Carpet Care Tips

In order for the carpet to last longer and not lose its original appearance over time, you should know several important recommendations, learn more about them in our article

Carpet Care Tips
Carpet Care Tips

A carpet on the floor is an interior item that instantly changes the design of a room, adding warmth and coziness to it. It doesn't matter if you bought it on the market, got it from your grandmother, or it's an ultra-new designer model bought in a specialized salon. Any floor covering requires careful care, we will talk about this later.

Features of carpet care

In order for the floor covering to last longer and not lose its original appearance over time, you should know a few important recommendations:

  • Often there is an instruction manual on the carpet with the type of material and suitable cleaning agents, carefully study the label.

  • 2. The best floor covering is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, but remember that you cannot vacuum against the pile - there is a possibility of damaging the structure of the product.

  • Remove stains as soon as you notice them. The longer the dirt remains on the villi, the more difficult it will be to clean it.

  • Knock out the carpet from the reverse side with a stick with soft rods. This will help maintain a presentable appearance. At the same time, you need to hang the product on a rope so as not to damage the Palas threads.

  • Remember that carpets are stored only in rolls, so if it needs to be removed or transported, do not fold it. Bald spots and dents form at the place of folds, which are quite difficult to get rid of.

  • For long-term storage, woolen floor coverings should be cleaned and dried, then treated with an anti-moth aerosol.

  • To keep your favorite interior item in its proper form, wrap the roll in paper and place it in a plastic bag or cover. Do not lay the carpet on a wet floor and monitor the air flow in the room.

  • The room should be well ventilated so that dust and moisture do not settle on the villi.

How to care for a new carpet

If you have a new carpet in your house, please note that you need to take care of it carefully. Agree, even a designer thing is unlikely to add a sense of comfort and coziness to the interior if it is in an unattractive state.

Carpets usually have a certain amount of "factory fluff" that will disappear over time. Therefore, do not be alarmed if there is a little more garbage. In this case, regular cleaning of the carpet will save, which will help to get rid of loose fibers in the product faster.

A new strip requires cleaning more often than an already used one. But if you decide to carry out a "big wash", be sure to look at the label, which indicates the permitted methods and means for processing lint. In any case, before a full treatment, try applying household chemicals to a small area to see if the product will do any harm.

Carpet made of natural materials: recommendations for care

Floor cloth made of natural materials looks stylish and elegant, but its care should be much more serious. For example, for woven carpets, do not use a vacuum cleaner attachment for carpet coverings, in this case you should change it to a brush for hard floors.

Try not to wash products made of natural fibers. Such things require a special approach, as an option — deep cleaning with foam. The canvas will not get wet, and with the help of foam you will remove dirt and dust. But do not treat the carpet with household chemicals too often, because these products gradually eat away the pile.

Natural carpets woven by hand should be treated with special care and try to choose care products with the safest composition. And it is better to entrust your treasure to professionals, because usually these are antique products, and any careless movement can violate their integrity.