so there was minimal punishment.

Manchester City break financial rules, run risk of relegation

UEFA instituted a two-year ban for Manchester City. As stated, that never happened, as City appealed with the Court of Arbitration of Sport. The punishment for City based on the Premier League’s rule breaks is also stiff.

While proceedings and hearings are in private, the consequence for breaking financial rules includes a number of possibilities. For example, if found guilty, City could have a points reduction, fines or reprimands. In an extreme case, the Premier League can expel City.

Juventus suffered a 15-point deduction for financial irregularities. The Old Lady sank from third in Serie A to 10th, practically overnight.

However, according to Martyn Ziegler from The Times, Manchester City will not be able to appeal any final decision to the Court of Arbitration of Sport, as it did for the UEFA ban.


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Kansas City Chiefs Activate Clyde Edwards&Helaire From Injured Reserve Kansas City Chiefs Activate Clyde Edwards-Helaire From Injured Reserve - originally posted on

The Kansas City Chiefs have activated running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire from injured reserve. In a corresponding move, they placed wide receiver Mecole Hardman on IR. 

Just a few days before the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs, will be getting their full allotment of running backs for the big game. It does come at cost with losing arguably one of their most dynamic play-makers on offense other than Travis Kelce in Mecole Hardman.

CEH was a first-round pick back in the 2020 NFL draft out of LSU. Many thought this pick was a reach, but the Chiefs were coming off a Super Bowl victory, so going best player available seemed like the most logical thing to do. He has yet to play a full season in the NFL.

In his 10 appearances this season, CEH has only 71 rush attempts for 302 yards and 3 touchdowns. Before the injury, his role had quickly diminished after the emergence of Isiah Pacheco as the early down back. Running back Jerick McKinnon already has a solidified role as the pass catching back leaving Edwards-Helaire as the third string running back.

This is kind of a fall from grace for the former first-round pick. CEH was simply unstoppable in his final year at LSU. He totaled 1,414 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry. CEH also had 55 receptions for 453 yards and a score. He was apart of that historic LSU team led by Joe Burrow, JaMaar Chase and Justin Jefferson.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one and a half point underdogs according to Missouri sports-books. Adding Edwards-Helaire back into the fold will add another weapon to Patrick Mahomes’ disposal. The loss of Mecole Hardman will be tough to swallow, but Mahomes can work around losing another play-maker.

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February 2023 Android security patch here, but will T&Mobile Pixel users get it?
Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The February 2023 Android security patch is here! If you own a recent Google Pixel smartphone, you can perform a software update check now in System Settings to grab it. You can also update manually or simply wait for the OTA notification.

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Renewed ambitions and battles as new season revs off in Mbarara

It is a new motor rally season that starts this weekend in Mbarara. As expected the season will provide different dynamics towards the chase for the 2023 national rally championship. 

The traditional season opener gets the show on the road starting this Friday in the Western Uganda. 

Over 30 crews are expected to start the event.

The two-day event will feature seven super special stages covering a total of 134.21kilometers including a super special stage in Mbarara city. 

“Unlike previous years, this year’s rally is mainly based in Mbarara city. 

“Some of the stages are new while others are old although done in reverse. Crews should expect 70% smooth and 30% rough and twisty to spice up their skills,” said the Aaron Nsamba, the Clerk of the course. 

Nsamba further affirmed that safety is always paramount and all measures are put to check for the whole event. 

Byron Rugomoka Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

The reigning national rally champion Byron Rugomoka will be put to test to lead the pack as he initiates his title defence. 

Title hungry crews will be close enough to fight for the first season victory to gain an advantage into the season. 

It will be a renewed rivalry between the crew of Jas Mangat, Ronald Sebuguzi, Duncan Mubiru among others hence spicing up the action. 

Fresh from Machakos rally, Yasin Nasser will give the Ugandan fans the sounds of the Ford Fiesta Rally2 as it appears for the first time in NRC event. 

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Carolina Panthers Hire Ejiro Evero As Their DC Carolina Panthers Hire Ejiro Evero As Their DC - originally posted on

 The Carolina Panthers have hired former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero as their own DC.


As first reported by NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, the Panthers will be hiring Ejiro Evero as their new defensive coordinator. The 42-year-old play caller, who was in high demand for multiple positions within multiple organizations, also previously interviewed for Carolina’s head coaching job.

Denver wanted to keep Evero, but he wanted a fresh start. Rightfully so with Sean Payton coming in as the new head coach.

Evero is set to bring over 14 years’ worth of NFL experience with him to Charlotte He started out being a defensive quality control coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007. The Colchester, England native proceeded out west to San Francisco for five seasons—where he served as a quality control coach, offensive assistant and defensive assistant between 2011 and 2015.

Then, after a one-year stint as a defensive quality control coach for the Green Bay Packers, he ended up back in Cali with the Los Angeles Rams. That’s where Evero picked up some serious traction in his roles as a safeties coach, secondary coach and passing game coordinator under Sean McVay.

In 2022, he was hired by the Denver Broncos as their defensive coordinator. Despite a largely disappointing campaign from Denver, Evero was quite the bright spot—heading the seventh-stingiest defense in the NFL.
Brian Burns

He now goes to a Carolina defense with a bunch of young talent. pass rusher Brian Burns is one of the better young edge rushers in the league. The secondary is alo locked down with young talent as well with Jaycee Horn and Jeremy Chinn.

If the Panthers figure out the quarterback position, they should be competing to be favorites in the NFC South according to North Carolina sports-books.

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What do investors need from your problem slide? Throw half a dozen entrepreneurs in a room together with a whiteboard, and they’ll be able to come up with a thousand business ideas in a couple of hours. It’s the nature of entrepreneurship: Our brains are wired to keep an eye on what could be better and how that gap in the market can be turned into an opportunity. In other words: Ideas are cheap, and nothing is so awesome that it couldn’t possibly be improved. However, not all problems are worth solving.

There are two common problems with the problem slide. Some founders are tempted to go way into the weeds on this slide, explaining the competitive landscape, market size, customer segments, value propositions and more. I understand the temptation — the problem formulation does touch a large number of aspects of the business — but this is neither the time nor the place.

The other common issue I see in pitch decks is the absence of a problem slide. This happens particularly often with founders who believe that their solution and product slides are so good that the problem itself is obvious, and a slide talking about it is redundant. That is a mistake. Even if the problem is universally understood, it’s helpful to see how a founder frames the problem. There are some elegant ways of doing that. Let’s talk about them.

What is the problem?

Being able to clearly outline what the problem is is a crucial first step toward explaining why people might want a solution. Explaining succinctly and clearly what the problem is can be surprisingly hard for some companies, while others have a much easier path toward a problem statement.

A few examples:

Now, we can argue about what the market size, customer segment, and sensibility of each of these problems are, but all of the above are real problems that companies are working to solve.

What do investors need from your problem slide? by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch

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FTX wants politicians and PACs to return their donations

FTX and its affiliated debtors have sent confidential letters asking politicians, PACs and other recipients of funds to return donations made by the crypto exchange once valued at $32 billion.

The recipients are being asked to return donations — or potentially face repercussions — to the now-bankrupt exchange, according to a Sunday statement from FTX.

The group, self-dubbed “FTX Debtors,” did not disclose which parties were involved, but said letters were sent to recipients that received payments from FTX debtors or the exchange’s former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, among others.

The statement requested funds to be returned by February 28 and shared a “special email account” for recipients to return funds to. Even if the recipient used the funds to make payments or donations to third parties — including charities — it doesn’t prevent them from having to return it, according to the statement.

This announcement follows public requests from FTX in late December for recipients to return funds voluntarily.

“To the extent such payments are not returned voluntarily, the FTX Debtors reserve the right to commence actions before the Bankruptcy Court to require the return of such payments, with interest accruing from the date any action is commenced,” it said in the statement.

In mid-January, FTX debtors identified $1.7 billion of cash and $3.5 billion of crypto assets and $3 million of securities, according to a company statement. This totals about $5.5 billion in liquid assets, which FTX’s new CEO, John Jay Ray III, referred to as a “herculean” effort to assess the firm’s financial position.

In the past, Ray, who took over after the exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, has previously stated that donations from FTX should be recovered. Ray has also said there’s a possibility for the exchange to restart and that “everything is on the table.”

A public spreadsheet by OpenSecrets, a nonprofit monitoring money in politics, tracked over $84 million in donations to political candidates and organizations between Bankman-Fried, former FTX co-CEO Ryan Salame and FTX’s former engineering head, Nishad Singh.

Before the exchange’s demise, Bankman-Fried was well known for his support of the U.S. Democratic Party and was one of the largest donors in the runup to the 2020 presidential election and the 2022 midterms.

The biggest single recipient was Protect Our Future, a PAC that aims to “help elect candidates who will be champions for pandemic prevention.” The group got $28 million from Bankman-Fried, according to OpenSecret.

He also contributed donations to Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow, Kirsten Gillibrand, Maggie Hassan and Cory Booker, as well as Republican Senators John Boozman, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

The majority of Bankman-Fried’s donations were traced to Democrats, but he also claimed in an interview with reporter Tiffany Fong that he donated “about the same amount” to the Republican Party as well. “That was not generally known,” he added.

“All my Republication donations were dark,” Bankman-Fried said in the interview two months ago, explaining that the donations were not publicly disclosed through official filings. “The reason was not for regulatory reasons, it was because reporters freak the fuck out if you donate to Republicans. They’re all super liberal and I didn’t want to have that fight.”

As the deadline to return funds is just weeks away, candidates and political groups may surface in response to the request. Whether those donations are returned has yet to be determined, and this may be just one step in a prolonged, lengthy legal case for FTX to claw back funds.

FTX wants politicians and PACs to return their donations by Jacquelyn Melinek originally published on TechCrunch

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How Chef, Author, and Recipe Developer Molly Baz Became a Cooking Connoisseur

Welcome toSecond Life, a podcast spotlighting successful women who've made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot. Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief content officer at Who What Wear, each episode gives you a direct line to women who are game changers in their fields. Subscribe to Second Life on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts to stay tuned.

There’s no denying Molly Baz is a culinary force to be reckoned with. Since she departed from Bon Appétit magazine in 2020, where she was the senior associate food editor and became a mainstay personality for the publication’s YouTube channel for her innovative recipes, Baz has continued to pave her own path within the industry. She has built a burgeoning brand that is unquestionably her, adding many titles to her résumé such as recipe developer, chef, and cookbook author. In fact, her first cookbook, Cook This Book, was a standout among 2021 best sellers, garnering acclaim as a palpable guide to the ins and outs of the kitchen through tasty recipes.

Her same culinary voice is echoed throughout The Club by Molly Baz on her website, where she provides weekly recipe drops, and in her YouTube channel, Hit the Kitch. To complement her culinary expertise, Baz has also entered the dynamic world of wines by launching her company, Drink This Wine, in collaboration with esteemed natural wine producer Andy Young of The Marigny. The brand’s tagline, “Imperfect wine for imperfect people with impeccable taste,” perfectly embodies the brand’s playful ethos around drinking wine. Following the immense success of its first product, a chillable red wine, the company plans to launch another red and white and orange wine in the near future. 

As Baz sits at the helm of her culinary adventure while also becoming a thought leader in the industry, it may be no surprise that her career started in the kitchen. She worked in professional kitchens in Boston and New York as a line cook and even co-founded a catering company. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Baz’s past careers have led her to build a culinary empire—and to hear more about her second cookbook in the pipeline, set to release this October.

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These $12 Lashes Were Megan Fox’s Secret Weapon at the Grammy Awards

In the year of our lord 2023, no one has Old Hollywood-style glamour down quite like Megan Fox. Time and time again, the actress proves that she is the reigning queen of bold lipstick, defined cat eyes, and perfectly coifed waves, though she always gives her own spin to the bombshell beauty. 

For the 65th Grammy Awards, Fox may have been dealing with a broken wrist and a concussion (per her Instagram post) but she didn't let that stop her from serving some major looks. With her hair in expertly arranged bends, a just-glossy-enough nude lip, and perfectly smoked-out cat eyes, the star essentially nailed the formula for head-turning glam. 

One of the most defining aspects of her look? Lashes for days. When I saw Fox's lashes, I immediately needed to know what falsies she was using, and was pleasantly surprised that they were Kiss lashes, a cult-favorite drugstore brand. Priced at just $12, anyone can try out Fox's major lash moment for size. Plus, Kristina also took a walk down the drugstore aisle for the rest of Fox's look, reaching for entirely Maybelline products for the rest of her face. Sophisticated Hollywood glamour on a budget, here we come. 

“Megan’s look is elegant Hollywood, so we wanted to do a glam that focused on gorgeous skin and wispy lashes elongated at the ends," says celebrity makeup artist Jenna Kristina, who created Fox's red carpet look. "The Kiss MLBB Multipack Lashes in Bare Affair were a perfect fit for this elegant wearable glam.”

Kristina used this nourishing lash adhesive to fasten on Fox's lashes. 

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How to stream the Super Bowl in 2023 On February 12, the 2022-2023 football season comes to a close as the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl LVII. If you want to watch the game live in Glendale, Arizona, tickets are likely to set you back thousands. You’re probably better off watching it on TV, but if you’re one of many cord-cutters out there, you’re probably wondering how to stream the Super Bowl.

So, read on for a breakdown of the best ways to stream the Super Bowl in 2023, including how to watch the Super Bowl for free.

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OnePlus Pad leak reveals keyboard, stylus, and other details ahead of launch
Credit: OnePlus
  • An official-looking promo video for the OnePlus Pad was found on Weibo.
  • The video reveals a stylus and folio-style keyboard.
  • Another leak suggests the tablet could have a Dimensity 9000 chipset.

A day before OnePlus launches its first Android tablet, two new leaks about the OnePlus Pad have popped up. One of the leaks has given us a video and the other has provided specs.

The first leak comes from a Weibo post that was discovered by GSMArena. The post in question contains an official-looking promo video that shows off the display, two accessories, and the tablet’s rear camera. There isn’t much to glean from the video other than the fact that the tablet will have a stylus and a keyboard.

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Scandi Girls Always Look Chic Thanks to These 31 Items

Call it globalization, or call it the Matilda Djerf effect—Scandi style is everywhere. Over the last few years, the world has turned its gaze on Copenhagen street style, cool influencers with cooler clothing, and butterfly haircuts for inspiration, seemingly leaving behind other style influences like Londoners and New York fashion people. (We still love you, French girls!)

Categorized by its whimsical take on elevated basics and color-coordinated accessories, Scandi-girl style often precedes the normal trend cycle before it reaches the United States. Sweater-vests and button-down shirts? Been there, done that. Loafers and socks? So 2018 for them. If something is on-trend in New York or Los Angeles, you better believe the women from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland were wearing it months before. 

Now that spring is approaching and Scandi-girl season is about to soar again, it's time to look back at the winter essentials all the cool girls wear (while riding their bikes, of course). If Copenhagen Fashion Week street style was any indication, Scandi women live their lives in full Technicolor. Below are all the essential items the European fashion crowd always has in their wardrobe.

These linen pants are so easy.

Straight jeans are so Scandi coded.

This light pink is so cool.

If you love Toteme, you'll love this under-$100 sweater.

Say hello to spring's best trend: maxi skirts.

Colorful tights under this dress and a bright coat would no doubt be spotted at CFW.

I love the cut of the collar on this minidress.

Wear your greens.

Reformation always has the best pants.

These pants look so expensive.

A trench coat over this is absolute perfection.

Olive cargos are one of Scandi girls' favorites.

Can I take one in every color?

This colorful take on tweed is very much needed for the spring.

If you know, you know.

Denim skirts are so in RN.

The lace-up detailing on this is so chic.

Cardigans for a warm spring day.

Don't forget to size down in these.

Delicate details always make an outfit.


The lace top layered underneath is an unexpected styling twist.

This + a white tee = outfit perfection.

Everyone needs a black silk dress.

This is Matilda Djerf's go-to handbag.

Skinny scarves are the nostalgic trend you didn't know you needed.

This color goes with anything.

Riding boots are a Scandi must.

ACNE Studios is the go-to brand for the Scandi fashion crowd.

Wide jeans for the win.

I saved the best for last—these colorful Ganni boots.

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Kendall Jenner Wore the $12 Accessory You're About to See All Over NYFW

If Kendall Jenner's recent street-style looks prove anything, it's that like me, she hasn't stopped thinking about Bottega Veneta's spring/summer 2023 collection since it debuted in September. For the second time in recent history, the model has been spotted donning head-to-toe looks from creative director Matthieu Blazy's second collection for the Italian brand, both of which feature one of the year's most talked-about (and cheapest) accessories: sheer tights. Specifically, in the case of her latest Bottega Veneta outfit, red tights. 

To attend a post-Grammys event on Sunday evening, Jenner dressed up in look 49 from the runway collection, made up of a burgundy-and-tan fluid suede minidress, black pumps and a matching mini Sardine bag, and gold teardrop earrings. Gorgeous on its own, the outfit was enhanced even further with the addition of a simple pair of dark-red tights that can easily be copied for $12. 

From the brand that brought us Jenner's other Bottega Veneta tights look comes an almost identical pair of maroon 50 denier tights capable of getting you her look for next to nothing. Below, shop the exact pair and more red hosiery—a trend I'm predicting a large turnout for during next week's NYFW festivities. 

On Kendall Jenner: Bottega Veneta dress, shoes, bag, and earrings

Cashmere tights for $20? I'll take a pair in every available color. 

You can never have enough cashmere hosiery if you ask me. 

It doesn't get much more opaque than this. 

I have a pair of these in every color. 

I've got my eye on you. 

If you find something you like, you might as well get it in plenty of colors, especially if it gets you a deal. 

For any extra-chilly winter days ahead.


Trying the underwear-as-pants trend? Go for a super opaque pair of tights as you ease into it. 

The best socks, like, ever. 

You might as well go all out. 

This color goes perfectly with gold jewelry or hardware. 

Wear these under a midi-length black dress for a surprising burst of color. 

The perfect companion for your favorite loafers. 

These are available in sizes S to 2X.

The cutest. 

Just ordered myself a pair of these for NYFW.

Dress socks are the best because they're thin enough to wear with shoes that are slightly too small. 

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BREAKING: Over 2,100 Dead After 7.8&Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey And Syria
BREAKING: Over 2,100 Dead After 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey And Syria
BREAKING: Over 2,100 Dead After 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Turkey And Syria

The death toll is climbing to over 2,100 as a 7.8 magnitude earthquake reportedly struck Turkey and Syria Monday morning. According to The Wall Street Journal, the massive earthquake was followed by a second one just hours later.

The 7.8 Earthquake Struck The Countries Monday Morning

According to the outlet, the first earthquake struck the countries around 4:17 a.m. It reportedly occurred during the middle of a winter storm. And authorities reported 900 people had been killed, 5,400 people were wounded, and over 2,000 buildings had collapsed.

In addition, search teams rescued over 2,500 people from the debris.

Then, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the region in the afternoon. Authorities have now called the catastrophe “Turkey’s worst seismic event in decades.”

Citizens Were Frantically Awakened From Their Beds Upon Feeling The Onset Of The Earthquake

The outlet shared that citizens of the country frantically awoke to the earthquake rattling everything around them. Many people reportedly ran into the streets as “buildings collapsed around them” and “sirens blared.”

One man shared his experience with reporters.

The house shook like a baby’s cradle. It was like a nightmare. I woke up the kids. I told them to stay calm. We left the building. Everyone was shouting, crying in panic.

As the day progressed, citizens opted to stay in their cars — fearful that if they returned to their homes, the buildings would unexpectedly collapse.

Yakzan Shishakly, the co-founder of a Syrian relief organization, further explained the people’s fear.

People were just running away. They don’t know where but they were just running outside.

Syria’s White Helmets Have Declared A State Of Emergency

As rescue efforts are underway, Syria’s White Helmets have declared the country in a state of emergency. The group is a volunteer agency, “officially known as Syria Civil Defence,” that reportedly “operates in parts of opposition-controlled Syria and in Turkey.”

One English teacher shared the efforts of volunteers striving to save lives.

People are working with their bare hands. No equipment, just trying to get people from under the rubble. Some people are taken out alive. Some people are taken out dead. Some of them are still there.

Recovery efforts have been made more challenging due to the harsh winter weather but one citizen says that “everyone is working with their hearts and souls in it.”

The fact that it’s winter, the weather is cold and that the earthquake happened in the middle of the night makes the work harder but everyone is working with their hearts and souls in it.

The Countries’ Call For International Assistance

According to The Wall Street Journal, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the nation and its current death toll.

At the moment, we don’t know how high the dead and wounded numbers will rise.

Turkey’s interior minister Suleyman Soylu has also declared the country to be in a state of emergency, which now requires a helping hand from other nations.

According to the outlet, President Biden intends to provide “any and all needed assistance” from the U.S. France, Germany, Italy, and Poland, have also offered their aid as well.

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Jayda Cheaves Reflects On Learning From Experience: ‘I Deserved Every L I Took’
Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves is channeling some optimistic energy and reflecting on how experience really is the best teacher of all.

Jayda Says The Rough Moments Are What Taught Her The Most: ‘I Got It Now’

The social media influencer—who shares a son with Lil Baby and is popularly referred to as “Jayda Wayda”—shared her thoughts in an Instagram Story upload on Sunday.

