World Data Forum: UBOS unveils new approaches to  enhance use and uptake of statistics. 

UBOS has embedded in the National Statistical System all issues raised in the thematic areas under which the World Data Forum has been organised including: new approaches to capacity building, innovation and synergies across data systems, leaving no one behind, building trust in data, understanding the world through data among others.

World Data Forum: UBOS unveils new approaches to  enhance use and uptake of statistics. 
Executive Director UBOS Dr. Chris Mukiza (middle) with UBOS staff and Development Initiative officials during the opening ceremony of the World Data Forum in Uganda.

As Uganda joins the other National Statistical Officers around the world to celebrate the United Nations World Data Forum 2021, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has urged Ugandan users of statistics to harness the available statistics for evidence based planning,  to guide implementation and monitoring  at all levels. 
Uganda’s participation in the 3rd World Data Forum has been virtual due to the COVID-19 while the event is taking  place in Bern, Switzerland from 3rd to 6th October 2021 attracting data and statistical experts and users from government, civil society, the private sector, philanthropic bodies among others organised  in Uganda by UBOS and Development Initiative. 
During the opening ceremony of the World Data Forum in Uganda held at Sheraton hotel on 4th October 2021, the Executive Director UBOS, Dr. Chris Mukiza said that the  strides made in production and dissemination of Statistics  needs to be followed with increase use and uptake of statistics especially administrative  data to generate indicators to monitor performance of programs while holding leaders accountable. 
“After perfecting production and dissemination we want to enhance use and uptake leaving no one behind” he said

Dr. Chris in interview above highlighted measures  that the bureau is to emphasize including a mapping exercise to ascertain a comprehensive status of characteristics from main economic activities, revise the UBOS act to cater for omissions, changed statistics eco system, and legal aspects, invest in statistics at district level among other measures.
“We need to  strengthen in big administrative data generation at district level to transform the economy from the local level. If we revise the UBOS Act, there shall not be any plan, policy formulation, project investment without use of official statistics” he said. 
He added that the World Data Forum since (WDF) 2017 has continued to offer a platform to share diverse experience in data production, analysis, dissemination, and use aimed at promoting a link for harmonised and evidence based planning to national and international frameworks and improve  national statistical systems.

The physical WDF conference organized by the Swiss government and UN was being held in the federal capital Bern. 
The UN  Secretary General Antonio Guterres  called for reliable data for sustainable development at the opening of the World Data Forum in Bern.
In a video message, in picture above The UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed that timely, open and quality data is more essential than ever. "As we face a cascade of challenges - from Covid-19 to climate emergencies - we rely on data to understand what we are facing, guide our response and track progress," he said.
In line with UBOS's mandate of supervising and coordinating the National Statistical System and collaboration in collaboration with Development Initiative, stakeholders according to the UBOS boss, will tune into the World Data Forum in Bern and use the event to highlight efforts in Uganda Statistical System including best practices, and promoting innovation and capacity building.