Protea Hotel staff, partners participate in blood donation drive

Protea Hotel staff, partners participate in blood donation drive

Under the “Serve 660; Doing Good in Every Direction.” The Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) is in receipt blood units from the staff of Protea Hotel Kampala and other partners spear headed by Simba group, hotel guests, and other corporate donors.

The Team Leaders, UBTS Nakasero Blood Bank, Samuel Wantat called upon every potential person to participate in donating blood to save lives. He said that blood donations do not only save the lives of those in need of the transfusion but also help the donors to have healthier lives by minimizing the risk of hypertension, heart attack, blood clots, and unnecessary weight gain.

“Every so often, blood donation is needed to save the lives of those involved in accidents especially motor accidents which are on a sharp rise, mothers who excessively bleed during childbirth, and those with medical conditions such as cancer, sickle cells, anemia, and blood disorders. After donations, the blood is screened against transfusable infections such as HIV/AIDs, syphilis, and others, then taken to the Nakasero Blood Bank, Mengo Blood Bank, and other regional blood banks across the country where the blood is then accessible, at no cost.” he said

The Operations Manager for Protea Hotel Kampala Phiona Nabisere,  said that blood donations will have a positive impact to the community adding that the hotel will hold similar campaign annually.

“We believe in the importance of making a positive contribution to the community and not only limiting our activities and endeavors to reach excellence in the hospitality sector. Our aim is to make valuable contributions to the society we live in as much as possible, and we intend to hold this activity annually as a healthy exercise to encourage further participation.” She said

 Protea staff in blood donation exercise

The Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS), is the national body responsible for all blood safety activities in Uganda, enables surgeons and other medical professionals to offer units of blood that save patients’ lives. UBTS originated in 1957 and, over the years has  supplied all necessary blood to Ugandan hospitals


According to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Isaac Kajja, said that his department under The Orthopedic Department of Mulago National Referral Hospital is one of the main beneficiaries of blood from UBTS. He noted that hospital needs daily replenishment of blood stocks because of the kind of surgeries it handles – those that lead to loss of a lot of blood. These he said include surgeries performed as a result of road accidents, correction of childhood deformities, joint replacements, infections and cancers of the bone.