Jayda simply shared the message on a blank screen, and she started off by proclaiming, “I deserved every L I took.”

She continued, noting that she simply “got too comfortable” with the wrong things, and it ultimately “backfired.”

“I deserved every L I took. I got too comfortable wit a lot of s**t & people and it backfired on me.”

However, Jayda shared that these missteps ultimately helped her in the long run, as they helped guide her to the right path and teach her wassup.

“I got it now and it’s all understood.”

After all, popular sayings like “everything happens for a reason,” “experience is the best teacher,” and “f**k around and find out” serve a purpose in getting this idea across, so there’s some realness in Jayda’s commentary!

Jayda Cheaves Previously Spoke On The Power Of Embracing Change

While on the subject of Jayda’s recent upload, we should add that this isn’t the first time she’s used her platform to bring in some meaningful and positive energy.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cheaves shared a message centered on embracing change back in April.

Her post directly addressed how metamorphosis is a natural part of life, and—as a result—people are constantly changing in various different ways.

After providing some examples of how people can change, Jayda also noted, “Change is hard to adjust to at first.” However, she’s sure to implore readers to “always remember change is good.”

“As you’re shifting, you will begin to realize that you’re not the same person you used to be. The things you used to tolerate become intolerable. When you once remained quiet, you are now speaking your truth. You are beginning to understand the value of your voice and there are some situations that no longer deserve your time, energy, and focus. Change is hard to adjust to at first…but always remember change is good.”

What are your thoughts on Jayda’s message, and do you agree with the sentiment she expressed? Additionally, are you here for her lil’ inspirational social media messages?

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Why soccer fans prefer promotion and relegation Promotion and relegation is a system used throughout most of the soccer world. Clubs move up and down their country’s standings based on their relative strength via results on the field from season to season. And soccer fans all over the world overwhelmingly prefer it to the alternative.

The alternative is the franchise system. One where the same roster of teams is locked into the top division no matter how poorly they might perform. Likewise, teams in the lower levels are stuck there, no matter how many games they win. That is, unless they fork over tens- or hundreds-of-millions of dollars in expansion fees to move up a level (or two or three).

But why do fans throughout the soccer landscape generally prefer the promotion and relegation model? Both in nations where the practice is entrenched in tradition, and those fighting for it to be implemented in their area, there are steadfast advocates of the concept.

So let’s explore the array of reasons why the mechanism has big appeal.

Fair competition

First and foremost, promotion and relegation delivers a (relatively) fair competition. It operates on the principle of sporting merit. The top teams compete at the top level because they’ve earned their place. You don’t get to be at the top of your country’s pyramid simply by being located in a big city. Or by cutting a big check. You have to win to get there, and win to stay there.

Sadly in many leagues, there is still often a noticeable competitive imbalance. This includes several top leagues like the EPL, LaLiga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga. With some owners having access to nearly unlimited spending on player wages and transfers, a culture of haves and have-nots is definitely apparent.

But no matter how much more you can spend than your rivals, you still have to play and win games to avoid relegation. The same goes for clubs hoping to qualify for continental competition, or to get promoted up the ranks. Success on the field is what determines your fate – not metrics such as marketability, owner worth, what TV market you’re in or the demographics of your town. Simply splashing cash around and having a name such as “Paris” or “Madrid” on your shirt does not guarantee a permanent place at the top.

High stakes and more meaningful matches all season

Nothing creates drama quite like a promotion or relegation race. With intrigue at both the top and bottom of the standings, pro/rel usually creates a very compelling story for any given season. And that generally means more games matter for something. Staying out of the drop zone, for some clubs, is as big as winning a trophy. Winning the promotion playoff final and finishing third in the EFL Championship is known as the richest match in soccer. The winner may earn as much as $350 million in TV revenue and payments.

A game between two bottom of the table sides in a European soccer league in late Spring is far more meaningful than a contest between similarly-ranked MLS teams in September, for example. There’s more of a reason for fans, and media, to pay attention to every game all year. You can’t tune out when your side drops out of the title race halfway through. They could try to qualify for European places, or slip down the table and get relegated.

Our soccer is open to all

Arguably the biggest selling point of promotion and relegation systems is that they are inclusive to everyone. No club or community is automatically dismissed because they don’t have a big enough population or a billionaire owner willing to pay $500 million for a new franchise team.

Yes – in most leagues there are basic professional standards you have to meet to be eligible for promotion to a higher level. But assuming you meet those (stadium facilities, staffing, etc.) anyone can theoretically rise to the pinnacle of the sport.

There are successful clubs throughout the world that, in the United States, would not meet current market requirements set by the US Soccer Federation to participate in the USA’s first division (MLS). That’s pretty silly if you think about it. Clubs such as Leicester City, Newcastle United, Brighton, Athletic Bilbao, Fiorentina and others fail to meet the 1,000,000 metro area population threshold for a Division 1 team in the United States. But almost everywhere else, no matter if its entire town can fit in the stadium, if a club wins, it can play at the top level.

An avenue for justice (or redemption)

Having promotion and relegation in place can offer a way for nefarious teams to be punished. On the flip side, down-on-their-luck clubs and communities have a chance to rise back up the ranks.

Perhaps most famously, a scandal in Italy in 2004-05 resulted in points deductions and/or relegations. Punished teams included Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina.

On a more positive note, the ability to rebuild after facing hardship is a wonderful aspect of promotion and relegation.

Wimbledon FC were a non-league club in England for most of their history, but advanced all the way to the then-First Division in 1986. They even won the FA Cup in 1988. The club remained in the Premier League until 2000. In 2002, “The Dons” were given approval to move nearly 60 miles away to Milton Keynes. A new club, AFC Wimbledon, was formed by supporters, and rapidly rose up the pyramid. They gained six promotions in 13 seasons. In 2016/17, Wimbledon rose to the same level as MK Dons, the relocated and renamed original Wimbledon.

In places such as North America though, if you lose your top tier local team, it’s likely forever. And any replacement outfit could be limited to a permanent place in a lower division. Or worse, exist as a minor league affiliate serving some other team hundreds of miles away.

Variety is the spice of life

An often overlooked aspect of promotion and relegation is the variety it brings to leagues. Rather than the same table of clubs every season (usually including some who live near the bottom for years at a time), new sides and new energy are injected into leagues each year. Be it hungry clubs who’ve just gained promotion, or sides who’ve come down and are seeking redemption.

This should not be confused with instability. In most leagues, the number of teams and number of games on the schedule is the same every year. Just some of the names are different. Instability would be, as we’ve seen far too often over the years in American soccer, teams folding entirely and being replaced, if at all, with brand new expansion teams.

The fresh blood on the schedule list each year is fun for supporters, with new rivalries and new places to visit.

Memorable moments

Last but not least of course are the countless dramatic scenes promotion and relegation has delivered over the years.

Most people choose to try and forget the sorrow of relegation, and with good reason. But the absolute joy of promotion, or survival, is an unrivaled wellspring of emotion.

Recently we were treated with scenes of delight when Everton clinched survival in 2022. Over in Germany, FC Union Berlin won promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time ever in 2019, creating a similar outpouring of excitement:

One of the most remarkable moments came in the Championship promotion semi-final second leg in 2013. Leicester City won a stoppage time penalty away at Watford, with the score 2-2 on aggregate. The penalty (and rebound) was saved. Twenty seconds later, Watford scored to send themselves to the playoff final at Wembley, and send Vicarage Road into absolute pandemonium:

Watford would end up losing the final to Crystal Palace that year for the final spot in the Premier League, but that moment will never be forgotten. And Leicester City, of course, would go on to be promoted the following season, and remarkably win the Premier League title in 2016 in one of the greatest underdog stories of all time.

Those are just a few of the moments that you just don’t see anywhere else in sport. There really is nothing quite like it. It’s a dimension of intrigue that simply would not exist without promotion and relegation. It’s no wonder most soccer fans wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Big Eye blames Eddy Kenzo’s failure to win a Grammy on selfishness

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye StarBoss has gone bare knuckles against Eddy Kenzo after the latter’s disappointment in the 2023 Grammy Awards where he was nominated.

Eddy Kenzo lost the gong in the Best Global Music Performance category to South Africa’s Wouter Kellerman, Zakes Bantwini, and Nomcebo Zikode for their song Bayethe.

Despite the disappointment, Eddy Kenzo has been lauded for the feat as he elevated Ugandan music to a stage it had never been.

Also Read: Eddy Kenzo Misses Out On Grammy Award as SA’s Zakes Bantwini, Wouter Kellerman and Nomcebo Zikode Win

Surprisingly, singer Big Eye has blasted him for being a selfish person who doesn’t care about others but for himself alone.

Through a post on his Facebook page, Big Eye accused Eddy Kenzo of keeping all international contacts and connections to himself for over nine years.

He stressed that some people like Eddy Kenzo don’t deserve to use the motto “For God And My Country” because he only operates on the motto; “For God And Myself”.


It’s unfortunate that my neighbor didn’t succeed at Grammy Awards but my self what I think is, you never know if it was Big Eye, Azawi, Daddy Andre, Apass, Fik Fameica, Spice Diana, Sheebah, Lydia Jazmine, Rema, etc. Maybe so many international awards would have been in Uganda. But the Nigga kept all international contacts & Connections for himself for like 9years now. So some people don’t deserve to use the motto of “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY” coz inside their hearts there is “FOR GOD AND MY SELF”. Hope am not wrong to term it as being selfish. I have said this on 06.02.2023

Big Eye

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I wanted a VISA – Rahma Pinky clears the air about her introduction photos with Prince Nelson Kimera

Toward the end of last year, singer Ragma Nanyanzi alias Rahmah Pinky had photos trending online that suggested that she had earlier been married to one Prince Nelson Yiga now known as Ssemugalawa Kimera.

The photos that made rounds raised dust about Pinky’s true age as a section of critics wondered if the age she claimed to be is her true age.

During that moment, the “Picha” fame singer went mute about the allegations.

Over the weekend, however, shw broke the silence about her claimed marriage photos with Prince Nelson who is a lowkey businessman based in the USA.

Also Read: I’m neither in TNS nor out of it – Pinky creates confusion yet again

She narrated that the photos were taken in order to ease her way of acquiring a visa to travel and study from the USA since Prince Nelson is a citizen on that side.

She added that she linked up with Prince Nelson with hope that she would be assisted with her music career but her plan didn’t work out.

Below is Pinky giving her side of the story:

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Neko, Daniel Ek’s next play, is another spin on preventative healthcare Make room for yet another preventative health play: Spotify founder Daniel Ek officially confirmed rumors of his new “health tech” startup, Neko, Friday by quietly kicking off a body scanning service in Sweden (via Tech EU) after four years of stealthy development.

Ek has long expressed a personal interest in tackling a “screwed up” healthcare system, as he put it to the Financial Times almost a decade ago.

He has also put some money where his mouth is — investing in Swedish telehealth platform, Kry, for example. But dabbling as an investor evidently has not stopped him from wanting to get hands-on too — as one of two co-founders for Neko Health (the other being Hjalmar Nilsonne, whose prior startup focused on energy data analysis).

Neko declined TechCrunch’s request for an interview about what it’s building — saying it’s not doing any international media at this point. But in a post on LinkedIn, the startup announced the official launch of a proprietary “non-invasive” body scanning service at its first “health center” in central Stockholm.

The post bills the scan as an “extensive examination” of health, which is being aimed (initially at least) at people with skin and heart concerns.

Neko says the scan takes 15 minutes — and is “immediately” followed by an in-person doctor’s consultation to discuss the results (so the full visit would be longer, although it doesn’t say how long the customer gets with a doctor).

“The Neko scan is a truly personalized experience centered around you, and it seamlessly tracks changes over time — so you do not have to,” Neko added. 

The startup’s broader pitch is a very familiar one: Preventative healthcare — with the stated goal of flipping the classically reactive healthcare model (of examining symptoms and treating disease) to one where regular health scans could be a pro-active tool to drive more positive health outcomes — via early detection of issues and the application of data-driven preventative measures.

“Current healthcare systems and primary care processes were designed over half a century ago — and have barely changed since. In addition, the cost of healthcare has increased exponentially in the past few decades, and we need to find a way to reverse this trend,” said Ek in a statement. “I have long believed that the future of efficient and affordable healthcare lies in proactive, preventative care. We service and inspect our cars like clockwork every year, but wait until our bodies crash before we act? That doesn’t make sense.”

This focus on proactive healthcare means Neko is joining a mass scramble to reimagine healthcare pathways and processes — and try to unlock new revenues (including by selling services to the worried well). This tech-driven movement (broadly) runs the gamut from telehealth platforms and chatbots (which aim to optimize access to human clinicians and thereby tackle resource scarcity); to a growing range of quantified health and fitness gizmos (which encourage consumers to self-monitor various biomarkers and typically nudge them to participate in beneficial lifestyle changes too); to genetics testing services (which claim to provide users with information on their disease risks); to digital therapeutics platforms, including some that are augmenting and spinning out traditional drug therapies; to other in-person preventative health care plays — like Forward or Zoi — which look most obviously similar to Neko since they appear to share a focus on rethinking the doctor’s office experience (and making the resulting care more ‘forward-looking’) via the application of more modern and/or cutting edge tech to transform patient care. (Or so runs the pitch.)

Details of Neko’s exact technology and approach remain pretty fuzzy, given it’s declining press interviews, so a lot of detail remains to be filled in. But its marketing material offers the general claim that its technology includes “the latest advances in sensors and AI” — further specifying that the sensing technology involves more than 70 sensors which it says can record 50 million data points and 15 GB of patients’ health data “in minutes”.

(Although, of course, obtaining health data is one thing — interpreting it intelligently and usefully is a whole other challenge. So it’s certainly notable that Neko’s service launches with human doctors very much in the mix.)

A part of the startup’s focus appears to be on technology that’s interpreting (or presenting) data on users’ behalf — since it says they will get access to a “summary” of their health data in its app. This app is also intended to let users “follow” their health trends — so it sounds like it’s aiming to do what Apple’s Heath app does for users of its sensing Apple Watch (but for its proprietary, in-person full body scans). 

Its press release confirms there is a cost for the body scan. It notes a visit to the Stockholm center to get scanned costs SEK 1,500 (around $140) for “a limited time”. (The full price is reported as costing SEK 2,000.) While data-points the scan records are said to cover a range of cardiological measurement including ECG, murmur sound, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, arterial stiffness, pulse width, breathing and heart rate. 

Neko’s PR also claims its body scan tech can detect skin changes as small as 0.2 millimeters — which teases the idea these data-centered checks could pick up things a normal visit to the doctor’s won’t. (Although, equally, it’s worth noting that the human body undergoes all sorts of changes throughout its lifetime which do not necessarily signify a negative health implication so simply having oodles of data does not necessarily translate into better healthcare.)

The startup’s marketing talks about wanting its “new medical scanning technology concept to make it possible to do broad and non-invasive health data collection that is convenient and affordable for the public”. Albeit, tech that requires a person to attend a bespoke clinic to access it is not obviously that. But the longer term hope, presumably, is for Neko to gain economies of scale and be able to reduce the cost per scan — i.e. if it can make sense of all the data it hopes to obtain from paying customers and then either identify monetizable patterns itself (or partner with others willing to pay for access to support medical research etc).

A report about Ek’s startup late last year, by Sifted, cited legal documents filed with the Swedish company registry stating the startup plans to sell “products and services in diagnostics as well as conducting examinations and health checks on the private market — which suggests it is planning for a B2B business to sit alongside direct-to-consumer clinics where people’s raw body data can be captured.

One major question for Neko’s approach is efficacy — both of its data capture technology; and of any AI-driven diagnostics the startup wants to flow from the data.

Neko’s PR notes that its sensing and AI technology is undergoing “multiple clinical studies running to show efficacy” — so much will rest on the outcomes of those studies. (None of which have been published nor peer reviewed as yet.)

Another issue which will need close attention is privacy — given how much sensitive health data these body scans will obviously capture. Neko will obviously need proper legal bases for each and every proposed use of users’ health data, which EU law classes as sensitive data — requiring the highest bar of explicit consent for processing. Security of user data will also need close care.

On top of that, there is the broad and vital issue of patient safety — and the question of how incoming EU AI regulation around potential harms might impact Neko. Since the startup is building (or applying) health data capture devices, and appears to be intending to develop AI for (at least) clinician support and/or medical diagnostics, a range of regulations are likely to apply, depending on where it wants to operate the service. Including the EU Medical Device Regulation and the incoming EU AI Act (since devices under the former fall under the ‘high risk’ category for the latter).

The EU AI Act, which was proposed back in April 2021 but is still going through the bloc’s co-legislative process, is likely to mean that in the coming years regional startups using AI for health will not only need clinical studies that can demonstrate the efficacy of their products but will also need to, more broadly, consider how to identify and mitigate potential harms — addressing issues like bias, for example, so they can demonstrate their technology is safe for everyone to use (not just for a subset of a given population) — with the threat of regulatory enforcement (including major fines and potentially even orders to withdraw a model from the market) for any failure to properly mitigate risks.

On top of that, attention to these sorts of risks and harms will be critical in the coming years as EU lawmakers are also in the processing of updating product liability laws so they cover harms caused by software and AI, which will also make it easier for EU consumers to sue the makers of cutting edge technologies should their products go awry.

Neko, Daniel Ek’s next play, is another spin on preventative healthcare by Natasha Lomas originally published on TechCrunch

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Zenly co&founder returns with new social app company, Amo Last year, Snap shut down Zenly, a popular social mapping app it acquired for over $200 million in 2017, despite the fact that Zenly still had 40 million active users and growing. Users were understandably upset. But now, Zenly co-founder Antoine Martin says he’s returning to the social app market with the launch of a new company called Amo. The former Zenly CEO is working with ex-Zenly managing director Michael Goldenstein and others on Amo, whose goal is to fix the problems with today’s social networks by focusing on connecting real-world friends, not the whole world.  

Details about the new product remain shrouded for the time being, but both Martin and Goldenstein began teasing Amo through social media posts on Friday. 

In a LinkedIn post, Goldenstein described the problem Amo was looking to solve in more detail.

“Today’s social products have become overly complex and commoditized super apps that no longer serve the best interests of those who use them, but rather the advertisers that feed their top line” he explained. “TikTok is eating the world and only making things worse as companies focus their efforts on getting their screen time back instead of focusing on why people use their products in the first place. Meanwhile, doom scrolling TikTok and its equivalents isn’t making anyone feel good,” he wrote.

In addition, he said today’s social tech makers were bloated as their employees fought over “pixel and their own metrics in order to get their next promotion.”

This situation has led to the development of a new set of social apps that are generating traction, however. Goldenstein cited apps like BeReal, Locket Widget and Zenly as proof that people are seeking to try products that are focused on “real relationships.”

He’s not wrong with this analysis of the market. As TechCrunch also reported last year, homescreen social apps that put widgets on the smartphone’s home screen, like Locket and BeReal, were blowing up. Apple also anointed BeReal as its “App of the Year” in 2022 after its dramatic growth and investors jumped to back the company with a $60 million Series B.

While these apps were among the first to capture the consumer demand for new, more authentic social networking experiences, there have been signals pointing toward this shift for years. As younger users craved a way to keep up with their real-world friends, outside of their carefully manufactured Instagram presence, they began to create private Instagram accounts, or finstas, for more casual posting. BeReal essentially productized this experience but with the added gimmick of a notification that urges users to post at a certain time every day.

It’s not yet clear what exactly Amo has in store, but it seems to be along these same lines of real-world social networking as opposed to places where users have to “compete with brands and celebrities,” as Goldenstein describes it.

Martin, in an announcement on Twitter, expressed a combination of disappointment over Zenly’s fate and excitement for his new product. He even tagged Snap CEO Evan Spiegel in a remark about Zenly’s closure, saying “I’m sure you’ll come to regret that decision.” (The Zenly co-founder had left Snap last year, after launching Zenly’s redesign.)

While Martin didn’t describe exactly what Amo was up to either, he promised the company would be more experimental.

“We are finally free, excited and will try a lot of things. You can expect us to take risks, build even weirder features, generate emotions and stronger friendships and hopefully find some success along the way,” Martin tweeteed. “We’ll be doing our best to serve you above all else, and hope to be on your springboard in 2023.”

The comment about the springboard — a reference to the app that manages the iPhone’s Home Screen — could be a hint that Amo may also include a Home Screen widget of some kind, similar to BeReal or Locket.

A TestFlight version of the Amo app will arrive soon, Martin also noted, and interested users can follow the @amoamoamo Twitter account to stay tuned for future news. A waitlist for Amo is available on the company’s website as well, and requires a phone number and name to sign up.

Zenly co-founder returns with new social app company, Amo by Sarah Perez originally published on TechCrunch

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(Exclusive) Amber Rose Confirms Securing Super Bowl Tickets After Jokingly Offering To Toss Someone’s Salad
Amber Rose
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Amber Rose

Amber Rose exclusively gave The Shade Room and fans an update on her Super Bowl ticket search. Muva confirmed with TSR that she secured tickets for the upcoming big game!

Amber Rose Has Received A Variety Of Tickets To The Big Game

The 39-year-old mother of one shared the update while gracing the red carpet at the 2023 GRAMMYs Sunday night. Rose explained that so many contenders have offered her Super Bowl tickets. But “they’re all one-offs all over the stadium.”

