President Museveni to pass-out new recruit warders and wardresses for 2021/22 intake

President Museveni to pass-out new recruit warders and wardresses for 2021/22 intake
Uganda prison Service Commissoner General Dr Johnson Byabashaija

President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, is expected to preside over the pass-out ceremony of Recruit Warders and Wardresses for intake 2021/22 at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Friday - 4th March 2022.

According to the notice from Uganda Prisons Services on 2nd March 2022, the Recruit Warders and Wardresses have completed their training successfully under the motto “A training Responsive to Correctional Needs".

This followed an announcement that was advertised calling upon recruitment exercise who were told to report to the training school.

The Uganda Prisons Service is mandated to provide safe, secure, and humane custody of offenders while placing human rights at the center of their correctional programs.

Meanwhile, Uganda Prisons Service while appearing before the parliament committee assured the august house that Uganda Prisons Service does not condone any form of torturing prisoners because they have a zero-tolerance policy on torture of inmates and that any staff or prisoner who is involved in acts of torture, is immediately handed over to Police for prosecution.

The Committee was assigned by the Deputy Speaker, Anita Among, to start investigations into public concerns about arbitrary arrests, torture, and other forms of human rights violations by security officers.

While appearing before the committee Thursday (February 24, 2022), officials from the Uganda Prisons Service led by the Director of Correctional Services, Samuel Akena, pictured above  admitted that there are several prisoners brought to them when they are not in a good state.


“For us, our mandate is to provide safe custody to the people who are brought to prison. Our mandate is to treat and take good care of those who come with health issues and it is not our concern to find out what happened to them,” he explained.

The committee chairman, Fox Odoi, had asked Uganda Prisons Service to prepare and submit to the committee the list of tortured prisoners.

He also alerted Uganda Prisons Service that they would soon be visiting various detention facilities to interact with inmates.


“I would like to use this meeting to inform you that this committee is going to visit all detention facilities to interact with the inmates to find out if they have experienced any sort of torture from the prisons authorities or other security forces outside the prisons,” Odoi said.

Odoi in picture above (R) emphasized that it is still the responsibility of the prison authorities to investigate cases of torture even if the prisoners were not tortured by the prison warders.