Directorate of Industrial Training joins Kisoboka farmers' campaign to boost skilled agriculture.

DIT will train, test and certify farmers with ISO recognized certificate to proffession farmers.

Directorate of Industrial Training joins Kisoboka farmers' campaign to boost skilled agriculture.
Hon Kiwanda Geoffrey signs MOU on behalf of Kisobokawith Director DIT Patrick at the DIT offices

The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) has signed an agreement with Kisoboka farmers campaign to promote skilled and certified farmers with the aim of implementing governments efforts wealth creation and job creations focusing on agriculture.
The Kisoboka campaign speared headed by the Vice Chairman, National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Uganda, Hon Kiwanda Suubi Geoffrey has been traversing the country while training farmers in different areas including fishing, piggery, poultry, coffee among other products in different areas where farmers exit.
According to Hon Kiwanda, the partnership of Kisoboka campaign with DIT will go a long way in skilling farmers as well certifying them to become profession practitioners of agriculture recognized globally.
“The partnership will ensure farmers are skilled and at the end receive a certificate to allow farmers get employment while practicing agriculture. We shall have weekly training per district where DIT experts will skill farmers to ensure professionalism in farming” he said.
Kiwanda revealed it while signing the partnership with DIT on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at DIT offices along Jinja Road, Kampala. 
The Director, DIT Patrick Byakatonda said that while implementing the agreement with Kisoboka, DIT will skill, test and certify farmers with an ISO International certificate to boost farmers to become role models.
“DIT as a government institution implements government programmes. We conduct train of trainers here, they will skill the farmers, test and certify them” he said
The Directorate of Industrial Training –DIT is a quality assurance body in the business, technical, vocation, education and training (BTVET) a sub-sector of Ministry of Education and Sports.
DIT develops Assessment and training packages to guide demand driven training and assessment in a bit to link to the labour market, and close the gap between training and the world of work in occupation including agriculture, Art and design, performing artists, technology and design among others.