Rose explained that she’s waiting for Philadelphia Eagles to get back to her and also offer her some seats.

I’m waiting for the Eagles to hit me back — I’m from Philly, I should be there. And I don’t want to pay 50 grand for tickets.

The mother explained that even though she’s a Philly native, she doesn’t need the extravaganza of even walking the team out on the field. The only perk she wants is “free tickets.”

Amber Rose’s Super Bowl Ticket Contenders

The model then went on to list those that have offered her tickets to the big game.

Charlie Mack [Alston] said he’s going to hook me up… Jason Lee said he’s going to try to hook me up… but I am not eating Jason Lee’s a** for any tickets!


Amber Rose Took The Internet By Surprise With Her Joke About Securing Super Bowl Tickets

Rose took to Instagram last week and shared a post joking about how badly she wanted to secure Super Bowl tickets.

Yo who’s a** I gotta eat to get tickets to the Super Bowl?

The joke, however, revealed individuals such as Diplo and Russell Simmons who seemed to be down for the cause.

Social media users were quick to add their reactions to the men who entered Rose’s comment section with no shame.

Chile ???? not Russell pulling up from exile



Uncle Rush ready to get in his yoga position! ????????‍♂️


Dear Instagram, please allow gifs in the comment section. I need to insert a Nene Leakes facial expression expeditiously


Only 4pm but I think that’s enough Instagram for today.

Roommates, are you happy to hear that Amber Rose has secured her tickets to the big game?

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Andy Cohen Grills Robyn About Hiding Juan Dixon Cheating Drama From ‘RHOP’— ‘You’re On A Reality Show’
Robyn Dixon
Robyn Dixon

Following Robyn Dixon admitting that Juan Dixon “communicated” with another woman ahead of season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Andy Cohen is holding her feet to the fire.

Andy Reminds Robyn Dixon About What’s Expected Of Reality Stars

It all went down during the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which aired right after the RHOP season finale.

During the sit-down, Andy dove right on into the mess. He initially revealed that Robyn’s appearance on WWHL had already been scheduled, as the original plan was to have her dish on her and Juan’s wedding, which was featured at the very end of the RHOP finale.

However, as The Shade Room previously reported, last week’s revelation about how Robyn “was aware of the situation” regarding Juan’s antics swiftly took center stage, as she straight-up hid the matter from viewers and production.

As a result, Andy brought up how Juan was revealed to have been “involved with another woman during COVID,” and he asked about why Robyn chose to “stay silent throughout the whole season.” He also pointed out how cheating was “the hot topic of the season,” giving her further opportunity to bring up the situation.

“You’re on a reality show about your life, and infidelity has been the hot topic of the season, and you’ve played a part in the conversations. So how do you stay silent throughout the whole season?”

Robyn responded by saying that they had simply “dealt with it” by the time filming began. She also announced that she wouldn’t voluntarily bring up her “issues.”

“It was so in the back of my mind. Like, we dealt with it, we moved on from it. I don’t know why I would say, ‘Hey guys, pick me, let’s talk about my issues.'”

Regarding this last point, Andy pointed out, “The expectation is that you’re sharing everything that’s going on with your life.” However, Robyn brushed this off by saying that it simply wasn’t relevant anymore while they were filming season 7.

“It wasn’t an issue at that moment when we were filming…It wasn’t relevant to where we were in that present time.”

Robyn Explains Away The Evidence Against Juan: ‘I Believe Him’

Andy was also sure to address the receipt that shows Juan paying for the woman’s hotel room, and Robyn proceeded to explain the evidence away. Specifically, she said that Juan paid for the woman’s room after she lost her purse while in Maryland “for whatever reason.”

“For whatever reason, she decided that she wanted to fly [from Canada] to Maryland. She had told Juan that she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player. So, she’s telling him she was flying to Maryland, and he’s like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ Somewhere along the way, she gets to Maryland, she’s reaching out to him, and she’s telling him she lost her wallet in the casino and she cannot pay for her hotel room.”

Robyn went on to say that Juan simply paid for the room and nothing else went down.

“So, he feels bad for her. Apparently, she was really stressed out, really distraught. He feels bad for her, he goes to the hotel, puts his card down at the counter or whatever, and that’s it.”

Andy responded by calling out how Robyn’s account “could sound like BS to a lot of people,” and she agreed. However, Robyn is nonetheless standing by her man.

“When I found out about it, it was B.S. to me. But…I believe him.”

You can check out the clip down below.

Viewers React To Robyn’s Story & The Vibes On WWHL

After the WWHL episode aired, viewers swiftly began chiming in. First off, many took note of how pressed Andy appeared to be, with one user pointing out, “This is NOT a regular #WWHL.”

Others began to give Robyn’s story the side-eye.

There was also speculation about whether or not Robyn could be demoted for hiding the matter from viewers.

What do you think about the situation?

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Two Arrested After Fatal Shooting At Fredo Bang Concert Leaves Teen Girl Dead And Four Others Injured

Two men have been arrested after one person died and another four were injured at a shooting during a Fredo Bang concert in Arkansas early Saturday, police said.

Tamarionna Jarrett, 19, of Augusta was identified as the only fatality in the shooting during the rapper’s performance around 2:30 a.m, police told KAIT-TV.

Two Men Arrested In Connection To Fatal Concert Shooting, Victim ID’d As 19-Year-Old Girl

Richard McGee, 31, and Aaron Warren, 28, were arrested with probable cause but have not been charged. They are currently being held at the Jackson County Jail.

Lieutenant Mark Harmon told the outlet that he expects more arrests in the coming days.

The exact condition of the four wounded victims wasn’t immediately clear, however authorities confirmed one was flown to a hospital for further treatment.

The deadly concert shooting occurred in Newport, Arkansas, a small city of roughly 8,000 located around 90 miles northeast of Little Rock.

Rapper Fredo Bang performs onstage during Lil Baby & Friends concert at State Farm Arena on December 12, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Shooting Occurred Outside Of Concert Venue, Concertgoers Say They Couldn’t Actually Hear Gunshots

The shooting occurred outside the Old Branch Building. One concertgoer, Latasha Robinson, was inside the building but said she didn’t hear any gunshots, likely due to the loud music,

“I didn’t hear any gunshots. I actually had some people that I was helping in the VIP area so we were all at the stage so we didn’t hear anything,” she said.

Robinson noted the sad irony in the fact that everyone inside were having the times of their lives, while people were dying and suffering just outside the concert venue.

“Just to know something like this happened on the outside while such a good time was happening… there was no fighting there was no drunken chaos there was nothing,” she told KAIT-TV.

Once the gunfire started, security funneled everyone to get back inside.

Fredo Bang
Via Instagram

Meanwhile, Robinson described the scene of the deadly shooting she saw outside after shots were fired.

“When I got out here police had both sides taped off and they were looking for gun shells and my heart just sank. Just to know something like this happened on the outside,” she said.

Concert Shooting Comes Just Weeks After Fredo Bang Announced He Is A Father To A Baby Boy

Bang gave daddy duties realness last month after he announced that he is a new father to a baby boy named Payton.

Though heartwarming, the Instagram post did not include any images of Payton’s mom. The photos did include Payton’s older brother Parker, and fans soon uncovered that he has two moms–married YouTube couple Annie and Sevyn Buffins.

News of their new bundle of joy spread like wildfire, and Fredo–legally named Frederick Givens II–and the Buffins step into The Shade Room to address some of the rumors and misconceptions going around about their family.

Anyone with information or video of the shooting should contact Newport Police Department at 870-523-2722.

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Kyle Martino interview: Back behind the desk for the USMNT

Coverage of the United States Men’s National Team kicked off on HBO Max and TNT in January. On it, there was a familiar face in Kyle Martino. The former USMNT player had a long run as an analyst on NBC and its Premier League coverage.

Martino is one of the most talented analysts available on US television, so it is a major get for Warner Bros. Discovery as it endeavors with the national team.

He talks to World Soccer Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer about a number of topics. Among them are the differences between analyzing club games and national games, why he was out of the TV scene for so long, working with Luke Wileman, what made Warner Bros-Discovery stand out and other points.

Listen to the show via the player above or via this link.

Launched in 2006, the World Soccer Talk Podcast is the longest running podcast on the planet. Every week, we share the latest news about watching soccer on television and streaming, in addition to discussing what we like and dislike, and featuring your questions and feedback in our Listener Mailbag segment. The show is hosted by Christopher Harris and Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk.

HEAR MORE: Listen to our archive featuring hundreds of soccer interviews

Send in your questions, comments and feedback via e-mail to, via Twitter (@worldsoccertalk) or Facebook. We’ll read them out on-air in the next episode. Or call our voicemail line and leave a message at 561-247-4625.

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Leeds sack Jesse Marsch after only 2 league wins in 6 months Leeds United relieved manager Jesse Marsch of his role on Monday. The American only took over at Elland Road on Feb. 28 in 2022. After escaping relegation a season ago, Leeds is back towards the bottom of the table after 21 games played. Leeds released a statement on the sacking.

Leeds sits in 17th, only ahead of Everton in 18th based on goal difference. The club is winless since the World Cup in league play. Four losses and three draws since a win over Bournemouth before the World Cup sank the club from 12th to 17th.

Most recently, Leeds lost a close contest to Nottingham Forest. Despite amassing more of the chances, the game served as a sample of how much of the season has gone. Leeds has just four wins this season, so far. That is joint-lowest in the league with the three clubs in the relegation zone. The club’s current winless run is its second this season of at least seven games.

Inconsistency is rampant throughout the Leeds’s season. One week, it defeats Liverpool at Anfield with a dramatic goal at the death. Of course, that comes off the back of four-straight losses by just five goals combined. Leeds is an exciting team for neutrals, but a stressful one for supporters.

Now, it is without a manager. The American contingent at the club now remains with Tyler Adams, Brenden Aaronson and new acquisition Weston McKennie. Leeds is now on the hunt for a new head coach.

Jesse Marsch sacked by Leeds after poor form

After the loss at Forest, Leeds supporters were calling for Marsch’s firing. They did the same last season when it looked all but certain that Leeds would sink down to the Championship.

Marsch escaped the drop then. He could not escape the axe this time.

Leeds is yet to name a replacement for Marsch. However, reports say rehiring Marcelo Bielsa is highly unlikely. Instead, one name floating around the rumors is Carlos Corberán. The current West Bromwich Albion manager formerly coached the Leeds United U23 side. At West Brom, Corberán helped the club get from 16th to sixth. After his takeover, the Baggies have 10 wins and three losses in league play.

However, those are just rumors. Any incoming manager would have to face Manchester United in back-to-back games, as those are next up in league play for The Whites.

Opening other doors for Marsch

Jesse Marsch is out of a job, but some American supporters may hope that is not for long. There is a coaching opening at the United States Men’s National Team. Already familiar with many of the American players, namely Adams, Aaronson and McKennie, Marsch is one of the more talented coaches to hail from the United States, despite his recent records at Leeds and RB Leipzig.

There are a number of names circling for the job, including Gregg Berhalter. However, acquiring Jesse Marsch could be a good move with some European pedigree.


Mon, 06 Feb 2023 19:20:03 +0300 JoriPress
Joe Montana Would Choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Trey Lance and Brock Purdy as 49ers QB Joe Montana Would Choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Trey Lance and Brock Purdy as 49ers QB - originally posted on

The 49ers QB position is very much up in the air right now after a season riddled with injuries meant third string QB Brock Purdy led the offence for most of the campaign.

Many will have their say over who should take the helm next season for the 49ers and former QB Joe Montana has already had his say on who he would start in the 2023/24 season.

“I start Jimmy. How many games has Jimmy won? For the longest time, questions were out with Jimmy for a while. But the one thing he has been able to do is win games for those guys. He’ll make a mistake here and there, but some of those things I don’t just put on Jimmy.”

Garoppolo started the season as the 49ers QB, but was unfortunate enough to be ruled out for the remainder of the season in just the second week with an ankle injury.

Brock Purdy was left to take over from Lance and Garoppolo midway through the season and despite worries in San Fransisco, the 23-year old shone for the side throughout the remainder of the season as well as in the playoffs.

With Purdy shining through the end of the season many in San Fransisco favour the rookie to take over next year and despite Montana picking Garoppolo to start the next campaign, head coach Kyle Shanahan appears to have other ideas as he spoke to the media about the potential of his second QB returning next season.

“No, I don’t see any scenario of that.”

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New Orleans Saints Expected To Hire Joe Woods As New DC New Orleans Saints Expected To Hire Joe Woods As New DC - originally posted on

The New Orleans Saints seem to have found their new man and are expected to hire former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods. 

Woods has spent the last three seasons as the Browns DC, but was fired at the end of the regular season.

Woods will reunite with old friend in Dennis Allen, where Woods was defensive assistant on Allen’s staff back in 2014 at the Oakland Raiders.

Woods interviewed for the role last week after the Saints moved on from co-defensive coordinators Ryan Nielsen and Kris Richard, and he has been the top choice all along to be their successor.

He was fired by Cleveland after a three-year run which included the Browns defense being ranked 20th, 13th and 21st in points allowed, and 14th, 5th, and 17th in yards allowed.

The Saints have several young defensive backs that Woods could help develop, such as Paulson Adebo and Alontae Taylor.

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From - NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB News, Rumors & Betting Picks

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India blocks Kissht and PayU’s LazyPay in fresh crackdown Finrtech Kissht and PayU’s LazyPay are among the apps that India’s IT Ministry has blocked in the ongoing crackdown as New Delhi moves to curb the misuse of consumers’ data and protect the nation’s integrity.

The LazyPay website has been blocked by several internet service providers in the country. A message on the Prosus-owned website says the action was taken in compliance with the IT Ministry’s order. The app of Kissht, another high-profile fintech startup, has also been blocked and is returning issues to some users, according to complaints on social media. Kissht is backed by Vertex Growth and Brunei Investment and is valued at over $450 million. It has raised $125 million to date.

“Due to unavoidable circumstances our website and app are currently unavailable via a few internet service providers. Please be assured that we are doing everything to resolve the issue,” a LazyPay spokesperson said in a statement.

It’s unclear what all rules LazyPay and Kissht had in particularly violated. The LazyPay app, which gives short-term, small-ticket size loans to consumers, has disbursed over $260 million to customers in India.

New Delhi is in the process of blocking 232 apps, some with links to China, that offer betting and loan services in the South Asian market to prevent misuse of the citizens’ data. Nearly 140 of these apps are in the betting and gambling category whereas over 90 provide unauthorized loan services.

The ministry’s move was prompted at the direction of the Ministry of Home Affairs, state-owned broadcaster Prasar Bharti said on Sunday. The apps sought to mislead customers into taking big debts without realizing the terms and there were concerns that they could be used as tools for espionage and propaganda.

The ministry has not identified what all apps it’s blocking. Google did not have a comment. Indian newspaper Economic Times first reported about the blockings.

India blocks Kissht and PayU’s LazyPay in fresh crackdown by Manish Singh originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 18:50:01 +0300 JoriPress
Practice your startup pitch on TechCrunch Live with Mayfield and Cube Practice pitching your startup on this week’s TechCrunch Live. I have two amazing guests and they bring along a lot of startup pitching experience. Three guests of this week’s TechCrunch Live event will have two minutes to practice their elevator pitch and they’ll get four minutes of candid feedback from the two guests.

This week, we have Rajeev Batra, partner at Mayfield, and Christina Ross, co-founder and CEO of Cube, a FP&A toolkit company. Rajeev has been investing in startups at Mayfield since 2007. Christina is a serial CFO-turned-startup founder, and knows what it takes to get early funding.

Selected participants get two minutes to pitch their company. Then guests will provide feedback on the pitch: Is the information presented in a logical format, does the founder speak with authority, what’s missing from the pitch?

TCL’s mission is still to help founders build better venture-backed businesses. But going into 2023, there’s new urgency behind this mission. TechCrunch Live started in the heady days of 2021, and now in early 2023, the startup world is experiencing new challenges. It’s harder to fundraise, sales cycles are much longer, and investors (and their LPs) have different expectations.

Here’s how to participate in Pitch Practice:

  • Register and join the show on Hopin starting at 2:30 p.m. EDT/11:30 p.m. PDT. The first interview starts at 3:00/12:00.
  • Apply to present your company using this form.
  • After the 30-minute chat with Rajeev and Christina, selected founders will have 2 minutes to pitch, and receive 4 minutes of feedback.
  • You do not need a pitch deck to participate.

We’re looking for startup founders who have a well-rehearsed pitch for an early-stage startup.

Not selected for today’s show? No worries; try next week. This segment is a regular feature of TechCrunch Live.

Practice your startup pitch on TechCrunch Live with Mayfield and Cube by Matt Burns originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 18:50:01 +0300 JoriPress
Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence With Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother, Andrea: ‘I’m In Disbelief’
Tristan Thompson And Andrea Thompson
Tristan Thompson And Andrea Thompson

Tristan Thompson has finally broken his silence since the unexpected passing of his mother Andrea in January. The basketball star took to Instagram Sunday evening to share his tribute.

Tristan Thompson Shares An Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother Andrea

Thompson shared a series of photos featuring various family members, Khloe Kardashian, and his daughter True alongside his mother. In the post, he shared that it has been one month since her passing and he is still in “disbelief.”

Dearest mommy in heaven,
It has been one month since you’ve been gone. I’m in disbelief. Im in the deepest part of sorrow & grief
My soul is empty as I come to terms that my biggest supporter/superhero is gone. I cannot thank you enough for always being a woman of faith, being one of Gods warriors, fighting back with whatever the world threw our way. You constantly protected us through prayer. My hero you fought all the battles you needed to and it was time for you to go home.
Man, What I wouldn’t give to hear ur voice. ‘Who God has blessed, no man can curse my son’. Mommy I know you’re watching down on me; I wanna say thank you for picking me as your son. You dedicated ur life to ur boys & the church. Prayed & fasted for family/friends because you know how evil this world is.

Thompson went on to say that his mother was “an amazing mommy, role model, best friend” and “the strongest woman” he knew.

Mommy, all the sacrifices you did for ur sons will never go unnoticed or without appreciation. You were an amazing mommy, role model, best friend & the strongest woman I know.

The 31-year-old then went on to apologize to his late mother.

I know you’re here as I write this letter. All I can say is, Im sorry mommy for the wrong decisions Ive made in my life. Im sorry for the embarrassment &pain. You raised me better than what I was able to show you. But I have also learned sorry is not enough. Actions speak louder than words. So I wont just say sorry. Stay tuned to the ways I will show the world what an amazing son you raised. I will show you that even when we fall & make mistakes, we get back up. You are my motivation. Stand beside me as I become the man I know you always believed in. Im going to make you proud, I promise!

Thompson ended the tribute by assuring his mother that his younger brother Amari would always be taken care of. And asking for her spirit to stay close to him.

Mommy, Amari is going to be taken care of. I’ll protect him, love him &do anything in the world to make sure he’s ok.
I know they say time heals all but I don’t think this pain will ever go away. We had so many memories &more I wanted to share with you. We will still share them but now from heaven. As the tears roll down my face, all I can ask is please continue to be my light. mommy, you’re my guardian angel and I’ll forever praise you. I love you mommy. I can’t wait to see you and when I do I’m going to run and give you the biggest hug and kiss. I promise to make you proud.
Til we meet again
Your first born, Tristan

Khloé Kardashian Previously Shared A Tribute To Andrea Thompson

As The Shade Room previously reported, Khloé Kardashian shared a loving tribute to Andrea Thompson, the grandmother of her two children, a few weeks after her passing.

Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner also shared her own tribute.

Andrea Thompson Passed From Cardiac Arrest In January

As The Shade Room previously reported, Andrea Thompson passed away last week after suffering a heart attack at her home in early January. Thompson was rushed to a local hospital where medical experts reportedly tried to resuscitate her. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

The post Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence With Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother, Andrea: ‘I’m In Disbelief’ appeared first on The Shade Room.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 18:30:02 +0300 JoriPress
More tech job market misery as Dell lays off 5% of worldwide workforce Tech workers took another big hit today when Dell announced it was laying off 5% of its worldwide employees in the face of plunging PC sales and general economic uncertainty. That’s 6650 more people who will be out of work.

Bloomberg data showed that the company peaked at 165,000 employees in January 2020 and has been cutting headcount since. Before today’s announcement, it had dropped to 133,000 and is expected to hit 126,350 after today’s cuts.

Employees were informed in an email from Dell co-CEO and vice chairman Jeff Clarke with the usual platitudes that accompany these missives. Clarke said the move was an unfortunate outcome of the current economic climate.

“Unfortunately, with changes like this, some members of our team will be leaving the company. There is no tougher decision, but one we had to make for our long-term health and success. Please know we’ll support those impacted as they transition to their next opportunities,” he wrote.

He closes with, “The opportunities ahead of us are immense. The amount of data continues to explode. Our innovation is powering progress across the globe. And our customers are turning to us as their trusted partner. I’ve never been more confident in our future and our team.” That’s probably of little solace to the folks who are getting layoff notices today.

The company is coming off a quarter in which revenue dropped 6% to $25 billion.

As we reported last month, PC sales plunged for the fourth straight quarter with Dell taking the biggest percentage loss,-37%, of any of the largest PC manufacturers, according to IDC, Canalys and Gartner data. But Dell is more than its PC business. It also has a robust enterprise business.

