Youth Day: Ghetto youth CSOs calls for stronger partnerships to promote climates smart enterprises, urban agriculture.

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon Among has postponed 2022 International Youth Day celebration that was slated for 12th August 2022 to 26th August 2022 due to lack of organising funds. She said it will not happen again in future.

Youth Day: Ghetto youth CSOs calls for stronger partnerships to promote climates smart enterprises, urban agriculture.
The Speaker Nakawa Division Godfrey Luyombya inspecting the hands on enterprises by the Ghetto youth in Luzira Port Bell

As part of the pre-celebration to mark the international day of the youth that falls on 12th of August, the Civil Society Organisations working with the ghetto communities in urban areas have urged government and other stakeholders to join hands with in ensuring that they improve their livelihoods while conserving the environment as a measure for mitigating climate change effects.

Some of the areas the Organisations want partnership includes smart urban agriculture, enterprises that promote measures for mitigating climate change effects including recycling plastic and other solid waste into reusable items that they mould into commercial products for sale.

According to Miria Balungi pictured above, from Network for Active Citizens (NAC), they are engaging the youth from ghetto communities in Nakawa division into activities that get them get a living while practicing urban agriculture using available materials.

“We are engaging communities in ghetto Nakawa for solutions and practicing urban agriculture to fight hunger and protect the climate” she said

Balungi said that the policies needs to consider increasing the budget towards youth activities to help them contribute to sustain the climate.

Ronah Ahumuza from Holistic Action for Development and Empowerment said that they are skilling the youth to add value to solid waste in enterprises including shoe making, tailoring, belt making, among other to generate income while protecting the climate.

She said that government should work with the youth to support their initiatives while urging the youth to be assertive, and aggressive on making a contribution to national growth and protecting the climate.

“We empower the youth through hands-on and mind skills to enable them earn a income through recycling waste and environment smart urban agriculture in small pieces of land” she said

The global them of the international youth day is: “Intergenrration solidarity” while the local on is: ”Living no one behind”

The Speaker of Nakawa Division while officiating at the CSO’s pre-youth function held on Tuesday 9th August 2022 in Luzira Portal Bell, tasked the youth groups to sensitive others to participate in community activities, and create a bond with the current leadership. He said that there is need to advocate the youth through networks that consider community leadership government programs.

He also urged the youth to embark on research to be equipped with knowledge for leadership to pursue youth engagement.

“We need to interest ourselves with advocacy for youth through networks that consider community leadership while implementing programs. More research equipped with knowledge to pursue youth engagements” he said

The Speaker said that Nakawa Division has full support for the youth projects, urging them to mobilize and register to benefit from grants from the division which he said in addition to the Skilling’s projects will empower them to impact their lives and the community.

“The youth should participate in most of the government programs available. Interest yourselves in these programs set from government resources” he said.

However government has postponed the international youth day celebrating that was slated for 12th August 2022 to 28th August 2022 in Gulu due to lack of funds for organizing it locally

Network for Active Citizens is partnering with Dream Town and other youth CSOs including Holistic Action for Development and Empowerment, Foot Marks Initiative Uganda, One by One initiative for vulnerable communities, Christian Youth Missionary Group Kinawataka among others to implement the Go Green Project in Ghetto communities.