Exploring the Intersection of AI And IoT

The combination of AI and IoT has the potential to change the business landscape, which is a good reason why leaders must understand them.

Exploring the Intersection of AI And IoT

In today’s digital era, the merge of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has kicked off a tech revolution that tends to reshape numerous industries across the globe with a vision that this transformation helps businesses enhance efficiency and drives innovations at an unprecedented pace.

For a better understanding, IoT is all about an extensive network of connected devices with an embedded sensor that collects and transfers large-scale data that is processed according to the behavior and patterns of the user to make the correct decision at the right time.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that imitates human intelligence and behavior in computer systems, further enhanced by learning and experimenting, to develop new behaviors and skills.

These technologies, together, can solve real-world problems and create new products for businesses to enhance the customer-digital experience. This article explores the opportunities and approaches of AI and IoT that will revolutionize market paradigms.

The Interconnection Between IoT and AI

According to a study by the IBM Global C-Suite Study program, C-level executives have begun to reinvent their businesses through digitizing communications and interactions. They are keenly focused on the benefits of building up the IoT with AI.

If you are an entrepreneur or a C-level leader attempting to grow your business, you cannot ignore this technological shift, as the combination of AI and IoT mainly focuses on redefining customer-focused services and products.

It has been observed that both large companies and startups prefer AI technology, which unleashes the full potential of IoT. Voice-enabled Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa, are interesting examples of a combination of AI technology and IoT-enabled devices.

Numerous vendors, such as Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle, develop IoT platforms and have further implemented AI capabilities into their IoT applications.

Five Skills to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Age of IoT and AI

The scope of implementation and importance of IoT and AI determine the need for qualified IT professionals; however, the demand for experts in these technologies requires certain technical and soft skills.

Below, we have reviewed some wanted skills that are required in an IT professional to succeed in IoT and how they can boost their career profile:

Understanding of Sensors, Motors, and Robotics

Understanding sensors, motors, and robotics is considered one of the most vital skills among IT engineers and IoT developers. These skills prove knowledge of wireless communication systems, embedded logic, and what triggers their functionality. Further, the understanding of sensors helps to detect position, temperature, light, sound waves, and humidity. When it comes to training and developing robots, IT engineers and IoT developers must know the methods of data collection, data processing, and data storage.

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