Dell made headlines when it bought EMC in 2015 for $67 billion (later valued at $58 billion), the largest tech deal in history at the time. The deal generated quite a bit of debt for the company, which the company is still trying to pay off. VMware was included in that acquisition, and the company spun it out last year before Broadcom offered to buy the company for $61 billion last May. That purchase is still tied up in regulatory approval.

Still, it’s hard not to see such large numbers being thrown around and contrasting that with laying off workers to cut costs. This news comes after more than 80,000 workers lost their jobs at other big tech companies last month, and unfortunately we may not be done yet.

More tech job market misery as Dell lays off 5% of worldwide workforce by Ron Miller originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 17:50:01 +0300 JoriPress
Hackers exploiting two&year&old VMware flaw to launch large&scale ransomware campaign Cyber-criminals are actively exploiting a two-year-old VMware vulnerability as part of a ransomware campaign targeting thousands of organizations worldwide.

Reports emerged over the weekend that VMware ESXi servers left vulnerable and unpatched against a remotely exploitable bug from 2021 were compromised and scrambled by a ransomware variant dubbed “ESXiArgs.” ESXi is VMware’s hypervisor, a technology that allows organizations to host several virtualized computers running multiple operating systems on a single physical server.

France’s computer emergency response team CERT-FR reports that the cyber-criminals have been targeting VMware ESXi servers since February 3, while Italy’s national cybersecurity agency ACN on Sunday warned of a large-scale ransomware campaign targeting thousands of servers across Europe and North America.

U.S. cybersecurity officials have also confirmed they are investigating the ESXiArgs campaign.

“CISA is working with our public and private sector partners to assess the impacts of these reported incidents and providing assistance where needed,” the U.S. cybersecurity unit under Homeland Security told Reuters in a statement. (A spokesperson for CISA did not immediately comment when reached by TechCrunch.)

Italian cybersecurity officials warned that the EXSi flaw could be exploited by unauthenticated threat actors in low-complexity attacks, which don’t rely on using employee passwords or secrets, according to the Italian ANSA news agency. The ransomware campaign is already causing “significant” damage due to the number of unpatched machines, local press report.

More than 3,200 VMware servers worldwide have been compromised by the ESXiArgs ransomware campaign so far, according to a Censys search (via Bleeping Computer). France is the most affected country, followed by the U.S., Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

It’s not clear who is behind the ransomware campaign. French cloud computing provider OVHCloud backtracked on its initial findings suggesting a link to the Nevada ransomware variant.

A copy of the alleged ransom note, shared by threat intelligence provider DarkFeed, shows that the hackers behind the attack have adopted a “triple-extortion” technique, in which the attackers threaten to notify victims’ customers of the data breach. The unknown attackers are demanding 2.06 bitcoin — approximately $19,000 in ransom payments — with each note displaying a different bitcoin wallet address.

In a statement given to TechCrunch, VMware spokesperson Doreen Ruyak said the company was aware of reports that a ransomware variant dubbed ESXiArgs “appears to be leveraging the vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-21974” and said that patches for the vulnerability “were made available to customers two years ago in VMware’s security advisory of February 23, 2021.”

“Security hygiene is a key component of preventing ransomware attacks, and organizations who are running versions of ESXi impacted by CVE-2021-21974, and have not yet applied the patch, should take action as directed in the advisory.,” the spokesperson added.

Hackers exploiting two-year-old VMware flaw to launch large-scale ransomware campaign by Carly Page originally published on TechCrunch

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Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence & Shares Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother Andrea: ‘I’m In Disbelief’
Tristan Thompson And Andrea Thompson
Tristan Thompson And Andrea Thompson

Tristan Thompson has finally broken his silence since the unexpected passing of his mother Andrea in January. The basketball star took to Instagram Sunday evening to share his tribute.

Tristan Thompson Shares An Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother Andrea

Thompson shared a series of photos featuring various family members, Khloe Kardashian, and his daughter True alongside his mother. In the post, he shared that it has been one month since her passing and he is still in “disbelief.”

Dearest mommy in heaven,
It has been one month since you’ve been gone. I’m in disbelief. Im in the deepest part of sorrow & grief
My soul is empty as I come to terms that my biggest supporter/superhero is gone. I cannot thank you enough for always being a woman of faith, being one of Gods warriors, fighting back with whatever the world threw our way. You constantly protected us through prayer. My hero you fought all the battles you needed to and it was time for you to go home.
Man, What I wouldn’t give to hear ur voice. ‘Who God has blessed, no man can curse my son’. Mommy I know you’re watching down on me; I wanna say thank you for picking me as your son. You dedicated ur life to ur boys & the church. Prayed & fasted for family/friends because you know how evil this world is.

Thompson went on to say that his mother was “an amazing mommy, role model, best friend” and “the strongest woman” he knew.

Mommy, all the sacrifices you did for ur sons will never go unnoticed or without appreciation. You were an amazing mommy, role model, best friend & the strongest woman I know.

The 31-year-old then went on to apologize to his late mother.

I know you’re here as I write this letter. All I can say is, Im sorry mommy for the wrong decisions Ive made in my life. Im sorry for the embarrassment &pain. You raised me better than what I was able to show you. But I have also learned sorry is not enough. Actions speak louder than words. So I wont just say sorry. Stay tuned to the ways I will show the world what an amazing son you raised. I will show you that even when we fall & make mistakes, we get back up. You are my motivation. Stand beside me as I become the man I know you always believed in. Im going to make you proud, I promise!

Thompson ended the tribute by assuring his mother that his younger brother Amari would always be taken care of. And asking for her spirit to stay close to him.

Mommy, Amari is going to be taken care of. I’ll protect him, love him &do anything in the world to make sure he’s ok.
I know they say time heals all but I don’t think this pain will ever go away. We had so many memories &more I wanted to share with you. We will still share them but now from heaven. As the tears roll down my face, all I can ask is please continue to be my light. mommy, you’re my guardian angel and I’ll forever praise you. I love you mommy. I can’t wait to see you and when I do I’m going to run and give you the biggest hug and kiss. I promise to make you proud.
Til we meet again
Your first born, Tristan

Khloé Kardashian Previously Shared A Tribute To Andrea Thompson

As The Shade Room previously reported, Khloé Kardashian shared a loving tribute to Andrea Thompson, the grandmother of her two children, a few weeks after her passing.

Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner also shared her own tribute.

Andrea Thompson Passed From Cardiac Arrest In January

As The Shade Room previously reported, Andrea Thompson passed away last week after suffering a heart attack at her home in early January. Thompson was rushed to a local hospital where medical experts reportedly tried to resuscitate her. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

The post Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence & Shares Emotional Tribute To His Late Mother Andrea: ‘I’m In Disbelief’ appeared first on The Shade Room.

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(WATCH) Offset Responds To J. Prince Sending Podcast Warning: ‘How Dare One Of Y’all…Speak On Me And Take’

Offset took to social media to deliver J. Prince a message after the warning J. Prince left on Million Dollaz Worth of Game‘s recent episode. In a seemingly emotional tone, Offset challenged J. Prince to call him to have a man-to-man conversation.

He said, in part:

“First off, y’all n****s speaking on my real brother,” Offset said. “How dare one of y’all n****s speak on me and Take relationship n***a. I don’t know you n****s from a can of paint n***a. Y’all don’t know how me and my brother rock.”

He continued critiquing J. Prince’s method of reaching him through social media rather than a phone call. Offset also questioned whether J. Prince is actually considering Takeoff’s mother and family during this time.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

J. Prince Sends Coded Message To Offset During Interview With Gillie & Wallo

Offset’s message comes after J. Prince spoke extensively on Million Dollaz Worth of Game about Takeoff’s passing and his family’s presence and reaction in its aftermath but also directed a message at Offset.

In the show’s concluding comment, J. Prince seemingly threw shade on Offset’s relationship with Takeoff at the time of his passing.


The post (WATCH) Offset Responds To J. Prince Sending Podcast Warning: ‘How Dare One Of Y’all…Speak On Me And Take’ appeared first on The Shade Room.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 17:30:03 +0300 JoriPress
StarTimes Uganda Premier League Returns with Night fixtures StarTimes Uganda Premier League second round begins on Thursday, 9 February 2023 this time round with huge expectations and most notably with night games.

As opposed to the previous seasons, the second part of the 2022/2023 season will draw fans closer to the game by offering them engagement touch points such vote your Team of the Week, Star of the Week and Fantasy League.

Comparing the last three years, the leagues are steadily becoming a platform for companies to connect with audiences.

MTN, Pilsner, Plascon, Hima Cement, CHINT, and Bet Sure are among the many brands currently associated with the league property.

The kick off time remains at 2 PM for the early kickoff, and 4 PM and 8 PM for the evening and night games respectively.

Sanyuka Prime will remain the lead channel for the league alongside FUFA TV. All StarTimes customers will enjoy the games irrespective of the bouquet.

The race for the title is hot as 5 teams are title contenders i.e. Vipers, KCCA FC, SC Villa, Bull FC and West Nile giants Arua Hills hence the second round slogan “The Race is ON, It’s all about the title.”

About StarTimes

StarTimes Group is the leading digital television operator in Africa, serving the Continent’s population with subsidiaries in 37 countries.

With 13 million subscribers to its digital platform (DVB) plus an additional 20 million users of its over-the-top (OTT) streaming service.

StarTimes is the official and Exclusive sponsor and Broadcast of Uganda Premier League, CAF Champions League, CHAN, AFCON qualifiers and many more.

The post StarTimes Uganda Premier League Returns with Night fixtures appeared first on Latest football news in Uganda.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 17:30:03 +0300 JoriPress
Uhuru, Alul face URU judicial hearing, receive sanctions

On Thursday last week, two top rugby players in Uganda faced a judicial hearing and were sanctioned after being cited for dangerous play during matchday three the previous weekend.

The two players, Platinum Credit Heathens Rugby Club captain Charles Uhuru and Stanbic Black Pirates Rugby Club utility back Stephen Alul, both in person faced the five-person Disciplinary Committee (DC) hearing at Lugogo Sports Complex.

Today afternoon, Uganda Rugby Union (URU) has officially published the sanctions meted out to Uhuru and Alul who had already started serving their time after the hearing. They both sat out matchday four ties against Rhinos and Buffaloes respectively.

Uhuru has been suspended for fifteen weeks for a dangerous tackle on Adrian Kasito when his team faced Kobs at Legends Rugby Grounds. His suspension will run until Friday, May 19, 2023, which means that he will sit out the remainder of the entire 2023 Nile Special Rugby Premier League season.

Stephen Alul

Stephen Alul has been handed a post-match red card for striking Hippos’ Aziz Bagalana with his forearm during the match at Damwaters Rugby Club. He will also sit out two matches, including against Rhinos (which he already missed) and against Mongers this coming Saturday.

The Joreline Akubu-chaired DC meeting referred to World Rugby Regulation 17 – Appendix One to apply the sanctions. According to Regulation 17, Uhuru received the top-end 14+ weeks suspension while Alul received the low-end two-weeks suspension. Both acts of dangerous play attract a maximum of 52 weeks’ suspension.

The hearing was attended by DC members Eunice Olembo Nsikak and Emmanuel Fudribo Drama, citing commissioner Roger Sebina, and referee council member Brian Tindikawa Tabaruka.

Akubu and Sebina are the only World Rugby-trained and certified judicial officer and citing commissioner in Uganda respectively.

Uhuru and Alul have until Thursday evening to appeal the ruling to the URU executive committee.

The post Uhuru, Alul face URU judicial hearing, receive sanctions appeared first on Kawowo Sports.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 17:30:01 +0300 JoriPress
Pregnant Kylie Kelce Brings OB&GYN to Support Husband Jason Kelce at Super Bowl Pregnant Kylie Kelce Brings OB-GYN to Support Husband Jason Kelce at Super Bowl - originally posted on

Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, will be playing in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday. His wife, Kylie Kelce, is 38 weeks pregnant and will be traveling to Arizona to watch her husband face off against her brother-in-law, Travis Kelce. As an added precaution, Kylie will be bringing her OB-GYN as a guest to the Super Bowl.

Baby at Super Bowl = Officially Scripted

“Kylie’s bringing her OB-GYN because she’s going to be 38 weeks pregnant at the game,” Jason Kelce told his brother Travis on their podcast, ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce’. “If she has a baby in the stadium, it’s officially scripted.”

Jason was of course jokingly referring to his wife Kylie and the now widespread trend on social media calling the NFL ‘rigged.’

This will be the couple’s third child. They already have two daughters – Elliotte Ray, 22 months, and Wyatt, 3 years old, and the Kelces are expecting their third girl.

Kylie’s decision to bring her OB-GYN to the game shows her commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy delivery for both her and the baby. It appears it is a smart move for a woman in her third trimester, especially with all the excitement and stress that comes with a Super Bowl game.

We are not sure about the name Lombardi Kelce, but if Kylie gives birth during an Eagles win, Jason might be eyeing it up as a potential name.

Family Matters

It is a big day for both Jason and Travis Kelce, as they face each other in the biggest game of the year. The Kelce family is excited for the game and the anticipation of their newest addition to the family.

The Kelce brothers are known for their close relationship, and this game will be no exception. It will be an emotional moment for the family, as they cheer on both Jason and Travis. It is not every day that two brothers face each other in the Super Bowl, making this game even more special for the Kelce family.

Super Bowl LVII promises to be an exciting game with added excitement for the Kelce family. With Kylie Kelce bringing her OB-GYN to the game, the family can rest assured that the health and safety of both mother and baby are a top priority. The Kelce brothers will have the support of their family, including their wife and sister-in-law, as they face each other on the field. Whether it’s a touchdown, a field goal, or a new arrival, it’s sure to be a memorable day for the Kelce family.

From - NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB News, Rumors & Betting Picks

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The Download: trapped by grief algorithms, and image AI privacy issues This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology.

When my dad was sick, I started Googling grief. Then I couldn’t escape it.

—Tate Ryan-Mosley, senior tech policy reporter

I’ve always been a super-Googler, coping with uncertainty by trying to learn as much as I can about whatever might be coming. That included my father’s throat cancer.

I started Googling the stages of grief, and books and academic research about loss, from the app on my iPhone, intentionally and unintentionally consuming people’s experiences of grief and tragedy through Instagram videos, various newsfeeds, and Twitter testimonials.

Yet with every search and click, I inadvertently created a sticky web of digital grief. Ultimately, it would prove nearly impossible to untangle myself from what the algorithms were serving me. I got out—eventually. But why is it so hard to unsubscribe from and opt out of content that we don’t want, even when it’s harmful to us? Read the full story.

AI models spit out photos of real people and copyrighted images

The news: Image generation models can be prompted to produce identifiable photos of real people, medical images, and copyrighted work by artists, according to new research. 

How they did it: Researchers prompted Stable Diffusion and Google’s Imagen with captions for images, such as a person’s name, many times. Then they analyzed whether any of the generated images matched original images in the model’s database. The group managed to extract over 100 replicas of images in the AI’s training set.

Why it matters: The finding could strengthen the case for artists who are currently suing AI companies for copyright violations, and could potentially threaten the human subjects’ privacy. It could also have implications for startups wanting to use generative AI models in health care, as it shows that these systems risk leaking sensitive private information. Read the full story.

—Melissa Heikkilä

The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 China is furious that the US shot down its ‘spy balloon’
Relations between the two countries have deflated as fast. (BBC $)
+ US officials are racing to recover what they can of the balloon. (NYT $)
+ Similar balloons have been spotted several times in US airspace. (WP $)
+ The incident doesn’t bode well for US-China relations. (Vox)

2 The US economy is in a better shape than you may think 
The numbers simply do not match the narrative. (Vox)
+ What goes up must come down. (The Atlantic $) 

3 Meta is facing a content moderation reckoning 
A Kenyan court is deciding whether it’s responsible for moderators’ psychological damage from gruesome content. (Wired $)
+ Social media is polluting society. Moderation alone won’t fix the problem. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Twitter isn’t killing off good bots after all 
Though what qualifies as will be down to Elon Musk’s whims. (Insider $)
+ Musk isn’t getting much sleep these days. (WSJ $)

5 The Biden administration is shunning crypto 
Congress is being discouraged from passing crypto-friendly bills. (Axios)
+ Inside the mind of Sam Bankman-Fried’s psychiatrist. (WSJ $)
+ The Bitcoin Embassy Bar sounds… interesting. (Slate $)

6 A US cloud company is caught in a global ransomware campaign 
Thousands of servers across the world are being targeted. (Reuters)
+ Hackers are concentrating on North America and Europe. (Politico)
What’s next in cybersecurity. (MIT Technology Review)

7 India is blocking hundreds of loan apps with ties to China
In a bid to protect citizens’ data from misuse. (TechCrunch)

8 EV battery materials are in high demand
Countries are rushing to satisfy US requirements for materials sourced outside of China. (Nikkei Asia $)
+ What’s next for batteries. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Meet the moms ghostwriting their kids’ texts
Really, this should be every teen’s nightmare. (WSJ $)

10 How Duolingo knows what you know
Its language learners complete a staggering one billion exercises each day. (IEEE Spectrum)
+ Why students in the Bronx are critiquing chatbots. (NYT $)

Quote of the day

“Now my watch thinks I’m dead.”

—Stacey Torman, a spin class teacher, recounts the regular false alerts her Apple Watch sends to emergency services for no reason to the New York Times.

The big story

Companies hoping to grow carbon-sucking kelp may be rushing ahead of the science

September 2021

One of the hottest climate change solutions that companies are touting is that kelp could suck up carbon dioxide and store it away in the depths of the sea, effectively reversing climate change.

But scientists are still grappling with fundamental questions about this approach. How much kelp can we grow? What will it take to ensure that most of the seaweed sinks to the bottom of the ocean? And how much of the carbon will stay there long enough to really help the climate? Read the full story.

—James Temple

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+ The secret joys of dining alone.
+ Brb—I’m off to cook (well, eat) all of these mouthwatering new recipes for February (thanks Charlotte!)
+ In praise of elevenses.
+ The secret of making a damn fine cup of coffee? Don’t burn the beans!
+ Why doesn’t the US use the metric system? You can blame pirates for that.

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Breef raises $16M to match brands with marketing agencies Breef, a platform that allows brands to manage and service marketing agency projects, today announced that it raised $16 million in a Series A round (an undisclosed portion of which was debt) led by Greycroft with participation from BDMI, UTA.VC, Afterpay’s Touch Ventures and UC Berkeley’s The House Fund. The new capital brings Breef’s total raised to $21 million, which co-founder and CEO George Raptis says will be put toward continuing to develop the company’s product and growing the size of Breef’s workforce from 30 people to roughly 60 by 2024.

“Breef’s latest funding will be used to continue to evolve the product offering — a new ‘from the ground up’ platform is being launched with the funding announcement — and grow its global team, announcing its first international bases in the U.K. and Australia,” Raptis told TechCrunch via email. “The company will also invest further in its payment infrastructure, allowing structured payments for brands looking to ‘grow now, pay later.'”

Breef was co-founded in 2019 by Emily Bibb and Raptis. Bibb previously worked in marketing and in-house ad agencies as well as startups such as PopSugar and VSCO. Meanwhile, Raptis helped to launch, the online loan marketplace that was acquired by Fox in 2019.

Both Bibb and Raptis attribute their wanting to start Breef to a shift in the way of agency work. Full-time hires and the “big agency” model were no longer flexible — or affordable — enough to service the demands of today’s brands, they felt, while the challenges around outsourcing were steeply increasing.

“The agency space has traditionally been a relationship-first business. The nature of work is long, with brands embarking on a search process spanning months despite inaccurate ‘scopes of work’ and often no guidance — hence the emergence of the ’boutique agency,'” Raptis said. “But the technology had not been created to vet and centralize agencies and give brands confidence throughout the search … In short, if someone could centralize agencies and help brands move faster, then ‘the old way’ of working with agencies was ready to be replaced.”


Breef’s online agency-finding marketplace. Image Credits: Breef

Breef, Raptis claims, achieves this by offering a way to kick off agency search, contracting and payments in one place. An “agency marketplace,” Breef lets brands plan, scope and post projects for digital marketing, social media, PR campaigns, web and app development and branding to get pitches from agencies on the platform. Brands can select a team and kick off projects, managing contracts and payments from a dedicated dashboard.

Raptis claims that more than 10,000 agencies and thousands of brands are on Breef, with turnaround times for pitches ranging from a couple of days to around a week.

“For brands and agencies alike, using technology as a way to qualify and connect the right partners is a game changer,” Raptis said. “Breef also levels the playing field for companies who otherwise may not get an opportunity to work together — often a point of contention for smaller agencies, minority-led agencies and up-and-comers — who now have an opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the world.”

Certainly, Breef appears to be gaining traction (at least the way Raptis tells it), with brands like Netflix, Heineken, Spotify, Pantone and Free People recently joining the platform. Toward the end of 2022, the company achieved a major milestone — $100 million in projects created on the platform — and inked partnerships with spend automation platform Ramp, venue rental marketplace Peerspace and business marketplace Newity.

Raptis wouldn’t answer questions about Breef’s revenue, save that the company grew “10x” last year — a vague figure to be sure. But he expressed confidence in the startup’s growth trajectory, despite competition from startups like BizBulwark (which offers a similar marketing marketplace) and Agency Spotter (an ad agency search tool).

