Every word Mikel Arteta just said on Manchester City, Martinelli, Saliba, Runarsson and Guardiola

The Arsenal boss has been speaking to the press after his side's 4-1 defeat to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup

Every word Mikel Arteta just said on Manchester City, Martinelli, Saliba, Runarsson and Guardiola
Mikel Arteta has faced the press after Arsenal's 4-1 defeat to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup. (Image: Sky Sports)

Can you reflect on that, it must be a very difficult defeat to take.

Yeah, a really painful moment again. We started the game conceding really early, a really soft goal and after that in this moment to get through that obviously is difficult.

But the players reacted to be fair and we started to grow as the game was moving forward. We scored a goal, a really good goal and after that I think we were the better team for the next 25 minutes.

But when we have the best moment in the game, we conceded another soft goal and that makes the game even harder.

But still we kept going. We had an open situation we where we can play Laca through. We missed the pass and on that counter, they scored a goal in an offside position and obviously after that moment the game was over.

Pep naturally said some very nice things about you and was very supportive. He also said the game turned on a goalkeeping error, and the third goal was offside. Do you think he’s being kind on you or was that a fair reflection of the game?

Well, I don’t know if he was trying to be kind. Those actions are reality, but that reality as well is the difference between the teams in certain moments, but not for the whole match. But still we lose the game and that is the story of the whole game I think.

Martinelli’s injury is it anything to do with what was wrong with him before or is it something different?

No, no, no, it was just a really bad kick on his shin and it was swelling up, and he was in pain and came off.

That was a terrible mistake from goalkeeper wasn’t it. That was a terrible mistake, it must be difficult for him to come back from that.

It is but we win and lose together. Alex has played other games. We decided to play him tonight for lots of reasons and that’s it. The responsibility is for all of us.

Is there any regret in letting Emi Martinez go?

It’s no point having any regrets or not. There were different reasons why we had to do that transaction. We did it and it’s part of the past. Emi had a really good few months last season. He really helped us and obviously when a goalkeeper makes an error these things are gonna come up.

You made eight changes tonight. Was that through necessity because of the fixtures you’ve got coming up?

It was a combination of the amount of games that some of them have played, some injuries that we have at the moment and players that could not even be involved tonight. And others because there are players who deserved to play.

Gabriel Martinelli came off at the start of the second half, but the way we saw him running and chasing is that an example to some other members of the squad?

Well, I think Gabi has a unique energy and a way to transmit his passion for the game. I think he plays the game in a different way to any other player, we can’t compare him. But what we have to say that it’s great to have him back. To bring that spirit and that fight. And to play against this opponent the way he did it in that first half, I think that it’s something to be really proud and happy with.

He comes off injured, Alex Runarsson’s mistake, there’s an offside goal. Does that just sum up your luck at the moment?

It is what we are fighting against, but we are gonna keep fighting. There is not any other way. It’s a really hard result to take. But as well we have to look at things that can help us for the future, and I have to say for the young players in a really difficult scenario they did really well.

What was the logic for bringing Gabi back out for the second half? Why did you think it was OK to risk him?

Because he was pushing, saying that he was completely fine, that he wanted to carry on and he wanted to try. He had a scar that wasn’t open and he wanted to try so we gave him the possibility to try. And when he wasn’t on the pitch he wasn’t comfortable so it was an easy decision to take him out.

You brought in a few centre halves that haven’t played and there are a lot of question on William Saliba and why he hasn’t played. Why is that?

He cannot be involved because he’s not in the squad.

He’s not in the squad? I was under the impression that he was eligible to play in the EFL games.

No we made the decision with him and we will see what we are going to do in January.

So is the plan to loan him out?

We are talking about it yes.