9th Visionaries of Uganda Awards: VP Alupo calls for market driven entrepreneurs to transform Uganda

......this awards ceremony is very important for all 2021 participants and winners. This is so, because recognizing achievement is a motivating factor as it encourages innovation, creativity and instills zeal to move to another level of social economic development. This has a positive bearing on drivers of development and positively impacts the economy of this Country.

9th Visionaries of Uganda Awards: VP Alupo calls for market driven entrepreneurs to transform Uganda
VP Alupo awarding a Visionary

The 9th visionaries of Uganda Awards recognized excellence in various sectors and

Subsectors in Uganda aimed celebrating institutional

and individual achievements and understanding related challenges plus opportunities for better performance.

While officiating at the Award ceremony held on 2nd December 2021, The Vice President of Uganda Jessica Alupo highlighted that in order to transform the economy, there is need to focus on development of individual and organization entrepreneur mindset that market centered.

“I therefore take this opportunity to inform everybody that Uganda needs organizations and entrepreneurial minded people who are market driven, and ones who meet the expectations of our people, economy and society. Let me also emphasize that the ultimate consumer of your products and services are the ones who judge your performance by way of choosing or rejecting your products and services. This is therefore a wakeup call to everyone to understand the dynamics of the market place where quality prevails over everything else” she said

She congratulated the various organizations that were recognized at the 9th Visionaries of Uganda under the leadership of Job Mwesigwa in picture above

This year’s theme was “Recognizing continued Social[1]Economic transformation of Uganda and strengthening the fundamentals of the economy to achieve Uganda Vision 2040 amidstCOVID-19 challenges”

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) was among those recognized by the Visionaries of Uganda for its regulatory role in the coffee sub sector and its contribution to the country’s economy.

Upon winning the award, UCDA in picture above took the good news to Twitter, and thanked the coffee stakeholders especially the coffee farmers who are the engine of the Ugandan economy.

The Visionaries of Uganda has organized the annual Visionaries of Uganda Awards Ceremony since 2013.

UCDA’s award is not surprising considering the achievements the Authority has recorded in recent years.

Under the leadership of Dr. Emmanuel Iyamulemye Niyibigira as Managing Director, UCDA saw the volume of coffee produced increase from 7.75 million 60 kg bags in FY 2019/20 to 8.06 million 60 kg bags in FY 2020/21, an increase of 4%.

This was mainly attributed to newly planted coffee, which started yielding and were supported by favourable weather conditions.

Other organization awarded included National Planning Authority, UMRA, Stabex, among others

The winners of the Visionaries of Uganda awards, according to the organisers, are selected by the Ugandan people for their outstanding contribution towards the country’s aspiration for middle-income status and Vision 2040.