“For marketers, Breef means ease of planning, scoping and outsourcing — at the speed modern brands require. And more importantly, access to diverse talent, with innovative ideas,” Raptis said. “For CFOs, it means centralization of marketing spend through market transparency, payment flexibility and contract standardization. For the creative and boutique agencies, it means the opportunity to work with leading brands without needing an internal sales team. It also means safety and transparency around payments and contracts.”

Greycroft investor Ali Schleider — not the most unbiased source, granted — agreed.

“The amount of demand we are seeing from brands and agencies flowing through the platform shows companies are looking for a new way to get creative work done,” she said. “Our belief is that Breef is not only repositioning marketing spend, but creating an accessible solution for quality talent — no matter market conditions.”

Breef raises $16M to match brands with marketing agencies by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 16:50:01 +0300 JoriPress
To improve close rates for technical interviews, give applicants feedback (good or bad)

Technical interviews are a black box — candidates usually are told whether they made it to the next round, but they rarely find out why.

Lack of feedback isn’t just frustrating for candidates; it’s also bad for business. Our research shows that 43% of all candidates consistently underrate their technical interview performance, and 25% of all candidates consistently think they failed when they actually passed.

Why do these numbers matter? Because giving instant feedback to successful candidates can do wonders for increasing your close rate.

Giving feedback will not only make candidates you want today more likely to join your team, but it’s also crucial to hiring the people you might want down the road. Technical interview outcomes are erratic, and according to our data, only about 25% of candidates perform consistently from interview to interview.

This means a candidate you reject today might be someone you want to hire in 6 months.

But won’t we get sued?

I surveyed founders, hiring managers, recruiters and labor lawyers to understand why anyone who’s ever gone through interviewer training has been told in no uncertain terms to not give feedback.

The main reason: Companies are scared of being sued.

As it turns out, literally zero companies (at least in the U.S.) have ever been sued by an engineer who received constructive post-interview feedback.

People don’t get defensive because they failed — it’s because they don’t understand why and feel powerless.

A lot of cases are settled out of court, which makes that data much harder to get, but given what we know, the odds of being sued after giving useful feedback are extremely low.

What about candidates getting defensive?

For every interviewer on our platform, we track two key metrics: candidate experience and interviewer calibration.

The candidate experience score is a measure of how likely someone is to return after talking to a given interviewer. The interviewer calibration score tells us whether a given interviewer is too strict or too lenient, based on how well their candidates do in subsequent, real interviews. If someone continually gives good scores to candidates who fail real interviews, they’re too lenient, and vice versa.

When you put these scores together, you can reason about the value of delivering honest feedback. Below is a graph of the average candidate experience score as a function of interviewer accuracy, representing data from over 1,000 distinct interviewers (comprising about 100,000 interviews):

The best-calibrated interviewers are also the best rated

Image Credits: Aline Lerner

The candidate experience score peaks right at the point where interviewers are neither too strict nor too lenient, but are, in Goldilocks terms, “just right.” It drops off pretty dramatically on either side after that.

To improve close rates for technical interviews, give applicants feedback (good or bad) by Ram Iyer originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 16:50:01 +0300 JoriPress
Poco X5 Pro review: Upping the budget ante
Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

The Poco X5 Pro is the latest budget Android phone in the Xiaomi sub-brand’s X series. 2021’s Poco X3 Pro delivered a ton of horsepower and little else, while 2022’s Poco X4 Pro offered plenty of upgrades but a major performance downgrade. So do you get the best of both worlds with the follow-up? It’s time to find out in our Poco X5 Pro review.

About this Poco X5 Pro review: I tested the Poco X5 Pro (8GB/256GB) over a period of two weeks. It was running MIUI SMSEUXM and Android 12 on the November 2022 security patch. The unit was provided by Xiaomi for this review.

What you need to know about the Poco X5 Pro

Poco X5 Pro camera housing

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 16:40:02 +0300 JoriPress
Confirmed Lovers? Latto Tattoos Rumored Bae 21 Savage’s First Name Behind Her Ear
Latto/21 Savage
Latto/21 Savage

A social media mishap may have unintentionally confirmed a romantic relationship between rappers Latto and 21 Savage.

Fans have speculated that the pair have been dating for over two years now. Now a tattoo spotted behind the 24-year-old’s ear may have finally given fans their long-awaited confirmation.

Latto’s Behind-The-Ear Tattoo, “Sheyaa”

Internet sleuths took their skills to a whole new level when someone managed to capture a screenshot of a tattoo planted behind Latto’s ear. The screenshot appears to be from a now-deleted TikTok or Instagram reel of one of the rapper’s trips to her hairstylist.

Upon closer look, the tattoo seems to spell out the name “Sheyaa” which is also 21 Savage’s legal first name.

Social Media Users React To Latto’s Tattoo

Instagram users were quick to declare their suspicions confirmed as they hopped into the comment section to share their reactions.


We been knew it was him baby, thanks for the confirmation


can they pop out already ? ???? we been knewww


I’m definitely ready to experience whatever makes these girls get their man name tatted…


Well now we know who paying her bills ????




The IG Federal Bureau of Investigation wins again!!!????


City boys up 8000 points

Fans Have Speculated That The Rappers Were Dating Since 2020

As The Shade Room previously reported, fans began to speculate that the pair were dating after they both were spotted vacationing in Puerto Rico around the same time. A couple of months later, fans believed they spotted 21’s shadow in one of Latto’s Instagram photos.

Latto responded to fans’ suspicions by explaining that it was her best friend’s shadow in the photo. But the internet only continued to speculate about the rappers’ supposed relationship when 21 Savage celebrated his birthday months later, in October.

Fans assumed that Latto was behind the flowers, romantic candles, and birthday cake that 21 Savage received, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

Latto Recently Shared More Info About Her Mystery Bae

Neither Latto nor 21 Savage has responded since the photo of her behind-the-ear tattoo went viral. However, one thing we do know for certain about Latto’s mystery man is that he has no problem with footing the bill.

As reported by The Shade Room, the 24-year-old sat down for a recent interview on Hot 107.9 and explained just how well her boo provides for her financially.

I got the ‘Vette, I got the Lambs, I go the Birkins…

I don’t pay no bills… That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Roommates, do you think the tattoo behind Latto’s ear confirms that she’s in a romantic relationship with 21 Savage?

The post Confirmed Lovers? Latto Tattoos Rumored Bae 21 Savage’s First Name Behind Her Ear appeared first on The Shade Room.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 16:30:02 +0300 JoriPress
‘Full Swing’ On Netflix: What To Expect From Golf’s Documentary Series ‘Full Swing’ On Netflix: What To Expect From Golf’s Documentary Series - originally posted on

Can Full Swing have the same impact for golf as Drive To Survive‘ did for Formula 1? The new golf documentary series airs on February 15th on Netflix. Here is what to expect from the new golf series as Netflix follows the biggest names in golf across the PGA Tour, majors and much more.

Full Swing Preview

The F1 documentary series, Drive To Survive, first aired back in 2019 and has been a breath of fresh air in the world of Formula One. Exclusive interviews, unseen footage and behind the scenes drama made Drive To Survive such a success.

Now it’s time for golf to try and do the same. Full Swing is a golf documentary series set to air on Netflix on Wednesday, February 15. Similar to F1’s Drive To Survive, all of the best golfers in the world on the PGA Tour are followed for this highly anticipated TV series.

Huge names in the world of golf such as Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Matt Fitzpatrick, Jordan Spieth, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa and Brooks Koepka are just some of the names featured in this golf docuseries.

Full Swing is a new immersive series following some of the biggest names in golf throughout the PGA Tour season, both on and off the course. The Full Swing cameras also cover all four of the men’s majors and the storyline of the power struggle involving the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit.

All eight episodes are available from Wednesday, February 15 on Netflix. Strap yourselves in as golf fans from all around the world get access to this highly anticipated documentary. It is certainly not to be missed.

rory mcilroy golf - travelers championship
Rory McIlroy is one of the players who will heavily feature in Full Swing

Jordan Spieth Hopeful Of Full Swing Bringing New Audience To Golf

With this golf docuseries set to air in just over a week’s time, golf fans are getting excited at the prospect of watching all of their heroes as they’ve never been seen before.

One man who features in Full Swing and is hopeful that this documentary can bring a new audience to golf is Jordan Spieth. The former world number one hopes the PGA Tour can follow in Formula 1’s footsteps with the launch of this behind-the-scenes Netflix series.

Drive To Survive was such a roaring success for the sport of F1, and Spieth is hopeful that Full Swing can do the same thing for golf. Since its debut in 2019, Formula 1: Drive to Survive received rave reviews with its never-before-seen footage and interviews. Drive To Survive certainly boosted the interest in F1, and the four-time major champion is eager to see if the golfing equivalent can bring the same interest:

“I’m an F1 fan because of Drive to Survive,” Spieth said. “I’m one of however many million Americans that it reached and went outside of your typical F1 fanbase, which was already massive and global.

“For golf to see the Drive to Survive success and then have the opportunity to be a part of trying to get out of the typical golf fanbase, kind of what [F1] did, get global with it. 250m members (approximate Netflix total) is larger than your typical who tunes in to see a round of PGA Tour golf,” added the Texas golfing superstar.

jordan spieth golf - sony open
Jordan Spieth hopes Full Swing can emulate the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive for golf

What To Expect From Full Swing

Golf fans all around the world are chomping at the bit to watch this exciting golf docuseries. Full Swing is sure to provide golf fans with an incredible insight into life as a professional golfer, as well as the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and access we will be provided with.

The opening episode of the series is titled ‘Frenemies’. This episode focuses heavily on childhood friends Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. The former Open and Masters champion is excited to share the unseen footage from all areas of his life, including both on and off the golf course.

“I had a blast,” Spieth said. “I gave access in places I don’t normally and shared a lot of it with Justin [Thomas].

“We really, really enjoyed that process of kind of giving a glimpse into what our day-to-day is, given how close we are.

“Then the [other] names that showed up in order to do it, especially this last year with how wild professional golf was. I mean, what a year to start filming! So you get that kind of access, too.

“It should have a pretty profound impact on growing the game of golf and hopefully brings more fans to the PGA Tour specifically, but it was really cool to see the majors step in as well and offer that kind of access that they don’t normally give.”

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas Golf
Childhood friends Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas feature heavily in Full Swing both on and off the golf course

‘No Brainer’ To Make This Golf Documentary Series

Following the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, documentary series director at Netflix, Gabe Spitzer, hailed it as a “no brainer” to jump into the Full Swing project once it had the support from the PGA Tour.

Once golf’s biggest tour was on board, it was all systems go for this sought after golf docuseries. Chad Mumm, chief creative officer with Vox Media Studies, is hopeful Full Swing will be just as successful as Drive To Survive and will provide golf fans with pure enjoyment and excitement:

“We were really lucky to have amazing access, not just from the governing bodies of the sports, the PGA Tour and all the majors, but from players like Jordan and his peers who let us into their lives in a way that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before,” Mumm said.

“This will be pro golf like you’ve never seen. We’ve had cameras in places where cameras are never allowed before. We spent a ton of time with players off the course and really get a chance to get inside the world of professional golf. Get ready for a deep, new look.”

Not long now until the eight episode golf documentary series airs on Netflix. Each and every golf fan, as well as non-golf fans, are in for a treat as all of the best golfers in the world are seen in a new light.

Full Swing is not to be missed. What a year to start following golf too in what can only be described as the most incredible year for the sport. Sit back, relax and enjoy this sublime golf documentary.

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Arsecast Extra Episode 510 – 06.02.2023

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra, the Arsenal podcast, with myself and James from @gunnerblog.

In this episode we begun by chatting about the extraordinary charges leveled at Man City by the Premier League as a four year investigation becomes public. We then turn our attention to the weekend’s action where Spurs beating Man City did us a favour after our defeat to Everton on Saturday. We discuss the Arsenal performance, what went wrong, and what might Mikel Arteta have done differently to change it. We also chat about the Thomas Partey sub and what that might say about his fitness, and the kind of game where we really missed Gabriel Jesus – as well as how we deal with only our second league loss of the season. Then there are listener questions about Gabriel Martinelli, Ben White and Takehiro Tomiyasu, summer transfers (????), Oleksandr Zinchenko’s temperament and lots more.

Get extra bonus content and help support Arseblog by becoming an Arseblog Member on Patreon:

Remember, you can send us questions via which we’ll try and get to each week. Send them to either @arseblog or @Gunnerblog (or both) using the hashtag #arsecastextra. Best to send them Monday morning so they get noticed more easily.

You can subscribe to the Arsecast Extra on iTunes by clicking here. Or if you want to subscribe directly to the feed URL you can do so too (this is a much better way to do it as you don’t experience the delays from iTunes).

You can listen without leaving this page by using the player below, download the Acast app for iOS or Android, or download the MP3 directly using the link below.

Also, if you’re a fan of the show, please leave us a rating/review on iTunes, it’d be greatly appreciated.


The post Arsecast Extra Episode 510 – 06.02.2023 appeared first on Arseblog ... an Arsenal blog.

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Choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: A beginner’s guide

The promise of lower hardware costs has spurred startups to migrate services to the cloud, but many teams were unsure how to do this efficiently or cost-effectively. Developers at startups thought they could maintain multiple application code bases that work independently with each cloud provider.

Now they’ve realized it is too time-consuming to manage, and there’s no glory in trying to be everything to everyone.

Deploying cloud infrastructure also involves analyzing tools and software solutions, like application monitoring and activity logging, leading many developers to suffer from analysis paralysis. That’s why cloud monogamy is the generally accepted operating principle for startups. But not every company has the luxury to operate within those confines indefinitely.

Realistically, it’s essential to analyze the tools available before you decide on a cloud infrastructure provider to keep application maturity and running costs in check.

You either need:

  • Experienced developers to maintain architectural integrity, maintainability and licensing considerations, or
  • A cloud platform built to adapt to the changing landscape and build, migrate and manage cloud applications.

Until you get those, here are some best practices for getting started. Let’s take a look at the issues startups face with the cloud, how to define the outcome of your cloud applications, how to know when your cloud infrastructure needs updating, and how to use a combination of tools.

Analyze where you are and learn about startup cloud struggles

When it comes to cloud infrastructure, there are two levels for startups:

It’s essential to analyze the tools available before you decide on a cloud infrastructure provider to keep application maturity and running costs in check.
  1. Early-stage startups building their first minimum viable product. These companies want to deploy minimum cloud computing to reduce infrastructure costs and technical decisions so they can focus on product and market strategy.
  2. Startups with products that have traction. These companies are worried about the future of their cloud infrastructure in terms of security, scalability and maintainability. However, they are not large enough to hire a team of experts.

Founders and decision-makers at both levels struggle with the depth of technical expertise required to manage cloud computing. For example, I was approached by a midmarket startup that had built its solution in AWS, but its only focus was getting it all up and running (level 1). Therefore, it had accumulated technical debt, and the cloud architecture was complex, with hundreds of servers, several dozen unique services, third-party tools, partial logging, and poorly implemented service meshing.

Then this company signed a new customer based in China who insisted on having their entire cloud solution on Azure-China, a subset of Azure (level 2). The company was clueless in this new environment.

Building parallel solutions that have parity on different cloud providers can be costly and require enormous effort. But the alternative for this company was losing an important contract. They had no choice.

To duplicate and readjust code to work on two disparate environments, the company’s developers could have faced further analysis paralysis in attempting to learn all the implementations, services and considerations involved. That’s why startups need platforms to create cloud-agnostic architecture, write code, and automate deployments to their target cloud(s) while performing relevant testing and security validations.

Work out the outcome you want to deliver

Many startups follow a “build and fix model” for cloud infrastructure. That’s because startup developers pick the first tool they see and then the company is tied down (due to licenses or tight coupling). Or they take someone’s recommendation, which may not be optimal in terms of how it interacts with other cloud layers. Then the lack of proper analysis and experimentation of available tools leads to awkward trade-offs and undesirable business blockages.

Choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: A beginner’s guide by Ram Iyer originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 15:50:02 +0300 JoriPress
Meta fails in bid to be removed as a party from an exploitation lawsuit against it and moderation partner Sama in Kenya More drama is afoot for Facebook’s parent company Meta on the African continent. A Kenyan court today rejected Meta’s request to be removed as party in a lawsuit filed last year against it and Sama, its main subcontractor for content moderation in Africa. Together, the two are being accused of exploitation and union busting.

Meta had sought to distance itself from the case, claiming that it’s a foreign company doing business in Kenya, and that it contracts with Sama but is not an operating business in Kenya itself. However, a ruling today from Jacob Kariuki, Kenya’s employment and labour relations court judge, determined that Meta will remain as a party in the case.

“The second and third respondents’ names [Meta Platforms Inc and Meta platforms Ireland Ltd] shall not be struck out at this stage,” the judge said during the ruling today. “The notice of motion is disallowed.” It appears that, even though Meta is not incorporated in Kenya, some aspects of how it operates in the country make it liable regardless. The full ruling is due to be published today or tomorrow.

Meta and Sama are being sued in Kenya by Daniel Motaung, a South African national, who is claiming forced labor, exploitation, human trafficking, unfair labor relations, union busting and failure to provide “adequate” mental health and psychosocial support. Motaung was allegedly laid off for organizing a 2019 strike and trying to unionize Sama’s employees.

After the case was filed, Meta requested to be struck off the suit, citing that it’s not incorporated in the East African country, and that Motaung was not its employee but Sama’s.

Sama’s moderators provide content moderation services Meta’s platforms — which include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp — to remove content that promotes hate, misinformation and violence. Other customers of Sama’s include OpenAI, which has contracted with Sama for workers in Kenya to help label toxic and violent content in the development of its ChatGPT generative AI chatbot.

To complicate matters, in the wake of the suit, Sama said in January that it would be closing its content moderation hub in Kenya, citing the need to streamline operations.

This is a developing story.

Meta fails in bid to be removed as a party from an exploitation lawsuit against it and moderation partner Sama in Kenya by Annie Njanja originally published on TechCrunch

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 15:50:02 +0300 JoriPress
Yasin Nasser: Machakos rally offered many lessons

2023 African Rally Championship contender Yasin Nasser took his Ford Fiesta Rally2 to its debut outing in Kenya’s rally season opener in Machakos over the weekend.

And after a couple of kilometres in, the former Uganda champion admits there is plenty to learn about the car.

With Joseph Kamya in the cockpit, the crew completed the 155.27km competitive distance in fourth position overall.

“Coming to Machakos was the best decision. It proved to me, there is still a lot to learn with this Ford, in both aligning my driving skills and also the technical part.

“We were so challenged with the first loop of the event. Many things happened. But after service and a few settings were done, we saw progress in the pace and had a good feeling of the car,” said Yasin.

Yasin Nasser and Joseph Kamya | Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

The Moil Rally Team is now looking forward to giving the Fiesta another outing in the home season opener this weekend in Mbarara.

“After Machakos rally, I plan to take part in every event that comes my way. That is the only way I will adapt quickly to the car.

“The main focus this year is ARC, but I realised there is more to do to feel comfortable to compete. And I will give myself time to get there,” he added.

Jeremiah Wahome | Credit: Innocent Mutaawe

Meanwhile, Jeremiah Wahome clinched the Machakos rally victory followed by McRae Kimathi with Jasmeet Chana sealing the podium positions.

The post Yasin Nasser: Machakos rally offered many lessons appeared first on Kawowo Sports.

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Kyrie Irving moves to the Mavericks in Blockbuster Trade Kyrie Irving moves to the Mavericks in Blockbuster Trade - originally posted on

Kyrie Irving has completed a move to the Dallas Mavericks just before the trade deadline day in a blockbuster deal that includes three other players as well as picks.

Full Trade Details

Brooklyn receives: 

  • Spencer Dinwiddie
  • Dorian Finney-Smith
  • 2027 second-round pick
  • 2029 first-round pick (unprotected)
  • 2029 second round-pick

Dallas receives:

  • Kyrie Irving
  • Markieff Morris

The biggest move of the year so far sees Kyrie move to Dallas (along with Markieff Morris) to link up with fellow all star candidate Luka Doncic in exchange for three picks and two players from the Mavericks.

The deal comes just days after Irving requested a move away from the Nets, with the guard not playing in Brooklyn’s win against the Wizards at the weekend through a reported injury.

Although Kyrie has been one of the best players at the Nets since he signed with his childhood side, the stars time in Brooklyn has been full of controversy from start to end and a trade away to Dallas marks a fresh start for the 30-year old.

Irving missed almost the entire home schedule last year after refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine and on top of that received an eight-game ban earlier this season for a controversial Twitter post, with his teammates stating that Kyrie failed to “unequivocally say he has no antisemitic beliefs”.

With all the controversy and bans, Kyrie ended up playing 143 games for the Nets over a three season period and linked up with Kevin Durant for just 74 of those games since Summer of 2019.

Kyrie is averaging 27.1 points, 5.3 assists and 5.1 rebounds this season and will combine with the ever unstoppable Doncic in Dallas to provide a potential Championship winning side.

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Concerns Grow Over Steph Curry Injury Ahead Of All&Star Game Concerns Grow Over Steph Curry Injury Ahead Of All-Star Game - originally posted on

With the All-Star game fast approaching, new injury concerns have come to light after Steph Curry was forced to leave the Warriors match on Sunday with ligament damage.

The Warriors star has been in his usual ridiculous form so far this season, averaging 29.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game and it was no surprise therefore that Curry was selected for his ninth All-Star game of his career.

