Unleashing the Power of AI for E-commerce Triumphs During the Holidays

As the holiday shopping season approaches, online retailers are grappling with supply chain issues and product delivery, with AI implementation as a potential solution.

Unleashing the Power of AI for E-commerce Triumphs During the Holidays

For shoppers, this is the perfect time to celebrate the holiday season, and for the e-commerce sector, it is an ideal time to get many reviews. However, during this time of the year, E-commerce stores face problems with understaffed teams, supply chain woes, and changing customer behaviors, which, when combined, create the storm of the century.

As consumer behavior and preferences change every season, e-commerce merchants continuously seek innovative strategies to engage and satisfy their customers. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), with its automation capabilities and data-driven insights, it can upscale this landscape and generate a higher conversion rate.

In this article, we will find out more about how e-commerce merchants can use AI to benefit themselves during this festive season.

Strategies of AI in E-commerce

Customer Support Bots

Human interaction is a brownie point in customer support operations; however, consumers are turning towards AI-driven chatbots to cut down on the time spent waiting for support.

For example, H&M’s Kik bot displays pictures of clothes and asks its users to pick one. In the next step, the bot tries to understand the user’s fashion genre, such as preppy, classic, boho, casual, or grunge. The chatbot further asks users about their style-related questions to build a profile for each user.

Product Recommendations and Fit

Generative AI technology can help you analyze your customers’ previous purchases and browsing data to recommend relevant products by creating customer-centric and personalized recommendations that boost customers’ confidence and trust in buying your products.

For instance, Stitch Fix is a fashion company that went the extra mile with its e-commerce site to provide customized product recommendations for its customers. The customers have to answer a series of questions that help Stitch Fix understand style better. The questions include information about the customer’s styles, body types, and preferences so that the company can create a unique and tailored shopping experience for each individual.

Content Creation and Advertising

Earlier, online retailers used to rely on traditional marketing strategies and a team of copywriters to produce compelling content and create digital campaigns. However, in the past few years, these online retailers have harnessed the power of AI tools to get their work done during holiday seasons. From creating social copies to product descriptions, AI can help generate content with a few clicks and instructions, which can help optimize campaign performance.

Let’s take the example of Shopify store owners using Plumy.

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