'Arsenal is cursed' - Gunners fans react after Unai Emery wins Europa League with Villarreal

With a victory over Manchester United in Gdansk, former Arsenal head coach Unai Emery has guided Villarreal to their first ever Europa League title.

'Arsenal is cursed' - Gunners fans react after Unai Emery wins Europa League with Villarreal
Unai Emery kisses the Europa League trophy (Photo courtesy of MICHAEL SOHN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images).

Unai Emery has won the Europa League for the second time.

With a penalty shootout triumph over Manchester United in Gdansk, the former Arsenal head coach guided Spanish team Villarreal to their first ever Europa League triumph.

With this victory, Emery has now won four Europa League championships and reached five finals in his career.

The one blemish on his finals record comes when his Arsenal team was beaten 4-1 by Maurizio Sarri's Chelsea in 2019.

Indeed, with Villarreal's victory over Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Emery now has the record for most Europe League titles won.

After the game, fans and analysts praised Emery's performance, with Rio Ferdinand saying on BT Sport: "Tactically, I believe Unai Emery got it spot on." Cavani thrives when he has space behind defenders, but they didn't give him any today. Bruno's existence was invalidated, and he had to be shut off at all times.

"With their mobility and anticipation, players like Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford had no room to fall behind. It was not present today. You have to give Unai Emery credit for that because he was strategically correct."
However, apart from the praise for Emery's ability to win Europa League crowns, other Arsenal supporters rushed to Twitter to lament the club's recent standards.

Arsenal fans have claimed that the club is 'cursed' or has 'evil vibrations' since they are not competing in a European competition this season.

Following Emery's fourth Europa League success, several Arsenal fans have expressed their feelings about their team.

@Waggy 98 commented: "Arsenal are a jovial bunch, aren't we? With Sevilla, Emery has won three games in a row. Comes to Arsenal and humiliates us in Baku. Villareal defeats us and then wins the match. I despise it here."

"Emery's success tonight further emphasises the idea that Arsenal is cursed," remarked @MrMarchie.

"Get that Unai Emery bloke in looks nice," @Owzie Mogs advised Arsenal.