Curry may not get to play in his ninth All-Star game this season however, after the Warriors superstar picked up an injury against the Mavericks that forced him down the tunnel before the game was up.

The injury to Curry’s leg is a repeated one, as he chose to play on through the pain against the Nuggets at the end of last week. The game against Dallas proved to be a step too far for Curry however, as an MRI scan revealed that he suffered “partial tears to his superior tibiofibular ligaments and interosseous membrane as well as a contusion to his lower leg.”

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke to the media about Curry’s injury post match and things seem as bad as they look for the 34-year old.

“I didn’t know those ligaments existed, I think the main thing is he’s going to be out for a little bit. We’re going to reevaluate in a few days.”

“The good news is, he’s going to be back, we don’t exactly know when, but it’s not an injury that’s going to keep him out for the season. He’s going to come back this season and, hopefully, sooner rather than later.”

Despite the positive words from head coach Steve Kerr, Curry is now expected to miss several weeks with his leg injury which could cause a serious blow to the Warriors’ playoff hopes as well as Curry’s own hopes of playing in yet another All-Star game.

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1xBet Promo Code Uganda: Get 330% up to 1,375,000 UGX Bookmakers provide promo codes that usually go hand in hand with specific promotional offers. 1xBet is not an exception, as the betting platform often features various promo code offers.

Right now, the 1xBet promo code Uganda that is on offer is MAXSPORT, and you can use it when registering an account with the operator. The table below will give you more insights into the bonus offers.

1xBet Bonus OfferPromotion Details1xBet Promo Code
Sports Welcome Bonus330% up to 1 375 000 UGXMAXSPORT
Casino Welcome BonusUp to 1500 EUR + 150 FSNo code needed

Terms and Conditions of the Sports Bonus Offer

As it is common for every bonus offer, you need to meet certain terms and conditions to get the first deposit bonus.

  • First, you have to register an account on 1xBet Uganda and be at least the legal age of 25.
  • You will need to apply the 1xBet promo code Uganda MAXSPORT on the signup form. 
  • The bonus is only valid for 30 days after registration.
  • The minimum deposit amount to claim the bonus is 4000 UGX, and you have to agree to receive a sports betting bonus.
  • To use the bonus, you need to wager half of the 200% bonus 5 times on pre-match or live accumulator games. However, each accumulator needs to have at least 3 selections or more. Furthermore, a minimum of three of the selections will need to have a 1.40 odds or higher. You must then wager the second half of the bonus 30 times on 1xGames.
  • For the 250% welcome offer, you have to wager half of the bonus 10 times on pre-match or live accumulator games. However, each accumulator must have at least 3 selections or more. Furthermore, a minimum of three of the selections must have a 1.40 odds or higher. You must then wager the second half of the bonus 35 times on 1xGames.

How to Claim the 1xBet Bonus?

Claiming the 1xBet bonus is quite simple, and all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the 1xBet Website.

Visit the bookmaker’s website through your desktop or phone browser, and mobile app.

  1. Register an Account.

Click the “Registration” icon at the top of the homepage and enter your details in the form.

  1. Enter the Promo Code for Uganda.

Enter the 1xBet promo code Uganda “MAXSPORT” in the appropriate field.

  1. Deposit Funds into your Account.

Before claiming the bonus, you need to deposit funds into your newly-created account. On depositing, you will be able to get the welcome bonus as required as long as you have met all the bonus terms, including placing the minimum eligible deposit.


1xbet promo code uganda on registration form

1xBet Uganda Casino Welcome Package

Apart from the sports welcome bonus 1xBet offers, bettors can also claim the casino welcome package. When you register an account, you can claim a bonus on your first four deposits up to an equivalent of 1500 EUR and 150 FS.

Deposit Bonus DetailsRequirements 
First Deposit 100% bonus of up to 300 EUR and 30 FS10 EUR deposit 
Second Deposit 50% bonus of up to 350 EUR and 35 FS15 EUR deposit
Third Deposit 25% bonus of up to 400 EUR and 40 FS15 EUR deposit
Fourth Deposit 25% bonus of up to 450 EUR and 45 FS15 EUR deposit

You will need to activate your phone number to receive the free spins. Also, you must agree to receive a casino bonus on the deposit page or your account settings page before you deposit into your account.

Eligible Payment Methods

1xBet provides some of the best payment methods you can use to redeem your bonus code. Here are the deposit methods you will find on the bookmaker.

  • Bank Cards like Visa Card and MasterCard
  • E-Wallets such as Skrill, Perfect Money, Sticpay, etc.
  • 1xBet Cash at the 1xBet shop
  • Payment systems like ecoPayz
  • Cryptocurrency

Reasons to Sign up with 1xBet Promo Code

Of course, there are many reasons for joining this brand and applying the 1xBet promo code Uganda. Here are some of them.

  • Sports betting markets
  • Casino games
  • Live betting and live streaming
  • Mobile app


It is a no-brainer that using the 1xBet promo code Uganda will set you up for a top betting experience on the platform. You will be able to access all the other features of the website, including the sports, casino, and live betting sections. Bettors can also use various payment methods available to deposit and withdraw their returns.

To wrap up the guide, here are some of the pros and cons of 1xBet.

✔ Available welcome bonus offers❌ The wagering requirements of the bonus could be difficult to meet
✔ Various payment methods
✔ Easy registration process


You are now familiar with how to use the operator’s bonus code at registration, what the 1xBet bonus for new players entails, and lots more. You can also check out the questions below to get more insight into the guide.

???? What is the promo code for 1xBet in Uganda?

The 1xBet promo code Uganda that is available at present is MAXSPORT. Ensure you enter this code when registering an account.

???? Does 1xBet offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, 1xBet offers a welcome bonus for sports. New users can get a 330% first deposit bonus up to 1,375,000 UGX (T&Cs apply). There is also the casino welcome bonus up for grabs.

✅ Is 1xBet Legit?

Indeed. 1xBet is a legit bookmaker in Uganda. The sports betting platform is owned and operated by Advanced Gaming Limited, and it is legal and licensed by the National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board of the Republic of Uganda. 

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Devante Adams on trying to recruit Aaron Rodgers: “Wishful thinking, but we’ll see what happens.” Devante Adams on trying to recruit Aaron Rodgers: “Wishful thinking, but we’ll see what happens.” - originally posted on

Devante Adams has already stepped in to try and recruit former teammate Aaron Rodgers to the Raiders for next season, as the rumours continue to circle around the Packers QB.

Aaron Rodgers has made it clear that he is still uncertain on his future in the NFL after this season, as the veteran QB considers retirement, a new team or returning to the Packers for another season.

“I need to get away and contemplate those things. Those are real to me. I have a lot of pride in what I’ve accomplished in this league, but I’m also a realist and I understand where we are as a team.”

One former teammate who is keen on a reunion with Rodgers is Devante Adams and the Raiders wide receiver gave a simple but sweet pitch when asked why Rodgers should come to Las Vegas this Summer:

“That I’m here. I think that’s a pretty good one [pitch].”

Adams spoke to the media after the 2023 Pro Bowl on Sunday and when he was questioned if he had attempted to recruit the QB ahead of next season the WR’s eyes lit up.

“Duh. Why would anybody not do that. I mean 100 percent, that’s my guy. Wishful thinking, but we’ll see what happens.

“Would I be interested in having Aaron Rodgers throw to me? Yes. I would love that. … I would love to have that, and obviously, that would be a dream scenario. One that I’m very familiar with.”

Rodgers and Adams played together in Green Bay for eight years and the duo enjoyed plenty of success with the Packers as they combined for a total of 68 touchdowns together, Adams also eclipsed the franchise’s single-season receiving yards mark (1,553) in 2021 when receiving throws from Rodgers.

Although it may only be wishful thinking at this stage, there is very much a possibility that Rodgers could play alongside friend and former teammate Devante Adams at the Raiders next season.

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Kojja Kitonsa gifts wife brand ride after giving birth

Renowned traditional healer Kojja Kitonsa gifted his second wife, Sumaya a brand new ride after welcoming their new bundle of joy over the weekend.

The overjoyed Kojja Kitonsa who couldn’t hold back his excitement announced the arrival of their baby girl by inviting journalists to accompany him as he blessed his wife with a Toyota Harrier.

He thanked her for making him a father again.

The new bundle of joy came to life a few days before their second marriage anniversary which takes place on the 14th of February.

His wife gave birth normally at Sebbi hospital.

Also Read: Kojja Kitonsa dumped by first wife Ssenga Namatovu, gets married to Ronnie

The baby and mom are both in fine shape and based on the reports we gathered, they were discharged from the hospital and are apparently at home.

Upon gifting his wife with a brand new ride, Kojja Kitonsa advised men to always gift their wives with goodies depending on their financial abilities so that they feel loved whenever they do good for them.

Before welcoming their baby, Mr. Kitonsa first painted social media with their pregnancy photoshoot where Sumaya was decked in an all-red outfit whereas Kitonsa was clad in a red T-shirt and black pair of trousers.

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When my dad was sick, I started Googling grief. Then I couldn’t escape it. I’ve always been a super-Googler, coping with uncertainty by trying to learn as much as I can about whatever might be coming. That included my father’s throat cancer. Initially I focused on the purely medical. I endeavored to learn as much as I could about molecular biomarkers, transoral robotic surgeries, and the functional anatomy of the epiglottis. 

Then, as grief started to become a likely scenario, it too got the same treatment. It seemed that one of the pillars of my life, my dad, was about to fall, and I grew obsessed with trying to understand and prepare for that. 

I am a mostly visual thinker, and thoughts pose as scenes in the theater of my mind. When my many supportive family members, friends, and colleagues asked how I was doing, I’d see myself on a cliff, transfixed by an omniscient fog just past its edge. I’m there on the brink, with my parents and sisters, searching for a way down. In the scene, there is no sound or urgency and I am waiting for it to swallow me. I’m searching for shapes and navigational clues, but it’s so huge and gray and boundless. 

I wanted to take that fog and put it under a microscope. I started Googling the stages of grief, and books and academic research about loss, from the app on my iPhone, perusing personal disaster while I waited for coffee or watched Netflix. How will it feel? How will I manage it?

I started, intentionally and unintentionally, consuming people’s experiences of grief and tragedy through Instagram videos, various newsfeeds, and Twitter testimonials. It was as if the internet secretly teamed up with my compulsions and started indulging my own worst fantasies; the algorithms were a sort of priest, offering confession and communion. 

Yet with every search and click, I inadvertently created a sticky web of digital grief. Ultimately, it would prove nearly impossible to untangle myself. My mournful digital life was preserved in amber by the pernicious personalized algorithms that had deftly observed my mental preoccupations and offered me ever more cancer and loss. 

I got out—eventually. But why is it so hard to unsubscribe from and opt out of content that we don’t want, even when it’s harmful to us? 

I’m well aware of the power of algorithms—I’ve written about the mental-health impact of Instagram filters, the polarizing effect of Big Tech’s infatuation with engagement, and the strange ways that advertisers target specific audiences. But in my haze of panic and searching, I initially felt that my algorithms were a force for good. (Yes, I’m calling them “my” algorithms, because while I realize the code is uniform, the output is so intensely personal that they feel like mine.) They seemed to be working with me, helping me find stories of people managing tragedy, making me feel less alone and more capable. 

In my haze of panic and searching, I initially felt that my algorithms were a force for good. They seemed to be working with me, making me feel less alone and more capable. 

In reality, I was intimately and intensely experiencing the effects of an advertising-driven internet, which Ethan Zuckerman, the renowned internet ethicist and professor of public policy, information, and communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, famously called “the Internet’s Original Sin” in a 2014 Atlantic piece. In the story, he explained the advertising model that brings revenue to content sites that are most equipped to target the right audience at the right time and at scale. This, of course, requires “moving deeper into the world of surveillance,” he wrote. This incentive structure is now known as “surveillance capitalism.” 

Understanding how exactly to maximize the engagement of each user on a platform is the formula for revenue, and it’s the foundation for the current economic model of the web. 

In principle, most ad targeting still exploits basic methods like segmentation, where people grouped by characteristics such as gender, age, and location are served content akin to what others in their group have engaged with or liked. 

But in the eight and half years since Zuckerman’s piece, artificial intelligence and the collection of ever more data have made targeting exponentially more personalized and chronic. The rise of machine learning has made it easier to direct content on the basis of digital behavioral data points rather than demographic attributes. These can be “stronger predictors than traditional segmenting,” according to Max Van Kleek, a researcher on human-computer interaction at the University of Oxford. Digital behavior data is also very easy to access and accumulate. The system is incredibly effective at capturing personal data—each click, scroll, and view is documented, measured, and categorized.  

Simply put, the more that Instagram and Amazon and the other various platforms I frequented could entangle me in webs of despair for ever more minutes and hours of my day, the more content and the more ads they could serve me. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re also probably caught in a digital pattern of some kind. These cycles can quickly turn harmful, and I spent months asking experts how we can get more control over rogue algorithms. 

A history of grieving

This story starts at what I mistakenly thought was the end of a marathon—16 months after my dad went to the dentist for a toothache and hours later got a voicemail about cancer. That was really the only day I felt brave. 

The marathon was a 26.2-mile army crawl. By mile 3, all the skin on your elbows is ground up and there’s a paste of pink tissue and gravel on the pavement. It’s bone by mile 10. But after 33 rounds of radiation with chemotherapy, we thought we were at the finish line.  

Then this past summer, my dad’s cancer made a very unlikely comeback, with a vengeance, and it wasn’t clear whether it was treatable. 

Really, the sounds were the worst. The coughing, coughing, choking—Is he breathing? He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing—choking, vomit, cough. Breath.

That was the soundtrack as I started grieving my dad privately, prematurely, and voyeuristically. 

I began reading obituaries from bed in the morning.

The husband of a fellow Notre Dame alumna dropped dead during a morning run. I started checking her Instagram daily, trying to get a closer view. This drew me into #widowjourney and #youngwidow. Soon, Instagram began recommending the accounts of other widows. 

I stayed up all night sometime around Thanksgiving sobbing as I traveled through a rabbit hole about the death of Princess Diana. 

Sometime that month, my Amazon account gained a footer of grief-oriented book recommendations. I was invited to consider The Year of Magical Thinking, Crying in H Mart: A Memoir, and F*ck Death: An Honest Guide to Getting Through Grief Without the Condolences, Sympathy, and Other BS as I shopped for face lotion. 

A friend gently suggested that I could maybe stop examining the fog. “Have you tried looking away?”

Amazon’s website says its advertising recommendations are “based on your interests.” The site explains, “We examine the items you’ve purchased, items you’ve told us you own, and items you’ve rated. We compare your activity on our site with that of other customers, and using this comparison, recommend other items that may interest you in Your Amazon.” (An Amazon spokesperson gave me a similar explanation and told me I could edit my browsing history.)

At some point, I had searched for a book on loss.

Content recommendation algorithms run on methods similar to ad targeting, though each of the major content platforms has its own formula for measuring user engagement and determining which posts are prioritized for different people. And those algorithms change all the time, in part because AI enables them to get better and better, and in part because platforms are trying to prevent users from gaming the system.

Sometimes it’s not even clear what exactly the recommendation algorithms are trying to achieve, says Ranjit Singh, a data and policy researcher at Data & Society, a nonprofit research organization focused on tech governance. “One of the challenges of doing this work is also that in a lot of machine-learning modeling, how the model comes up with the recommendation that it does is something that is even unclear to the people who coded the system,” he says.

This is at least partly why by the time I became aware of the cycle I had created, there was little I could do to quickly get out. All this automation makes it harder for individual users and tech companies alike to control and adjust the algorithms. It’s much harder to redirect an algorithm when it’s not clear why it’s serving certain content in the first place. 

When personalization becomes toxic

One night, I described my cliff phantasm to a dear friend as she drove me home after dinner. She had tragically lost her own dad. She gently suggested that I could maybe stop examining the fog. “Have you tried looking away?” she asked. 

Perhaps I could fix my gaze on those with me at this lookout and try to appreciate that we had not yet had to walk over the edge.

It was brilliant advice that my therapist agreed with enthusiastically. 

I committed to creating more memories at present with my family rather than spending so much time alone wallowing in what might come. I struck up conversations with my dad and told him stories I hadn’t before. 

I tried hard to bypass triggering stories on my feeds and regain focus when I started going down a rabbit hole. I stopped checking for updates from the widows and widowers I had grown attached to. I unfollowed them along with other content I knew was unhealthy.

But the more I tried to avoid it, the more it came to me. No longer a priest, my algorithms had become more like a begging dog. 

My Google mobile app was perhaps the most relentless, as it seemed to insightfully connect all my searching for cancer pathologies to stories of personal loss. In the home screen of my search app, which Google calls “Discover,” a YouTube video imploring me to “Trust God Even When Life Is Hard” would be followed by a Healthline story detailing the symptoms of bladder cancer. 

(As a Google spokesperson explained to me, “Discover helps you find information from high-quality sources about topics you’re interested in. Our systems are not designed to infer sensitive characteristics like health conditions, but sometimes content about these topics could appear in Discover”—I took this to mean that I was not supposed to be seeing the content I was—“and we’re working to make it easier for people to provide direct feedback and have even more control over what they see in their feed.”)

“There’s an assumption the industry makes that personalization is a positive thing,” says Singh. “The reason they collect all of this data is because they want to personalize services so that it’s exactly catered to what you want.” 

But, he cautions, this strategy is informed by two false ideas that are common among people working in the field. The first is that platforms ought to prioritize the individual unit, so that if a person wants to see extreme content, the platform should offer extreme content; the effect of that content on an individual’s health or on broader communities is peripheral. 

“There’s an assumption the industry makes that personalization is a positive thing.” 

The second is that the algorithm is the best judge of what content you actually want to see. 

For me, both assumptions were not just wrong but harmful. Not only were the various algorithms I interacted with no longer trusted mediators, but by the time I realized all my ideation was unhealthy, the web of content I’d been living in was overwhelming.   

I found that the urge to click loss-related prompts was inescapable, and at the same time, the content seemed to be getting more tragic. Next to articles about the midterm elections, I’d see advertisements for stories about someone who died unexpectedly just hours after their wedding and the increase in breast cancer in women under 30. 

“These algorithms can ‘rabbit hole’ users into content that can feel detrimental to their mental health,” says Nina Vasan, the founder and executive director of Brainstorm, a Stanford mental-health lab. “For example, you can feel inundated with information about cancer and grief, and that content can get increasingly emotionally extreme.”

Eventually, I deleted the Instagram and Twitter apps from my phone altogether. I stopped looking at stories suggested by Google. Afterwards, I felt lighter and more present. The fog seemed further out.

The internet doesn’t forget

My dad started to stabilize by early winter, and I began to transition from a state of crisis to one of tentative normalcy (though still largely app-less). I also went back to work, which requires a lot of time online. 

The internet is less forgetful than people; that’s one of its main strengths. But harmful effects of digital permanence have been widely exposed—for example, there’s the detrimental impact that a documented adolescence has on identity as we age. In one particularly memorable essay, Wired’s Lauren Goode wrote about how various apps kept re-upping old photos and wouldn’t let her forget that she was once meant to be a bride after she called off her wedding. 

When I logged back on, my grief-obsessed algorithms were waiting for me with a persistence I had not anticipated. I just wanted them to leave me alone.

As Singh notes, fulfilling that wish raises technical challenges. “At a particular moment of time, this was a good recommendation for me, but it’s not now. So how do I actually make that difference legible to an algorithm or a recommendation system? I believe that it’s an unanswered question,” he says. 

Oxford’s Van Kleek echoes this, explaining that managing upsetting content is a hugely subjective challenge, which makes it hard to deal with technically. “The exposure to a single piece of information can be completely harmless or deeply harmful depending on your experience,” he says. It’s quite hard to deal with that subjectivity when you consider just how much potentially triggering information is on the web.

We don’t have tools of transparency that allow us to understand and manage what we see online, so we make up theories and change our scrolling behavior accordingly. (There’s an entire research field around this behavior, called “algorithmic folk,” which explores all the conjectures we make as we try to decipher the algorithms that sort our digital lives.) 

I supposed not clicking or looking at content centered on trauma and cancer ought to do the trick eventually. I’d scroll quickly past a post about a brain tumor on my Instagram’s “For you” page, as if passing an old acquaintance I was trying to avoid on the street. 

It did not really work. 

“Most of these companies really fiddle with how they define engagement. So it can vary from one time in space to another, depending on how they’re defining it from month to month,” says Robyn Caplan, a social media researcher at Data & Society. 

Many platforms have begun to build in features to give users more control over their recommendations. “There are a lot more mechanisms than we realize,” Caplan adds, though using those tools can be confusing. “You should be able to break free of something that you find negative in your life in online spaces. There are ways that these companies have built that in, to some degree. We don’t always know whether they’re effective or not, or how they work.” Instagram, for instance, allows you to click “Not interested” on suggested posts (though I admit I never tried to do it). A spokesperson for the company also suggested that I adjust the interests in my account settings to better curate my feed.

By this point, I was frustrated that I was having such a hard time moving on. Cancer sucks so much time, emotion, and energy from the lives and families it affects, and my digital space was making it challenging to find balance. While searching Twitter for developments on tech legislation for work, I’d be prompted with stories about a child dying of a rare cancer. 

