Journalists tipped on how to adopt to the new normal era during COVID-19.

Media needs to adopt to new technologies to communicate to the public during and post COVID-19 era.

Journalists tipped  on how to adopt to the new normal era during COVID-19.
WEMECO Members in a group photo after thee roundtable seminar.

Environment journalists under their umbrella organisation Western Media for Environment and Conservation (WEMECO) together with IPEN convened to discuss health, wellness and how to harness alternate income generating ventures to cope up with COVID-19 pandemic.

Journalists were advised to take advantage of the digital era to deliver to their audience which they say have resorted to online avenues of accessing information.

While in a round table held on 2nd December 2021 at Kapa Gardens in Kampala, in above picture WEMECO members shared experience on health and wellness in the  COVID-19, the Executive Director  WEMECO Peter Akugizibwe said that media need at adopt to new technologies while practicing journalism to cope up with new normal setup. 
“Media need to  find new technologies and new ways to survive and deliver their work during and post COVID-19 era” he said

Kazooba Charles while sharing his experience in the pandemic era told members that he resorted to running an online media platform to continue communicating to the public. 
Baaz Waiswa, narrated that when the pandemic clocked in last year, he intensified his online communication on his online media outlet while soliciting for new business to expand his income.

He however said that business was scaled down during the same period which he said had negative effects on the business as a whole.