Digital Therapeutics market Trends, Analysis by 2035

Digital Therapeutics  market Trends, Analysis by 2035

The rise in the demand for convenient treatment options for patients across all age groups, specifically post COVID 19, has tremendously increased the adoption of digital therapeutics.


This led to the integration of digital therapeutics solutions into routine healthcare and has helped in overcoming geographical barriers by enabling patients to access healthcare in quick, effective and cost-efficient manner. Several industry / non-industry players have shown a keen interest in digital therapeutics; with increasing adoption of such solutions, we expect the domain to present numerous lucrative investment opportunities.


The financial opportunity within the digital therapeutics market has been analyzed across the following segments:

§  Type of Solution

§  Standalone Software Application

§  Combination Offerings of Software Application + Device

§  Combination Offerings of Software Application + AI Support

§  Combination Offerings of Software Application + Personal Coach

§  Combination Offerings of Software Application + Device + AI Support

§  Combination Offerings of Software Application + Device + Personal Coach

§  Others


§  Type of Therapy

§  Curative Solution

§  Preventive Solution


§  Therapeutic Area

§  Cardiovascular Disorders

§  Mental Health Problems

§  Metabolic Disorders

§  Neurological Disorders

§  Pain Management

§  Respiratory Disorders

§  Sleep Disorders

§  Substance Use Disorders

§  Others


§  Key Geographical Regions

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World


The Investor Series: Opportunities in Digital Therapeutics Market, detailed profiles of the key public ventures engaged in the development of digital therapeutics solutions; each profile features a brief overview of the company, details on its management team, insights from its balance sheet (if available), details on its product / service portfolio, recent developments and key financial details (including company investment highlights, company fundamental and company technical analysis).


Table of Contents


Excel Deliverables

1. Innovators and Product Dataset

2. Funding and Investment Analysis

3. Fundamental and Technical Financial Analysis

4. Business Risk Analysis

5. Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

6. Return on Investment

PowerPoint Deliverable

1. Context


2. Project Approach

3. Project Objective

4. Executive Summary

Section I: Need for Digital Therapeutics and Innovators Landscape

5. The Digital Health Market

6. Digital Therapeutics: Innovator Landscape

7. Digital Therapeutics: Product Landscape and Company Health Indexing


8. Value Proposition Analysis


9. Company Competitiveness Analysis


Section II: Analysis of Investments

10. Funding and Investment Analysis


Section III: Financial Analysis and Assessment of Business Risks

11. Financial Analysis of Public Ventures


12. Company Profiles of Public Ventures


13. Business Risk Analysis


Section IV: Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

14. Market Forecast


Section V: Analysis of Returns on Investment and Key Acquisition Targets

15. Analysis of Return on Investment


16. Key Acquisition Targets


17. Conclusion


18. Appendices


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