Emburara and Chimpundu Lodges out to tap opportunities in the oil and gas sector as they offer rustic comfort in the heart of nature.

Emburara and Chimpundu Lodges out to tap opportunities in the oil and gas sector as they offer rustic comfort in the heart of nature.
Emburara Eco-Lodge (L) and MD Florence speaking at Launch of 100 Top SMEs

According to Uganda’s Vision 2040, development of the country’s oil and gas resources is deemed crucial in spurring economic growth and development. Experience has shown that the development of the oil and gas industry can create an enclave economy if its development is not integrated into the wider economy.

The oil and gas activities are providing opportunities for economic growth for the country through the participation of Ugandans and Ugandan Enterprises

Harnessing the linkages between oil and gas and the tourism sector according to experts is key for broad-based, inclusive economic development.

Experts have also revealed that tourism as one of the major sectors leading to foreign direct investments in Uganda

MD Embarura Florence (2nd L) next to Bradfo of UTB during a panel discussion

During the launch of the Top 100 SMEs survey held 30th May 2023 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Florence Kabibi Tumwebaze, The Managing Director Emburara and Chimpundu Lodges in Mbarara ad Kibale respectively highlighted the linkages and opportunities that the tourism sector.

In an interview at the sidelines of the forum, the MD said that as a tourist investor, the opportunities range from tourists visiting enjoying the facilities, the wildlife, and the experience of outdoor life.

“Looking at the opportunities, we sell luxury. Oil and gas activities are increasing the purchasing power-bringing in high-income earners who can tour” she said

MD Florence (M) having a light moment with DFCU MD at the launch

The MD called upon the improvement of the road and other infrastructure that support tourism in order to realize the full potential; of the sector’s contribution to the economic growth of Uganda.  

The theme of the forum was: "Business linkages & opportunities between tourism, oil & gas Sectors."

Embarura lodges situated in Mbarara next to Nyakiserara Airstrip according to MD Florence has expanded more tourist products other than wildlife including “life on the farm”, long-horned cattle attractions, local milk products testing, lodge-grown foods, and vegetables among others attracting both local and foreign tourists.

“Guests enjoy life at the farm during their tour at the farm. We have milk products from milk pots, ghee, yogurt, milk preservatives, lodge-grown banana plantains food, vegetables like carrots” she said

Emburara Lodges is a high-end Eco-luxury lodge promoting cultural tourism and conservation of flora and fauna in a fresh, serene and relaxed farm environment offering stunning luxury accommodations with modern amenities with facilities like swimming pools, Modern Spas with African herbal scrubs, fully stocked bars, Delicious cuisine enriched with African Spices and destination wedding packages for couples who dare to dream about adventure.

Meanwhile, Chimpundu Lodge offers Luxury cottage accommodation and an array of authentic Kibale Forest and Kibale National Park experiences in a lush indigenous setting. Just 309km from Kampala, you can enjoy the true African experience and impeccable service offered by Chimpundu Lodge and Spa.

The video of MD Embarura (in above image) and Chimpundu Lodges Florence speaking at the Top 100 Survey launch: https://twitter.com/i/status/1663439876845346819

See the video of Embarura Lodges here: https://twitter.com/i/status/1660312968154710016

Uganda has more than 10 national game parks with a high natural potential. Uganda accounts for 20% of bird species in the whole of Africa. Uganda accounts for over 40% of primates, including the mountain gorillas that are very rare. Uganda has mountains with snow and yet we are on the Equator. Mount Rwenzori, and Mount Elgon, all have snow caps.

Uganda is developing a lot of tourism sites along the River Nile. Uganda is the source of the Nile. The 3,000 miles the Nile travels begins in Uganda