A Guide to the Queensland Amusement Park: An Unforgettable Experience

Queensland Amusement Park is one of the most famous and wide amusement park in Chennai. Read this blog to know more.

A Guide to the Queensland Amusement Park: An Unforgettable Experience
Guide to the Queensland Amusement Park

The Queensland Amusement Park is very famous and located on the Chennai-Bangalore Highway. This popular amusement park provides people with an exhilarating experience with unlimited attractions. 

You can easily experience rides like Free Fall Tower, Alpen Blitz, and many others. The amusement park is not solely a place where you can experience these rides, rather, you also have the option to enjoy water rides making your visit perfect. So, get ready to know everything about the Queensland amusement park like the Queensland Chennai ticket price

Top Rides and attractions to explore at Queensland Amusement park 

You will be surprised to know that the Queensland amusement park has 51 rides in total which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The park houses 17 adult rides, 18 kids rides, and 16 family rides which will make the trip exhilarating and enthralling for you and your family. 

These are the rides that you can enjoy at Queensland Amusement Park. 

Kids Rides
Child bumper car Trampoline 
Kids taxi  Mini avio 
Swing weight  Ventura river
Carousal  Mini wheel 
Mini fet Mini train 
Dry pool  Cliff hanger 
Thumbrole  Frog slide 
Battery scooter  Mush room 

Adult Rides 
Free fall tower  Octopus 
Alpen Blitz  Roller coaster
Enterprise  Pirata Ship 
Adult bumper car Centrox 
Disco fly  Crazy horses
Go kart  Bumper boat 
Covered Twisters  3 Lane slide
Free fall slides  Half twisters

What is the ticket price at Queensland Chennai Park?

The most important thing that you need to know about the Queensland Chennai tickets as you will not be able to plan your visit to the park without knowing the ticket prices. 

The park offers two different types of tickets: one for adults and the other for children. The adult entry ticket costs Rs 750 whereas the child entry ticket costs Rs 650. You need to plan your visit however strategically, you should also know that all the rides and attractions are included in the ticket prices. People are also requested to pay an additional charge of Rs 50 if they are carrying a camera to the amusement park. 

What are the timings for Queensland Amusement Park?

The park is open 6 days a week as it has its weekly off on Mondays. The timings of the amusement park differ on weekdays and weekends, so you should check the timings before visiting the park. 

Queensland Amusement Park's Timings 
Weekdays  09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
Weekends  09:30 AM – 07:00 PM 


Queensland Amusement Park guarantees a wonderful experience with thrilling rides and water rides.

So, plan your weekend with your family or friends at Queensland Amusement Park.