CSOs want increased local govt funding for new administration units to improve performance  

CSOs want increased local govt funding for new administration units to improve performance   
ED CSBAG Juluis Mukunda during a CSO pre-budget dialogue on 25th Jan 2022

As part of the process to have an input in the budget framework paper for FY2022/23, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) have expressed concern over reducing fund allocation to local government despite increasing administration units in Uganda which they say  undermines service delivery to the community.

CSBAG members said the increase in administration units have made it hard for local leaders to implement development project deemed feasible for the  development of the local community.

The Executive Director, Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) Julius Mukunda has expressed dismay over the increasing number of local government administrative units without proportionate increase in the resource envelope.


Speaking during the CSO Pre-budget dialogue in Kampala on Tuuesday 25th January 2022,, Mukunda noted a reduction in local government financing from about Shs 4.5 trillion in the FY 2021/22 to Shs 4.2 trillion in FY 2022/23 despite an increase in local government units to 10 cities, 135 districts, 41 municipalities and recruitment at parish level.


He has also decried the staffing gap within local governments now averaging at 40% of existing approved structures something he has attributed to politicking since in some municipalities positions are vacant as authorities in charge reportedly wait on their relatives to grow up and occupy them.


“There is need to for local government reforms in the local government service delivery. Despite more local government administration units, there is reduction in the local government funding. This Is affecting performance” he said


The CSOs’ Pre-budget dialogue for the financial year 2022/2023 was held under the theme; “Will the budget for the financial year 2022/23 address Economic recovery, inclusive growth and safeguard livelihoods?”


Julius added that pointed out that should there be a need to borrow, focus should be put on foreign loans to avoid high interest rates, hurting the local investor and enjoyinh a long maturity period for loans.

He said that though Growth Development Product (GDP) is growing in terms of value, real growth is growing a slow pace characterized by low budget financing and high interest rates payments.

The Commissioner Budget at Ministry of Finance, Planning and National Development, Mweru Magona said that government is devising measures to reduce supplementary budget which he says distort planning.


“Supplementary budget is a problem because it distorts planned activities” he said

CSBAG is a coalition of 100 CSOs that advocate for prudent public finance management and protection in Uganda.