Mukwano Industries' new Dunia Recycling Innovators ventures into plastic recycling.

Dunia Recycling Innovators action into plastic recycling will boost waste management and open up new opportunities

Mukwano Industries' new Dunia Recycling Innovators ventures into plastic recycling.
Part of the three wheel fleet that conduct collection of plastic waste

Operating as part of Mukwano Industries Limited, a leading Fast Moving Call nsumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers in East Africa, Dunia Recycling Innovators have expanded their business into collection and recycling of plastic in urban and rural areas of Uganda.

Dunia according to top management of Mukwano industries Uganda Limited is aimed at providing an innovative solution to management of plastic waste pollution in Uganda through the collection and recycling of plastic.

The Manager of Dunia Recycling Innovators, Mohamed Karmali said that in order to change the narrative of irresponsible waste disposal, and manage plastic pollution, there is need to take responsible action in recycling to save the environment.

“The only way to curb plastic pollution is to take action and Recycle. As one of the largest FMCG companies in East Africa we have created Dunia Recycling Innovators to do just that. The motivation to recycle plastics and change the narrative of irresponsible waste disposal is key for my generation and future generations to come” he said

He said that the collection of collecting plastic waste is conduction though a fleet of three wheeler motorcycles which he said have a network to collect from major plastic waste centers in Kampala and other areas in Uganda.

“We are currently operating a fleet of Three wheelers which are the first of its kind in Uganda. They are collecting plastics from all major Restaurants, Hotels, Places or worship, Resorts and Supermarkets in Kampala” he said

He added that at major See centers, the company has provided recycling bins to ease operation.

“We have taken the initiative to supply plastic recycling Bins to these institutions in order for collections to be regular and more efficient” he said.

“Uganda is drowning in plastics, this is a global issue. We as Dunia are ready to make a change and make a difference by recycling plastics not only in Kampala, but country wide” he concluded.

Established in the1980s, Mukwano group of companies, the leading producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in East and Central, The company pioneered Ugandan economy resurgence through the manufacturind of goods ranging from liquid detergent, Mineral Water, Jellies, Plastics both domestic and industrial, Detergent powders, Edible oil and fats, Toilet soaps and laundry.