Every word Frank Lampard said on Mendy, Jorginho future, injuries and Chelsea's future transfers

The Blues face the West Brom on Saturday evening

Every word Frank Lampard said on Mendy, Jorginho future, injuries and Chelsea's future transfers

Edouard Mendy, will he start tomorrow?

"To start tomorrow is not going to happen, he's had a long week where he hasn't really trained, he flew in yesterday and it just feels too tight a turnaround to put him in contention to start the game."

Rudiger, Jorginho, do you expect them to leave in this window?

"I don't expect anything in the window, because they are our players and that's a fact.

"There are lots of rumours about those players and others too, so every player would always be a case-by-case situation, and one that would be a happy solution for the player, for myself and the club.

"Yes we have a big squad we know that, but at the moment the players remain ours and we'll see how things go as the time goes on."

Declan Rice, will you get that deal over the line?

"Again they are rumours, I can't talk about these things, but when players are either ours it's not my position to speculate on what may be, and the same on the other side from players from other clubs the same. I'll continue that way.

"We have a game against West Brom and my biggest thing for me is getting the players ready for that game."

Do you have thoughts on Premier League plan to help out EFL clubs?

"I don't have points thoughts on a specific plan, that's not to mean I don't care or don't have feelings on it, because I voiced those feelings last year.

"I don't think there's anybody in any form of the game, in the Premier League the top of the pyramid or grassroots football, that doesn't want to see this game continue and for clubs not to go under and people not to lose their jobs.

"And that's not just a problem for sport at the moment, so I think there will be some positive action, positive thoughts and that people at the top of the game will make those plans.

"I would certainly support ideas to help any form of grassroots football or sport get the help it needs to stay alive during this tough time.

"And we all will try and club together I suppose."

COVID-19 case, everything seems very fragile right now?

"Yeah I'm certainly aware of that, and we all are here, we're all in this moment.

"If you follow the news, the media it feels in a slightly fragile state.

"I think we're very understanding of that.

"Not a great situation, people are in a much worse situation than we are in our jobs at Chelsea.

"So we'll keep working do the right things."

Will Mendy be the last player in?

"I honestly don't have answers to the speculation of ins or outs going forward."

Tammy Abraham linked up well with Kai Havertz, some difficult decisions to make?

"It gives me a nice problem, to see the way they linked, to see the attributes of Tammy and Kai, to form an understanding albeit in one game.

"But they are the challenges that lie ahead for us, trying to work on those combinations with the newer players we have coming in.

"We also saw Olivier Giroud come on and impact in terms of his goal, but also potentially he could have made two or three very good assists in his period.

"So I need those options, because it's a long season and we need different ways of breaking down teams and I think with the players we've brought in will make us stronger, but also we're working on the combinations with the squad to try to be as clinical as we were against Barnsley."

Christian Pulisic suffered a hamstring injury in the FA Cup final
Christian Pulisic suffered a hamstring injury in the FA Cup final 

Injuries, are Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech fit?

"No Christian isn't ready for the squad tomorrow and nor is Hakim Ziyech but they are both training with us now which is good news. We hope to have them with us in proper match contention over the next week or two."

Chilwell-Thiago Silva impressive?

"I have been very impressed with both Thiago and Ben, both on and off the pitch. They have both added to the dressing room off the pitch in terms of Thiago albeit not speaking the language great but his persona and winning mentality is something that comes across in gestures and actions as opposed to talking at the minute.

"With Ben also, in terms of his character and how quickly he has settled into the dressing room. They have been really big positives for me because I see it day-in, day-out. Then there are the qualities on the pitch which we saw bits of against Barnsley and I am sure and hopeful we will see a lot more of it."

Hard keeping a big squad happy?

"Yes, it is always a tough element of the job at this level because we need a big squad as we are competing on so many levels. Players all want to play week in week out, all you can ask from them is to show the right attitude. That doesn't mean being happy not to play but it does mean an understanding of being part of a group that's trying to do something special. It needs a good mentality throughout the squad over the year.

"Yes, they can be tough moments. In terms of personalities throughout the group, in terms of collective spirit. It is sometimes as important as the smaller details that happen on the pitch. That's what is important and I see positive signs. It is important and crucial."

Are Thiago Silva and Ben Chilwell fit to start?

“I believe they are fit enough to start, but I also have to take into consideration the fact that we play another game with quite a tight turnaround on Tuesday and then another on Saturday, and then some players might play three games for their countries. I am managing that one.

“They came through the game on Wednesday and I think Thiago had 60 minutes in the tank, so that was good to see.

“With Ben I might be a little bit more cautious to see, because his injury has been quite a challenging one.

“I will make their calls, but they are in a good place at the moment.”

Kepa, have you spoken with him since the Mendy announcement yesterday?

“I haven’t spoken to him, no. The announcement came and we trained, but I didn’t see Kepa. I will speak to him and with Willy Caballero over the next 24 hours or so. I have a very open line of communication with both of them.

"It is important with goalkeepers, they have their own small union in the training girl with the nature of how they work together. There is good competition there now, we know that and that’s how we move forward.”

Christian Pulisic out for a while, any longer-term issues with his fitness?

“There is always a concern about players’ fitness when the history says there have been some injuries. Last season we had some with Christian and I was questioned many times on my position on Christian when he in or out of the side and he didn’t play. Of course, when you look at his recent record you are looking to get the right way, the right balance to get the best out of him, which you saw big periods last year and making sure you don’t overcook him and leave him susceptible to injury.

"Particularly when a player has his explosive power and balance, that’s a fine line. We are working on that and Christian is very open to that. He wants to play, he is so hungry to play and he is nearly fit now. But it is certainly we are going to have to manage this season. We have all seen the talent. It’s something we want to get right.

"I am not saying it’s a fundamental, chronic type of an issue. It’s not. But we want to get as many minutes of the really great Christian that we saw lots of last season on the pitch.”