Ballore’ Logistics will utilize opportunities in the East Africa region to grow imports and exports: Bitature.

Ballore’ Logistics will utilize opportunities in the East Africa region to grow imports and exports: Bitature.
Dr Patrick Bitature hosting Senoir Staff of Ballore and MSC

The Board Chairman of Ballore’ Logistics, Uganda Subsidiary Dr. Patrick Bitature has projected an improved supply chain system for major ports and airport hubs across the east African region with Ballore operations which he said have been tailored to tap into the available opportunities.

The Chairman in picture below, while hosting senior staff from Bollore Africa Logistics in Uganda and MSC, Stanislas de Saint Louvent and Nicolas Sartini respectively said that in the next ten years, Ugandan will witness the important role the logistics company will play in ensuring transport and logistics of imports and exports is realized.

“In the next ten years, Ugandan stories will reverberate throughout the region, and we will have played a significant role in making that happen. It is now time for all of us at Bollore Uganda to see where the rubber hits the road, especially with the many opportunities the country offers us for growth,” he said

He applauded the accommodative nature of Ballore management while in operations.

“When different companies come together and join into one, there usually is friction because of the different cultures, but I'd like to thank the staff for being accommodating and bending over backwards to make sure that everything is smooth” he said

The French-based firm, Ballore Transport and Logistics in Uganda in October 2021 announced the appointment of Patrick Bitature as the chairman of the board for its Uganda subsidiary.

“Patrick has been a trusted advisor to our Board over the years and his proven entrepreneurial acumen and experience will be an asset to our business in Uganda,” said Jason Reynard, regional CEO for East Africa.

In his acceptance speech back then, Bitature said: “I am humbled to be appointed as the Chairman of the Board of what is probably the biggest logistics company in Africa. This has come at this crucial time when Uganda needs a reliable partner as we step up the quantity and quality of our imports and exports. Our imports and exports are increasing as more and more people get interested and invested in our economy.”

Bolloré Logistics is a subsidiary of Bolloré, an independent industrial group that ranks among the world’s top 10 in transport and logistics. Bolloré Transport & Logistics is a major player in international transport and logistics with 35,000 employees in 109 countries. Major international supply chain operator, the company designs and deploys tailored solutions with a strong added value

Patrick Bitature is the founder and chairman of Simba Group of Companies, an East African conglomerate, with interests in telecommunications, Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare products.