How School-industry collaboration has developed skills to meet business needs at Victory School of Beauty & Hospitality Mgt.

How School-industry collaboration has developed skills to meet business needs at Victory School of Beauty & Hospitality Mgt.
Students in a Cosmetology training at Victory School of Beauty & Hospitality Management, Natete, Kampala

With a mission to provide quality hands-on training regardless of education background to eradicate poverty among citizens, Victory School of Beaty and Hospitality Management is committed to improving the labor force’s skill levels, particularly through vocational training where the school meets different industries including cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails, travel and tourism sector, hotels among others.

The quality and relevance of technical and vocational education according to the management of the school is poised to produce skills that respond to the labor market’s demand, and contribute to the economic growth of the students and Uganda at large.

Students of Catering carrying out outside catering services rm the skills gained from the school.

According to the Principal of Victory School of Beaty and Hospitality Management, Raymond Fred Buyinza, said that the school was established to provide courses on competency-based training and active learning focusing on cultivating the core skills and competencies that students will need for their future jobs and life-long development.

He said that the students that will graduate in 2022 will be complete products of active learning that have emphasized students’ engagement rather than teachers’ delivery of the course content and seek to turn students from passive listeners and receptors into active participants fit for specific industries chosen by them.

“We expect to hold our graduation ceremony end of this year with over 80 students who have completed developing programs to produce the skills the labor market needs. Students have gained relevant workplace skills before graduation to address recurrent challenges in society” he said

The practical tailoring class at the Nateete based school

The students at Victory School of Beauty and Hospitality Management are already impacting the community around the school with various skills including catering through providing outside catering services, and others as confirmed by the Director of the school Robert Kasibante (in picture below)

He said that the school is providing opportunities for performing artists to build their careers through practicing and producing their music at the school studios.

“With the availability of equipment and materials, we are providing various services to the community with our students like outside catering services, music production for artists, and other services,” he said.

Last year's cohort of gradautes at the graduation ceremony

One of the students said that “We can learn directly from the school to improve our skills. We provide services and products which help us find out what customers want and how we can meet their demand,”

Victory School of Beauty and Hospitality Management can be accessed at a location in Nateete town, Kampala, between the traffic lights and the Police station. The school is registered by the Ministry Of Education and Sports under License Number: MOES/BTVET/239.

The school is offering training in courses including Cosmetology, Catering and hotel management, Tailoring and fashion, Music, Dance and Drama, Graphics, and Videography among others.

The Vision of the school is t be a leading institute of vocational studies in the great lakes region.