I resolved to be more aggressive about reshaping my digital life. 

How to better manage your digital space

I started muting and unfollowing accounts on Instagram when I’d scroll pass triggering content, at first tentatively and then vigorously. A spokesperson for Instagram sent over a list of helpful features that I could use, including an option to snooze suggested posts and to turn on reminders to “take a break” after a set period of time on the app. 

I cleared my search history on Google and sought out Twitter accounts related to my professional interests. I adjusted my recommendations on Amazon (Account > Recommendations > Improve your recommendations) and cleared my browsing history. 

I also capitalized on my network of sources—a privilege of my job that few in similar situations would have—and collected a handful of tips from researchers about how to better control rogue algorithms. Some I knew about; others I didn’t. 

Everyone I talked to told me I had been right to assume that it works to stop engaging with content I didn’t want to see, though they emphasized that it takes time. For me, it has taken months. It also has required that I keep exposing myself to harmful content and manage any triggering effects while I do this—a reality that anyone in a similar situation should be aware of. 

Relatedly, experts told me that engaging with content you do want to see is important. Caplan told me she personally asked her friends to tag her and DM her with happy and funny content when her own digital space grew overwhelming. 

“That is one way that we kind of reproduce the things that we experience in our social life into online spaces,” she says. “So if you’re finding that you are depressed and you’re constantly reading sad stories, what do you do? You ask your friends, ‘Oh, what’s a funny show to watch?’”

Another strategy experts mentioned is obfuscation—trying to confuse your algorithm. Tactics include liking and engaging with alternative content, ideally related to topics that the platform might have a plethora of further suggestions—like dogs, gardening, or political news. (I personally chose to engage with accounts related to #DadHumor, which I do not regret.) Singh recommended handing over the account to a friend for a few days with instructions to use it however might be natural for them, which can help you avoid harmful content and also throw off the algorithm. 

You can also hide from your algorithms by using incognito mode or private browsers, or by regularly clearing browsing histories and cookies (this is also just good digital hygiene). I turned off “Personal results” on my Google iPhone app, which helped immensely. 

One of my favorite tips was to “embrace the Finsta,” a reference to fake Instagram accounts. Not only on Instagram but across your digital life, you can make multiple profiles dedicated to different interests or modes. I created multiple Google accounts: one for my personal life, one for professional content, another for medical needs. I now search, correspond, and store information accordingly, which has made me more organized and more comfortable online in general. 

All this is a lot of work and requires a lot of digital savvy, time, and effort from the end user, which in and of itself can be harmful. Even with the right tools, it’s incredibly important to be mindful of how much time you spend online. Research findings are overwhelming at this point: too much time on social media leads to higher rates of depression and anxiety. 

“For most people, studies suggest that spending more than one hour a day on social media can make mental health worse. Overall there is a link between increase in time spent on social media and worsening mental health,” says Stanford’s Vasan. She recommends taking breaks to reset or regularly evaluating how your time spent online is making you feel. 

A clean scan

Cancer does not really end—you just sort of slowly walk out of it, and I am still navigating stickiness across the personal, social, and professional spheres of my life. First you finish treatment. Then you get an initial clean scan. The sores start to close—though the fatigue lasts for years. And you hope for a second clean scan, and another after that. 

The faces of doctors and nurses who carried you every day begin to blur in your memory. Sometime in December, topics like work and weddings started taking up more time than cancer during conversations with friends. 

What I actually want is to control when I look at information about disease, grief, and anxiety.

My dad got a cancer-free scan a few weeks ago. My focus and creativity have mostly returned and I don’t need to take as many breaks. I feel anxiety melting out of my spine in a slow, satisfying drip.

And while my online environment has gotten better, it’s still not perfect. I’m no longer traveling down rabbit holes of tragedy. I’d say some of my apps are cleansed; some are still getting there. The advertisements served to me across the web often still center on cancer or sudden death. But taking an active approach to managing my digital space, as outlined above, has dramatically improved my experience online and my mental health overall. 

Still, I remain surprised at just how harmful and inescapable my algorithms became while I was struggling this fall. Our digital lives are an inseparable part of how we experience the world, but the mechanisms that reinforce our subconscious behaviors or obsessions, like recommendation algorithms, can make our digital experience really destructive. This, of course, can be particularly damaging for people struggling with issues like self-harm or eating disorders—even more so if they’re young. 

With all this in mind, I’m very deliberate these days about what I look at and how. 

What I actually want is to control when I look at information about disease, grief, and anxiety. I’d actually like to be able to read about cancer, at appropriate times, and understand the new research coming out. My dad’s treatment is fairly new and experimental. If he’d gotten the same diagnosis five years ago, it most certainly would have been a death sentence. The field is changing, and I’d like to stay on top of it. And when my parents do pass away, I want to be able to find support online. 

But I won’t do any of it the same way. For a long time, I was relatively dismissive of alternative methods of living online. It seemed burdensome to find new ways of doing everyday things like searching, shopping, and following friends—the power of tech behemoths is largely in the ease they guarantee. 

Indeed, Zuckerman tells me that the challenge now is finding practical substitute digital models that empower users. There are viable options; user control over data and platforms is part of the ethos behind hyped concepts like Web3. Van Kleek says the reignition of the open-source movement in recent years makes him hopeful: increased transparency and collaboration on projects like Mastodon, the burgeoning Twitter alternative, might give less power to the algorithm and more power to the user. 

“I would suggest that it’s not as bad as you fear. Nine years ago, complaining about an advertising-based web was a weird thing to be doing. Now it’s a mainstream complaint,” Zuckerman recently wrote to me in an email. “We just need to channel that dissatisfaction into actual alternatives and change.” 

My biggest digital preoccupation these days is navigating the best way to stay connected with my dad over the phone now that I am back in my apartment 1,200 miles away. Cancer stole the “g” from “Good morning, ball player girl,” his signature greeting, when it took half his tongue. 

I still Google things like “How to clean a feeding tube” and recently watched a YouTube video to refresh my memory of the Heimlich maneuver. But now I use Tor

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Daily Authority: ???? Spring clean that smart home ????  Good day, and welcome to Monday’s edition of the Daily Authority. We finally got a cool, cloudy day in Cape Town, which seems all too rare nowadays. I’ve never been a lover of summer, so the colder weather couldn’t come soon enough for us in the southern hemisphere.

Is your home ready for warmer weather?

A yellow ring on the 5th gen Echo Dot with Clock

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 12:40:02 +0300 JoriPress
Nantege returns to football after 260 days on the sidelines

20th May 2022 is a day that will always recollect in Ronah Regina Nantege’s mind. The emotions of the day that left the forward in tears and fears of an end to her football career are still fresh as if it all happened yesterday.

On the day when her club She Corporate went down the history books, claiming their first FUFA Women Super League title, Nantege who had played a crucial role in the season could not be part of the jubilations, having been rushed to hospital after twisting her ankle midway through the first half in the title decider against Kampala Queens. The Sharks would eventually hold on and the goalless score meant they won the title on goal difference.

Nantege has the anamnesis closer to her heart and mind and visibly emotional about the horrific incident even after recovering.

Ronah Nantege twists her ankle in the game against Kampala Queens (Photo Credit: Bats Images)

“It didn’t feel too bad, it just felt as if I had twisted my ankle. But I went down and all of a sudden I could not get back to my feet. I eventually felt the pain and the next thing I knew, I was on a hospital bed,” she reminisces.

The title goes to the wire

She Corporate had led the table for the larger part of the season but dropped a few points towards the end, giving Kampala Queens a chance in the title race.

Coincidentally, the two teams were facing off on the final day of the 2021/22 season. The hype and build up to the game made it a make or break affair for either side and it is without a shade of doubt the most attended domestic Women Football League game in the country. As early as 2PM, MUBS Arena was full to capacity with majority of the spectators new to the game and had only come to witness the grand season finale that pitted the best two teams of the season.

Fast forward to the agonising moment. Goalkeeper Daphine Nyayenga plays a long pass from a goal kick to find Nantege in the 27th minute. Her first touch is not good and attempts to take control of the ball away from Shamirah Nalugya whose shove in the back makes her lose balance. She steps on top of the ball and twists her left ankle.

From onset, Nantege seemed fine and attempted to get back to her feet. It is at this moment that she realized something unusual.

“I wanted to get back and mark the immediate opponent because it was their (Kampala Queens) throw in but in a flash, I felt a strain of pain in my entire body. I realized my leg had turned and started crying. This was the start of a tough period that saw me stay in hospital for more than a month,” she recollects.

“The fear I had was not being able to play football again but I thank the doctors at St. Catherine who provided both the medication and mental support. I received a lot of support from my team, family and the entire football fraternity and this helped me to go through that dark period.”

Nantege narrates that watching her teammates playing in the CAF Women’s Champions League was heart-rendering.

“I was happy that my team played at that level for the first time and reached the final. But at the same time, I felt sad because I wanted to be part of that history.”

After recovering fully, Nantege returned to action on Sunday, 5th February 2023 as She Corporate won 3-0 against Makerere University WFC.

Ronah Nantege in action against Makerere University WFC (Photo Credit: Sports Lens)

The winger replaced Joanita Ainembabazi who bagged a brace on the day and could not hide her delight after the game.

Ronah Nantege replaces Joanita Ainembabazi (Photo Credit: Sports Lens)

“It was emotional for me to get back. Playing my first competitive game in such a long time was satisfying and I’m hopeful I will get back to my very best in a short period.”

At the time of her return, She Corporate who had a poor run in the first stanza are currently fifth on the table, 15 points behind Leaders Kampala Queens.

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Jose Chameleone says Spice Diana has ‘so much room to improve’ her performance

Jose Chameleone says he was very pleased with Spice Diana’s performance at her mega concert and asks critics to cut her some slack.

On 13th January 2023, Source Management singer Hajarah Namukwaya a.k.a Spice Diana held her first big outdoor concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The size of the stage and setup done by ATS Events caught so many people’s attention and the big turnup crowned a great show for the ‘Sili Regular’ singer.

There were some low points, however, especially to do with her performance. Several critics pointed out how her energy and vocal ability were lacking.

Others further note that the sitting arrangement was quite off, especially for those who sat in the VIP section as it was very far away from the stage.

Jose Chameleone agrees with the latter. He notes that he was seated very far away from the stage and yet he wanted to enjoy the performances quite close.

The Leone Island chief, however, wonders why people are criticizing Spice’s performance because for him, she did her best and he deserves a 98% score overall.

“She might not be as good as Celine Dion but there’s still room for improvement. I give her 98%,” Chameleone said while on an interview on NBS After 5.

“The 2% is because the VIP was very far away from the stage so I wasn’t watching the action closely. It was her very first big show so people need to stop criticizing her,” he added.

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Poll: Are you happy with your phone’s speakers?
Credit: Kris Carlon / Android Authority

Smartphones aren’t built equally, as handsets can vary greatly when it comes to things like the display, horsepower, cameras, and battery capacity. Audio is another area of differentiation, and we’re particularly interested in smartphone speakers for today’s poll.

We want to know whether you’re happy with the speakers on your smartphone. So let us know by answering the question below and leaving a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your choice.

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A hateful good result for Arsenal

Well, well, well. If that wasn’t a turnip for the books yesterday.

Man City could have closed the gap to 2 points with a win over Spurs, but instead they lost as Harry Kane fluked yet another goal. My normal routine of never, ever watching them unless it’s a derby fell by the wayside a little and I turned on for the last 30 minutes.

‘How will they Spurs this up?’, I thought, as I sipped my beer. ‘Which of the many inevitable ways they could let this game slip will come to pass?’

It’s barely a couple of weeks since they went 2-0 up on Man City and ended up losing 4-2, so this was based on practical reality. Instead, they held on for the win, although they seemed to spend more time kicking Jack Grealish than the actual football. I know we have many Danish readers, so no offence to them, but it’s quite something to see Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg play. It’s as if – when they were building the new stadium – they unearthed some DNA stored in a mosquito in amber, and via the wonders of technology and in a low-tech laboratory of some kind with some half-baked scientists, recreated Steffen Freund.

City’s record there is ridiculous. As in bad ridiculous. Five games, five losses, not a single goal scored. Which is actually quite extraordinary. It’s bordering on inexplicable that a team as accomplished as they are has this issue against them, of all teams. Sometimes you just have a bogey ground – and I guess it’s interesting that both City and Arsenal lost this weekend at stadiums they have a poor record at. Arsenal’s last win at Goodison Park was in 2017, City’s last win at White Hart Lane was in October of 2018.

Obviously the reasons for those defeats are based far more on tactics and performance than location, but it’s curious how often it happens. The turnover in personnel at Arsenal in particular means that our Goodison hoodoo shouldn’t be a thing that unduly troubles anyone, but we’re gonna have to wait until next season at the earliest to make it right.

I suppose the most interesting aspect of yesterday is the City performance. Once again they didn’t look quite right. Pep Guardiola has made some pointed comments lately about his players, and anyone who has watched the Premier League in the last few years can see there’s a difference between this City team and the ones that have won the title.

Which isn’t to take anything for granted, or to assume this is what they’ll be like for the rest of this season. Anyone who assumes they can’t just click and go on a run where they win 10 or 12 or 14 games in a row hasn’t been paying attention. They still have that capability, however, it just doesn’t feel as inevitable as it has in the past. That aura isn’t there right now, and perhaps there’s a need for a refresh in terms of playing staff. Maybe beyond.

More and more it feels like the two games between us and them will be pivotal in terms of the destination of the title. From the points on offer to the psychological impact of the results, there’s so much at stake in these games. We can talk about that in more depth down the line, because we’ve got Brentford to prepare for first, but imagine the final whistle next Wednesday evening and Bukayo Saka’s winner has given us three points. Oooof.

Anyway, after saying I’m not going to get ahead of myself, I’m already doing just that. Daydreaming a bit. But hey, that’s allowed. It’s also a bank holiday here today, so I’m gonna leave it there for this morning.

James and I are recording the Arsecast Extra for you later on this morning. Keep an eye out for the call for questions on Twitter @gunnerblog and @arseblog on Twitter with the hashtag #arsecastextra – or if you’re on Arseblog Member on Patreon, leave your question in the #arsecast-extra-questions channel on our Discord server.

We should have the podcast for you around lunchtime. Until then.

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Cindy Sanyu Cries Out Over The ‘Evil People’ In The Music Industry

UMA leader Cinderella ‘Cindy’ Sanyu is not happy with the politics happening within the music industry and she feels like disconnecting with some people is her best getaway from the evils within the music circles.9

Cindy Sanyu has been actively doing music for about two decades (since the Blu*3 days in 2003) and she must have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry.

Lately, however, she believes so much has changed and it is even hard to trust the people you call your friends within the industry.

Early on Monday morning, the mother of two left a message on her social media in which she revealed how staying away from some people would be good for one’s life within the industry.

“I believe you don’t have to be everybody’s friend to succeed. Gwe some people are evil (especially in the music industry) and breaking ties with them might just save your life,” the self-styled King Herself wrote.

“To protect my soul I stay away from many people and that’s how I stay sane and happy. This nonsense of being everyone’s friend is for kids mwana,” she added.

It is not clear what led her to such a revelation but she is not the first celebrity to cry over foul play in the industry.

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Ovni Capital is a new French VC firm backing startups with global ambitions If you’re a French entrepreneur, there’s a new venture capital firm in town. Ovni Capital is announcing a first closing of €50 million ($54 million at today’s exchange rate) for its early-stage fund.

The firm’s two general partners Arnaud Laurent and Augustin Sayer have already invested in several companies in their previous jobs. Laurent has worked with Didier Soucheyre to create XLR Capital and invest in startups like MWM and Onoff. He’s also invested in early-stage startups through WeSprint, a startup accelerator.

Sayer grew up in the U.S. and started his career there. More recently, he was a partner at Newfund Capital where he invested in 22 different startups, such as FairMoney and Umiami.

When it comes to the firm’s investment thesis, Omni Capital wants to back new startups with strong international ambitions from day one. According to the Ovni team, many French entrepreneurs still think about global expansion too late. That’s why the number of unicorns per capita is higher in Berlin or Stockholm than in France.

“Statistically, we also see that French startups are three times more likely to raise a Series B if they take this international approach from the start,” Augustin Sayer said in a statement.

In addition to that focus on startups with foreign employees or startups that communicate internally in English, Ovni Capital will favor deep tech startups instead of platform plays, marketplaces or vertical software-as-a-service products. And the VC firm plans to support entrepreneurs by bringing experts to the board of directors.

Ovni Capital tried to raise money from successful entrepreneurs as much as possible. Overall, the firm managed to convince 50 French tech entrepreneurs to back the fund. If some of them want to get involved in an operational way, they can represent Ovni Capital on the boards of portfolio companies.

The firm plans to invest anything between €250,000 and €2 million in 30 different startups. In some cases, Ovni Capital will be able to invest in follow-on rounds up to €4 million. The first portolio company is Axeptio, a user consent management startup that recently raised €3.5 million from Isai, Evolem and Ovni Capital.

Ovni Capital is a new French VC firm backing startups with global ambitions by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

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Post Series&B, anti&fraud platform SEON acquires AML startup Complytron for a rumoured €2.5M Budapest-based SEON, — an anti-fraud platform which looks at a customer’s ‘digital footprint’ to weed out false accounts and thus prevent fraudulent transactions —  has acquired compliance and AML specialist firm,  Complytron, also based out of Budapest.

Terms of the deal were not officially released, but Techcrunch sources said the deal was in the region of €2.5M, although SEON declined to comment. Complytron had previously raised €257,000 from Budapest-based CVC Hiventures.

Complytron’s co-founder and CEO, Oliver Lebhardt, will join SEON along with co-founder and UX lead, Abris Gryllus. A SEON spokesperson said the acquisition adds AML capabilities to SEON’s fraud-fighting platform, which will enable it to offer a wider raise of anti-fraud and AML services.

SEON competes with Emailage, Iovation, Threatmetrix, but looks heavily at social media accounts to weed out fraudsters. Last year it raised a $94 million Series B funding round led by Silicon Valley-based IVP.

SEON claims the addition of Complytron’s capability means it will be able to eliminate the need for separate searches across different AML databases, such as international sanctions and crime lists, Politically Exposed  Persons (PEP) databases, and watch lists of supervisory authorities and national law enforcement, such as Interpol and the FBI.

In a statement, Tamas Kadar, co-founder and CEO of SEON, commented: “Less than a year on from our $94M Series B, we’re executing on our mission to fight  fraud and combat money laundering… Rather than building an AML solution from the ground up, it made perfect sense for us to acquire Complytron’s extensive and innovative algorithms  and worldwide databases – as well as the expertise of its talented team.”

Lebhardt added: “We’ve watched the SEON story unfold, keeping up with the business alongside its exciting growth trajectory. It’s now great to be a part of the mission, and to play a role in combining fraud prevention and AML tools into a single source.”

As part of the deal, SEON acquires full rights to Complytron’s technologies, as well as the company’s staff, including its dedicated AML team.

SEON was also named the hottest cyber security startup for 2022 by The Europas Awards, held annually.

Post Series-B, anti-fraud platform SEON acquires AML startup Complytron for a rumoured €2.5M by Mike Butcher originally published on TechCrunch

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Apple could soon challenge Samsung with its own ‘Ultra’ iPhone Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max purple back

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Apple is reportedly in discussions to launch an “Ultra” branded iPhone.
  • The device might join the iPhone lineup launching in 2024.
  • It could sit atop the Pro and Pro Max models as the most premium iPhone ever.

Apple is internally discussing adding a higher-end smartphone to the iPhone lineup, as per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This device would sit atop the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models and could launch with the ‘Ultra’ branding, the same as Samsung’s top-of-the-line Galaxy S series flagships.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series doesn’t support Seamless Updates
Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • The Samsung Galaxy S23 series reportedly lacks support for Seamless Updates.
  • This is a more convenient method for installing system updates compared to the conventional process.

Samsung is one of several smartphone brands that haven’t implemented Seamless Updates (also known as A/B updates) on their phones. Unfortunately, it looks like those hoping for the feature on the Galaxy S23 series might be disappointed.

Computer Base journalist Nicolas La Rocco has confirmed on Twitter that the Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular doesn’t support Seamless Updates. Check out the tweet below.

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 09:40:04 +0300 JoriPress
I'm Convinced These 30 Items Will Be the Backbone of My Spring 2023 Wardrobe

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 30 fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

Yesterday was raining and freezing where I live but today is sunny and beautiful (albeit still freezing) and it's put me in a big spring shopping mood. I find that the best way to approach shopping for a new season is to see what basics are missing in my wardrobe and start filling those holes with items that will make getting dressed easier when the new season arrives, so that's what I'm here to do.

For spring 2023, I'm all about classic pieces with a modern twist, and brands have already begun releasing plenty of those for spring, so let's shop. Scroll for my most-wanted spring wardrobe builders. (Maybe if we order some we'll spring to arrive sooner...)  

I insist you click through to see how cute this is on.

It's not a boring black tank top—it's a fun black tank top.

I didn't know that I needed a pair of belted stirrup leggings but now I definitely do.

I predict these will become the most-worn shorts in my closet.

I'm very much into this color combo.

Size up in this for the fashion-girl oversized look.

I would style this exactly like so.

I'll be saving up for this.

I can't wait to wear this with sneakers.

Silver shoes are happening, and this pair is so easy to wear.

