Make money online in Uganda and the whole world with megatypers

How To Earn Money Online With Megatypers Captcha Entry work Work From Home: You Can Easily Earn UGX 740,000 or $200 A Month

Make money online in Uganda and the whole world with megatypers

Work From Home: You Can Easily Earn UGX 740,000/$200 A Month

This Work Called Data Entry: 
 We are providing details for the people who want to work sitting at home and earn dollars to help their family and their own needs.
This work doesn’t require any good knowlegde about computers or any technical stuff, All you need to know to do this job is how to install a few applications, fast internet and good typing speed.
I would suggest please read the full post before doing anything to make sure you are doing it properly.
So, cut the story short and follow these instructions to get started:
    •  1. Get an account on PayPal . IF you are coming from Uganda and you need help getting a working paypal account, then  Email me at for only UGX 25,000.
    • Or and if you want to receive payment via www.Payza.comor Western Union then.      the best payment method is perfect money because this is very fast, secure, and cheap.
    If you are ready to join this typing job, don't forget to use this invitation code FMJO
    Because without it, you will not be allowed register on the website. To register Click here
      • 2. Complete signup process on Megatypers by Click here
      • 3. Please fill up your details Email Address, Password, Name, Payment Type (Can not be changed ).
      • 4. Enter invitation code as FMJO, if it is not already added
      •  5. Enter the captcha image properly and click Register button.
      • 6. The codes updated every week that you need.
    Help:The Best payment option is Perfect money because this is very fast easy secure and its cheap then others, payment options.
    Congratulations now you have this job and you can start the work by logging in to login please click here.
    Please read the details below that will help you get going with this job:


    You can easily type around 1000 captcha in one hour and you will earn $0.85 – $1.25 which is equivalent to UGX4,625 per 1000 entries (depends on peak timings) that is UGX3,700 or $1/hour, so just imagine if you work for 7 hours a day you could earn UGX 25,900 or $7 a day and UGX 740,000 or $200 a month.
    You can earn more by referring your friends by creating an affiliate code in your account and invite them to signup.
    Please avoid typing wrong captcha because if you type wrong captchas your prevision rate will decrease and your account will be suspended.
    Remember chose payement option liberty reserve then you will able to withdraw minimum $3
    Here are some instructions on how to type captcha entries


    • Don’t worry about capital or small letters (case-sensitive letters) you only have to type in lower case.
    • If you see some captcha images which has mathematical question please solve the question and type it for example image is 5 + 4 = then you should type (9).
    • If you get two words in the captcha image please add a space between them to separate two words.
    • Don’t type any special characters you just have to type numbers or alphabets. 

    I wish you good luck with your online job and earnings.
    I will add more tips to help you get the most out of it.

    Is your invitation cod use it when registering on
    Because without the invite code, you are not going to be accepted.