Every word Jose Mourinho said on postponed game, Bielsa, Leeds, January transfers and injuries

Here is what Jose Mourinho had to say in his pre-match press conference as he previewed Saturday's match between Tottenham and Leeds United

Every word Jose Mourinho said on postponed game, Bielsa, Leeds, January transfers and injuries
Jose Mourinho had plenty to say in his press conference as he previewed the Leeds match (Image: MATT DUNHAM/AFP via Getty Images)

How frustrating was Wednesday's postponement?

I don't want to speak too much about it. Just to say that I felt unprofessional but that's the way it is or that's the way it was.

Did it disrupt to any great extent your preparations, your schedule?

Of course, we were preparing ourselves for that match and of course we didn't play and that is disruptive of what is a week of work. The training sessions before that of course they would be different if we were going to play that game.

So people can think good for you because you didn't play, good for me if I didn't play – and I know that I don't play because then I could have a different cycle in the training sessions. But not to play and not to train like we would like in the days before of course doesn't help.

Is it a case of which Leeds will turn up?

I think the Leeds that turns up is the Leeds. Everybody knows the team they are, everybody knows the way they like to play and that's it. I don't think we'll have any surprise in relation to the way they want to play their game.

Is it important that football continues? For the mental health of the nation?

We are in a position where I don't believe opinions matter. For sure, for sure my opinion doesn't matter at all. I think you feel since the beginning of everything that I was always in favour of playing, I was always in favour of making all the possible sacrifices to play.

But when we arrive into a situation that for me is very, very doubtful I prefer not to speak and just to be ready, to be ready. And thinking that tomorrow we're going to play.

Bielsa has lots of disciples like Guardiola but you've won more?

I'm only a disciple of my father and I don't like that situation in football. Even younger coaches, even people that worked with me before, I don't like that: 'Oh, they are a disciple of Jose'. Everyone is an individual with their own ideas, can be influenced by one or another, but in the end what matters is the individual.

And I think to speak about Mr. Bielsa is for people who know him well. I don't know him well. I think he was Athletic Bilbao coach in one of the seasons I was in Real Madrid. Now is the first time we're in the Premier League at the same time. For sure, he has to be a very good coach but I'm not the person to analyse him because I don't know him even personally. I just shook hands a couple of times and that's it.

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Premier League goals dried up in last two or three weeks, why do you think that is?

It's difficult to say, probably a bit of everything. Probably a bit of lack of sharpness in some of the players with more miles in their legs, possibly because the war for points is becoming harder and harder and organisations privileged that security. I honestly don't know what to say.

How do you approach games against Bielsa? Four wins our of four...

I don't play against Mr Bielsa, never. My club played against his club or my team played against his team. I don't like that individual situation because that doesn't exist, for sure. We analyse our opponents, we did that in relation to Fulham. We did that in relation to Leeds.

We know where they are very strong and of course we have to try not to let them export their strengths and at the same time we have to try to play our game. But I don't like that kind of approach.

Will you stick with a back three or go with a back four?

It's a good question because it's a football question but it's the kind of question I'm not going to answer. Of course not. I'm not interested in telling my opponents what we want to do. Honestly.

Harry Kane became a father this week, is that a boost for the squad?

I believe that individually of course, yes. To have a new healthy baby is always good news for every family and in the case of a footballer when there's always the risk for a baby born and you're not around. Twenty four years ago it happened to me. Before the game I was not a father and after the game I was. Everything happened in two hours.

That can create in players a bit of instability, you are with one eye on the ball and with one eye on your house. It's always good news and when a players has that happiness, it's normal that players around feel the same for their friend.

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You started the season well, has anything changed?

Opinions are opinions and I'm used to that, especially because I know who I am, what I am. That's not a new thing for me. It's very rare, especially in a league like the Premier League. In other countries, can happen more but in Premier League it's very difficult to happen.

For example what happened to Liverpool last season and Sheffield United last season, where you consistently go up and up winning matches. It happens with every teams, during the season or you start bad or end bad or have a difficult period in Christmas. Or a difficult moment with injuries, here or there. It's very difficult to be stable in terms of results.

The only thing I want to say that the defeat we had which was at the start of the period of not good results was against Liverpool. The game where we were very close to win the game and never lose it, was the game where after that the results and level of performance went down. Football is also mental. And you're not in control of every item of the game.

I believe we're going to have again good period, where we win matches and score goals, and you look to the other clubs. I'm not to tell their names but if you go to the clubs apart from Aston Villa, who always kept that stability, the other clubs: One was knocked out of Champions League, another one drew two matches in a row, another one lost three matches away from home.

It's difficult for everybody. It's another factor I keep saying: in every club there are very good players, there are players who could play for the top clubs. I could go to every club in the Premier League and chose one or two players to play in my team. I'm not talking about Liverpool or Chelsea, I'm talking about the considered clubs with less potential. That is getting faker. Every game is very difficult, you can win or lose and for me that's very clear. I don't look any more to the dimension of the club, I know every game a club has potential.

Will this season be a fair season?

It's a special season with special circumstances. I think we have to say it's going to be fair, we have to say that as if we don't say that it's better not to be involved. We have to say that. I believe that teams from before the season started it started immediately in a wrong way. To start the season with two clubs having a match in hand is immediately a wrong start. Immediately a wrong start.

Tottenham have not won in four league games 

The season started in August and only in the last week of December we were informed about when these two matches are going to be played. Now it's not about two matches, now it's about many other matches or a few more. Then you go to for example the yellow card accumulation on match 19 you go from five to 10 yellow cards. What is going to happen is that match 19 is not the end of first round because for example when we play match 19 we played against a team twice and didn't play against Fulham one single game.

So there are lots of things that are not right, but again it is what it is. It's what is possible to have and when you say it's fair or not fair, we have to say it's fair.

Do you expect your club to be doing much business in January in terms of ins and outs?

I'm not expecting, no. Times are not easy. the club made a big effort in the summer to try and build a good squad. Honestly, if something good happened to us, it would be a big surprise for me. I don't feel the right to ask for something.

One thing is to analyse, which of course I do, one thing is to analyse and commit to that analyse and to write a report and be committed to that report, which of course of which I did as I have to be professional. Another thing is to demand something which I never do. Another thing is to ask for and I'm not going to ask for anything because I respect the effort the club makes.

Will Lucas and Vinicius be fit for tomorrow?

Yeah, I believe so, I believe they can. Of course today we still have to train still. Training session before a game is always important for these little things, but I think so and I think everything going well and I expect them to be ready.