European Motorbiker Luis set to ride record 3,000KM tour around L. Victoria

European Motorbiker Luis set to ride record 3,000KM tour around L. Victoria
The 3,000KM journey around L. Victoria across 5 countries in East Africa

Dubbed "Mzungu Boda EAC Tour," Luis Lechiguero, a Program Manger, Sustainable Development at the Delegation of European Union to Uganda is advanced stages to set his bike on the road to Travers 5 countries around Lake Victoria, a journey he has calculated to reach up to 3,000 Kilometers.  

“One of my dreams since I arrived to Africa almost 10 years ago, to work with the European Union on issues of international cooperation, has been to travel around the continent beyond the literature, documentaries and socio-economic reports that I read every day in the Kampala office” he said

He narrated that “with the permission of the family, and fortune and weather allowing, I am finally going to hit the road for three weeks riding 3000 kilometers on a motorbike around Lake Victoria, visiting 5 countries of East Africa (Uganda , Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, and back to Uganda). I'm going on an Indian motorcycle (TVS 125cc) and alone, I would have liked someone to join me but it hasn't been possible”

Luis pictures above, said that after obtaining the necessary visas for the 5 countries he is set to launch his journey.

“Be it for lack of time, laziness or carelessness, the truth is that I have not prepared the trip much, I have changed the oil of the engine and I have obtained the visas for the countries I will visit, period” he said

In a statement he released on Saturday 17th December 2022, he added that he is ready to adventure in the EAC Tour above, come rain come sunshine. 

“I don't know where I'm going to sleep each night, or if it's going to rain or which roads are closed, or if PCR is required to enter, or if they're going to let me ride the motorcycle through the natural parks. Thus, on adventure!. Probably I am making virtue out of necessity, but I have always been fascinated by the amateur spirit of people who try to do things that seem too great for them, without knowing what they are capable of, without more resources than enthusiasm, grit and a goal”

The Mortorbiker adds that he will post all his journey experience on his social media handles.

“I hope to recount my experiences from time to time through the magic window of the Internet (@MzunguBoda)” he said

He said that he is motivated by his his fellow country man Don Quixote.

“The truth is that as the date gets closer, everything makes me a bit dizzy, but at night, while in sleep, I hear as if in a whisper, a disturbing but at the same time consoling voice, that of a countryman from La Mancha, by name Don Quixote, who confidently tells me: "Here we can, brother Luismi, put our hands up to our elbows in what they call adventures." So be it” he quoted.