This is a great striped shirt, plain and simple.

This color couldn't be more perfect for spring.

I'm really into this color right now and think you should be too.

This is the type of piece you'll reach for on a daily basis.

I found the perfect spring outfit, and it's only $65.

It's spendy, but worth it based on how much you'll wear it.

I'm ready for a lighter wash.

This will look cool under every jacket and button-down you own.

I want this great button-down in every color.

For those spring days when you don't need a jacket but you need something.

This will be great for throwing on under a blazer.

I wear jeans a lot, but I'd ditch them for these.

This is the kind of necklace I'd choose entire outfits around.

I look forward to wearing sheer tights without freezing this spring.

If your size is still in stock, consider yourself lucky.

Spring calls for a new pair of sunglasses.

I'm looking forward to pairing these with pretty spring colors.

The initial reviews on Nordstrom for this new blazer are quite good.

If your goal is looking like you just stepped off of the Miu Miu runway, this one's for you.

Given that silver and cuff bracelets are back, I think I'd be wise to order this.

Next, 30 birthday gifts anyone would love to unwrap.

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Confirmed: Fashion Girls Are Obsessing Over This Boring Yet Chic Basic

If recent runway shows and street style looks are any indication, belts are going to be huge this spring. Normally, we'd be sitting here predicting that they will be the go-to accessory among the fashion set in a few months' time, but the fact is that fashion people are already proving that a simple—some might even say "boring"—belt is the key to a cool outfit right now. With all the outfit inspiration to be had right now, you don’t need to wait until spring actually hits to try out the look—there are plenty of outfits you can start wearing now and there are plenty of interesting ideas for how to wear a belt. 

To provide some inspiration, we looked to fashion girls to see how they’re styling their looks. Whether you layer a belt over a sleek maxi dress or throw one on with basics like trousers and button-down shirts, the following outfits will have you seeing the humble accessory in a whole new light. So, want to see our favorite ways to wear belts right now?

Keep reading to see how fashion girls are styling belt with their outfits, then shop our favorite ones inspired by their looks.

What you'll need: Oversize sweater + relaxed trousers + belt + loafers

What you'll need: Simple maxi dress + studded belt

What you'll need: Button-down shirt + crewneck tee + trousers + metal-hardware belt

What you'll need: Leather jacket + denim maxi skirt + textured belt

What you'll need: Turtleneck + robe coat + trousers + leather belt + loafers

What you'll need: Blazer coat + skinny belt + kitten heels + tights

What you'll need: Button-down shirt + matching trousers + western belt + ankle boots

What you'll need: Button-down shirt + white tank + jeans + wide belt

What you'll need: Simple top + trousers + metal-hardware belt

What you'll need: Sweater + belt + maxi skirt + knee-high boots

What you'll need: Long-sleeve top + long belt + baggy jeans + flats

Next: The Low-Key Cool Way to Style Your Sweaters in 2023

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Where to find Blackburn vs. Wigan on US TV Here are all of the details of where you can watch Blackburn Rovers vs. Wigan Athletic on US television and via legal streaming:
WHO Blackburn Rovers vs. Wigan Athletic
WHAT EFL Championship
WHEN 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT • Monday, February 6, 2023
With ESPN+, you can watch Blackburn Rovers vs. Wigan Athletic and tons more Championship games. With the legal streaming service, you can watch the game on your computer, Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Oculus Go.
Now with ESPN+, you can stream Bundesliga, LaLiga, Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, League Cup, US Open Cup, International Champions Cup, Eredivisie, Sweden’s Allsvenskan, MLS out-of-market games and USL.
ESPN+ is only $9.99/month.
Even better, ESPN is now offering The Disney Bundle that includes ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+ for only $12.99 per month. Not only do you get all of the soccer with ESPN+, but you also get hit movies and TV shows with Hulu AND you get Disney+ that features Star Wars, Marvel movies, Disney movies and shows, films from Pixar and feature documentaries from National Geographic.
In addition to all of the soccer coverage, ESPN+ also includes UFC, MLB, MLS, NHL, select PGA TOUR golf, Top Rank Boxing, cricket and Grand Slam tennis from Wimbledon to the US Open and Australian Open. Plus you get instant access to your favorite college sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, softball and more.
There’s also the daily ESPN FC show, 30 For 30 documentaries, exclusive access to studio programs and more.
Courtesy of World Soccer Talk, download a complimentary copy of The Ultimate Soccer TV And Streaming Guide, which features details on where to watch all of the leagues from around the world on US TV and streaming.
To find out when soccer games are on, download the free Soccer TV Schedules App which includes listings of all of the live soccer matches available in the United States (available on Apple iOS devices and Android devices).
Photo credit: Imago
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The solo GP behind iSeed SEA launches his second fund for Southeast Asia If you follow Southeast Asia funding, you’re probably familiar with iSeed SEA. Some of the startups the fund has invested in since it launched in 2020 include Dat Bike, Skuad and Upmesh. What you might not know, however, is that iSeed SEA is a solo GP fund. Now that solo GP, AngelList alum Wing Vasiksiri, is back with a new fund, called WV Fund II.

The second fund brings Wing Vasiksiri’s total assets under management to $14 million. The core thesis of iSeed SEA and WV Fund II is to close the gap between Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley, since most of Vasiksiri’s network and many of his LPs are in the U.S. This means investing in seed-stage startups from a wide range of sectors, and introducing them to LPs or operators in the U.S., or bringing them onboard as co-investors.

Vasiksiri typically writes checks between $100,000 to $500,000, depending on whether he is the lead investor or not, and the valuation stage of a company.

The 30 startups in Vasiksiri’s portfolio have raised a combined total of over $85 million in follow-on funding from a who’s who of investors, including Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, AlphaJWC, AC Ventures, East Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Openspace Ventures, Monks Hill Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures and MDI Ventures. Some examples of his investments include Humble, HD, Virtual Internships, Mio, Delos, Staffinc, Rukita and TCC.

Investors in Vasiksiri’s second fund include institutional LPs such as Republic Capital, EGR Partners (Elisabeth de Rothschild’s family office), Kamco Invest and Central Pattana. Individual LPs include Duo founder and CEO Dug Song, Albert Wenger and USV managing partner Susan Danziger, Doordash and Square executive Gokul Rajaram, former Airbnb China COO Kum Hong Siew and operators from Dropbox, Discord and Github.

The solo GP model is new to Southeast Asia, but has gained traction in Europe and the U.S., where Elad Gill, Lachy Groom and Josh Buckley are examples of investors running funds on their own.

Vasiksiri told TechCrunch that solo GP funds first started in the U.S. with angel investors who were getting allocations to good deals and proprietary networks, and wanted to institutionalize their investing. So they raised capital from other sources to invest at a larger scale.

Before launching his own funds, Vasiksiri worked in operations at AngelList, where he got close to AngelList India founder Utsav Somani, who now serves as one of his advisors and is the founder of micro-fund iSeed. The two thought about launching AngelList Southeast Asia, but then the pandemic got in the way of their plans. They continued talking to investors and founders, however, and got excited about trends they were seeing in the region. These included a relatively high GDP per capita, a growing middle class and more people coming online. The first generation of startups were going public, including Grab and Bukalapak, and the problem of downstream capital was being solved by funds like Tiger.

Vasiksiri said benefits of a solo GP fund include speed and transparency since he’s the only decision maker and can commit to a round within days, or even hours.

“There are both pros and cons to this model, but I think the biggest pro is the shape of your relationships with founders is drastically different when the relationship is entirely with you. There’s no kind of hierarchy to it,” he said. “You think about a traditional fund, what a founder does is talk to the analyst, the top-tier associate, maybe talk to a partner and then they talk to ICs or GPs. Oftentimes, the founder is telling the same story.”

With a solo GP fund, however, the GP plays all those roles. “You can dig deeper, you can really build up more of an authentic, genuine relationship with the founder by spending more time with them. I think it eliminates the principal/agent problem entirely.”

Another benefit is that a solo GP can relate to the experiences of founders. “I consider myself a founder, too, just instead of starting a company, I started a fund. I think having that high empathy for the entrepreneur journey, thinking through similar things and understanding how hard it is to be a new entrant competing with incumbents in this space.”

Being a solo GP is also helpful when working with other investors because Vasiksiri isn’t fighting to get high allocations and he doesn’t have ownership requirements. This lets him collaborate instead of compete with other funds. “As you scale up your fund, your collaborators and competitors change at every stage of them game,” he said. “I think remaining disciplined and small, this fund size allows me to do things like openly share deals, avoid adverse selection from other funds, and build off other relationships in a win-win way.”

Vasiksiri focuses on Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia as his core markets, and also looks for opportunities in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Vasiksiri is sector agnostic, and instead looks at big contributors to GDP in each country. For example, this include agriculture and aquaculture in Indonesia, so Vasiksiri invests in companies like Delos, a startup developing sensors and other tech to help shrimp farmers increase their yields.

Other areas he’s interested in include fintech, particularly payments and infrastructure, and gaming. “I think Southeast Asia is uniquely positioned for either a big game publisher or a game developer to emerge,” he said. “There are a lot of users here, especially with mobile games, and a lot of players are located in Thailand, the Philippines, a lot of creative talent as well.” Climate tech is also another important sector, since Southeast Asia is expected to become a net importer of natural gas by 2025, and needs to transition to green energy.

While there are only a handful of solo GPs in Southeast Asia, Vasiksiri expects more to emerge as the ecosystem matures, especially as founders of successful startups become angel investors.

“I think a source of solo GPs might emerge it becomes more institutionalized, from writing personal checks to raising funds,” he said. “This is the first generation of solo GPs here and I believe as the ecosystem matures, we’ll see a lot more.”

The solo GP behind iSeed SEA launches his second fund for Southeast Asia by Catherine Shu originally published on TechCrunch

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Grammys 2023: Beyoncé Breaks Grammy Record With 32 Wins

At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé made history as the artist with the most Grammy wins of all time, surpassing the previous record with her 32nd award.

This win came for her album “Renaissance,” which was recognized for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

Beyoncé Accepts 32nd Grammy Award For ‘Best Dance/Electronic Album’

In her acceptance speech, Beyoncé thanked God, her late Uncle Johnny, her parents, her husband Jay Z and children, and the queer community “for your love and for inventing the genre.”

“I’m trying not to be too emotional and I’m trying to just receive this night,” she said, after breaking the record a little more than two hours into the main telecast. “I want to thank God for protecting me. … I’d like to thank my uncle Johnny, who’s not here, but he’s here in spirit.”



The singer thanked her parents, husband and three children before including her queer supporters.


“I’d like to thank the queer community for your love and for inventing this genre.”


Beyoncé Wins Grammy For “Cuff It” Before Breaking Record

Earlier, when Beyoncé won for “Cuff It” in her absence, jokes were made by the host Trevor Noah about her not being present yet, attributing it to L.A. traffic. The award for Best R&B Song was presented without Beyoncé in attendance, about 30 minutes into the telecast.

The-Dream, who co-wrote and co-produced the song, made a humorous comment about “CP time” at the podium, which was edited for broadcast. Nile Rodgers, who played on the track, also briefly spoke at the podium, uncensored.

Beyoncé’s 32 Grammy Awards solidify her place as the most decorated Grammy artist of all time, a title that has earned her recognition as the Grammys GOAT (Greatest of All Time).


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Black Star Masanafu Football Club concludes successful tour in Ethiopia

Black Star Masanafu warm up games in Ethiopia:

  • Fasil Kanema 2-1 Black Star Masanafu
  • Ethiopian Insurance 1-2 Black Star Masanafu
  • Hawassa City 0-0 Black Star Masanafu
  • Wolaita Dicha 1-3 Black Star Masanafu

Uganda’s third division side Black Star Masanafu Football Club concluded a successful tour in Ethiopia.

Led by their president, Tonnie Kaleja, the club won two of the four build up matches played in the horn of Africa nation.

They recorded victories over Ethiopian Insurance (2-1) and Wolaita Dicha (3-1), drew once (goalless with Hawassa City) and lost one game to Fasil Kanema (1-2).

Club president Tonnie Kaleja and head coach Muhammadi Ssenfuma upon arrival at the Bole International airport in Addis Ababa

Against Wolaita Dicha, Black Star Masanafu scored through towering midfielder Solomon Wafula (brace) and Jordan Ariaka.

Wafula was also on the score-sheet in the 2-1 victory over Ethiopian Insurance.

Ambrose Kigozi had the other goal for the Ugandan side coached by Muhamadi Ssenfuma.

Steven Ategeka scored the consolation in their 1-2 slip to giants Fasil Kanema.

Yasser Mugerwa against Hawasa City
Solomon Wafula against Hawassa City

Black Star Masanafu traveled with a couple of tried and tested players as vastly experienced goalkeeper Brian “Ziggi” Bwete, former URA, KCCA, St George, Fasil Kanema and Orlando Pirates midfielder Yasser Mugerwa, Ambrose Kigozi (formerly at KCCA), Solomon Wafula (Impala Hills), Farouk Musisi (Arua Hill) among others.

The club established important contacts that will stem cordial working relationships going forward (business-wise).

The Black Star Masanafu team that faced Fasil Kanema

They are due to return home on Tuesday, 7th February 2023 in preparation for the second round of the Kampala regional league (third tier) in the Scorpion group.

Black Star Masanafu currently leads the Scorpion cluster with 29 points after nine victories, a draw and loss apiece.

The stalemate was with Sparta 09 whilst the only loss came at the hands of former Uganda Premier League side Proline Football Club.

Farouk Musisi against Fasil Kanema

Black Star Masanafu traveling squad:

Brian Bwete (Goalkeeper), Yasser Mugerwa, Ibrahim Lubinga, Patrick Serunjogi, Umaru Niyonshima, Ambrose Kigozi, Farouk Matovu, Jordan Ariaka, Isa Kisuule, Solomon Wafula, Farouk Musisi, Stephen Ategeka, Nicholas Kaweesa, Martin Mugabi, Dan Kajubi, Fahad Kabajja

Head coach: Muhammadi Ssenfuma

Head coach Muhamadi Ssenfuma issues instructions to a player

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Olivia Rodrigo Stuns in a Sheer Dress on the Grammys Red Carpet

It's brutal out here… for all the fashion girls who don't own sheer dresses because they are going to sell out everywhere after Olivia Rodrigo's latest red carpet outfit.

The "Good 4 U"singer is the latest It girl to try the sheer dress trend, and honestly, she takes the cake. Gen Z's favorite rock princess wore a see-through slip dress accessorized by a black bralette and minimal jewelry courtesy of Tiffany & Co. Rodrigo, who won three Grammy awards at last year's festivities, chose a more laid-back, Gen Z vibe that perfectly captures her style essence. And, thankfully for us, it's beyond easy to replicate.

Rodrigo wearing Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

While Rodrigo's red carpet look is much more casual, her look debut Grammys gown last year still remains one of our favorites, which incorporated opera gloves, pink detailing, and a corset-style gown attributed to late designer Vivienne Westwood. While the singer is known for making every trend under the sun look superb (yes, even skinny jeans), her latest sheer dress ensemble is the winner of the night in my book.

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Grammys 2023: Quavo Performs Emotional Tribute To Late Nephew Takeoff— ‘See You In Heaven’

Quavo poured his soul into a Grammys dedication to Takeoff and more lives lost in the music industry in 2022.

The 31-year-old musician performed a tribute to his nephew and late band member from The Migos, Takeoff, at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony.

The rapper performed a version of his tribute song “Without You,” which reflects on the loss of his former collaborator. He was accompanied by the Maverick City Music choir which helped him sing out emotionally;

Out in the galaxy, up in the stars
Over the universe, it’s bigger than Mars
See you in Heaven, see you in Heaven
When I see you in Heaven, I’ma be with my dawg

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Quavo Holds Up Takeoff’s Chain On Stage At Grammys

The song was released on January 5, with a music video showing Quavo smoking a joint while listening to the track. Quavo expresses his grief over Takeoff’s death in the song and longs for a time machine to have him back.

During the tribute, Quavo held up Takeoff’s chain in the foreground.

He also references their brief collaboration with the line “Unc and Phew until infinity.”

Takeoff was tragically killed on November 1, 2022, at the age of 28, at a Houston venue named 810 Billiards & Bowling. He was with Quavo at the time of the incident, which involved a altercation that resulted in shots being fired.

Takeoff suffered gunshot wounds to his head, torso, and arm, and was pronounced dead at the scene at 2:30 a.m.

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Kacey Musgraves' Grammys Red Carpet Outfit Proves Barbiecore Is Still So in RN

If there's one thing about 2022 we can all agree on, it's that it was the year of Barbie pink. Thanks to Valentino's PP Pink fantasy and Greta Gerwig's upcoming film about the American toy, Barbiecore was everywhere, and according to Kacey Musgraves, it's not a trend just reserved for last year. 

Tonight, the country singer wore a bubblegum-colored catsuit complete with a matching feathered cape on the 2023 Grammys red carpet. The Valentino ensemble—accented by Stuart Weitzman pumps, and Nicole Rose jewelry—was more than just a celebration of 2022's most-loved trend, but rather a new take on the iconic color ahead of spring pastels. 

Musgraves wears a Valentino catsuit and cape, Stuart Weitzman shoes, and Nicole Rose jewelry.

The star's makeup and hair were glamorous but minimal, allowing the Pepto Bismol realness to shine through. The six-time Grammy winner's hair was styled in a low, tousled bun by Giovanni Delgado using T3 and Unite products. 

Musgraves is no stranger to the ethereal princess aesthetic, previously relying on her signature whimsical color palette of pink and blues throughout her red carpet looks. Truly, no one else can give us butterflies like she does.

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Doja Cat Absolutely Nailed This Controversial Trend on the Grammys Red Carpet

You'd think wearing eyelashes as a mustache is the most controversial outfit Doja Cat could have worn this year so far, but to no one's surprise, she's shocked us all again. 

The rapper and singer, who's nominated for five awards tonight, stepped out on the Grammys red carpet wearing a high-shine latex gown complete with skin-tight opera gloves and vampy makeup. Her look, orchestrated by none other than Atelier Versace led high priestess of dominatrix dressing herself, Donatella Versace, kicked off the night. Doja Cat, who was no doubt one of the night's most anticipated arrivals, is known for her over-the-top looks and eclectic sense of style (30,000 red crystals—need I say more?) It's dopamine dressing at its finest for the star.

Doja wearing a dress by Atelier Versace and jewelry by Paconesi.

While we can't help but love the tight latex look Doja Cat turned up in, the high-shine style has the internet divided. By all means, latex is sometimes harder to pull off than it is to pull off (in most instances, the fabric is known for its famous appearances in burlesque clubs or high-fashion runways), but personally, I'm solidly in the Team Doja category of this fashion debate. I'm finding myself reaching for my pair of high-power liquid leggings more and more thanks to the newfound legging trend that celebrities have been loving as of late. To no one's surprise, Doja Cat took it to the next level tonight. 

Below, shop the star's look at the 2023 Grammys.

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Live Updates: Stars Hit The Red Carpet At The 2023 GRAMMYs
Doja Cat/Lizzo/Blac Chyna
Doja Cat/Lizzo/Blac Chyna

The 2023 GRAMMYs is finally upon us and we have to spill the tea about the stars who dazzled as they graced the red carpet! Here are our many favorites!


Lizzo is bringing vivid color to the 2023 GRAMMY’s red carpet. The singer rocked a beautiful orange Dolce & Gabbana corset gown, under a matching floral cape. She also arrived decked out in bling, rocking diamond rings on both of her hands.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 05: Lizzo attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards on February 05, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)


Sam Smith

Singer Sam Smith arrived with a full ensemble — from his look to his entourage — when he appeared on the 2023 GRAMMYs red carpet. The “Stay With Me” singer rocked a red masquerade mask and completed his look with a matching, top hat and cane.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is giving cat woman realness and hit the 2023 GRAMMY’s red carpet sporting a black latex, form-hugging gown. The dress is reportedly an Atelier Versace mermaid gown and comes with “matching dramatic gloves,” as reported by Page Six. The star paired off her look with “black curlicue hoop earrings by Panconesi.” And rocked a pitch-black pixie cut and dramatic cat eye.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 05: Doja Cat attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards on February 05, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)


Blac Chyna

Model and socialite Blac Chyna sported a rather unique look this evening.

Miguel & LL Cool J

Singer Miguel rocked a full denim ensemble from his hood, all the way down to his bootstraps — literally! While rapper LL Cool J kept things simple in a beanie, shades, black tie, and grey suit jacket.

Amber Rose, Kandi Burruss, And Big Freedia

Amber Rose pulled up to the 2023 GRAMMYs decked out in an all-black ensemble and accessorized her look with a pair of dark shades, leather gloves, and silver heels. Reality television star Kandi Burruss arrived in a stunning blue gown, accessorized with green embellishments. And rocker her hair in a half-up, half-down style. While Big Freedia arrived on the carpet with a tall blonde updo, glossy black jacket, and graffiti-embellished pants.

Jack Harlow, Pharrell, Harry Styles, And Anderson .Paak

Jack Harlow arrived in a pristine tan suit, sporting a pair of black gloves. While Pharrell kept things chill in a red sweatsuit and gem-encrusted pair of sunglasses. Actor and musician Harry Styles arrived in a colorful ensemble. And rapper Anderson .Paak gave us floral chic with his two-piece suit.