Contract Mining Services Market Business Strategies and Growth Rate by 2030

Contract Mining Services Market Business Strategies and Growth Rate by 2030
Contract Mining Services Market

Key Findings – Contract Mining Services Market

  1. The global demand for contract mining services is projected to experience approximately 1.2X decline between 2019 and 2027.
  2. Mining automation is gaining momentum, leading to the considerable fall in the revenues of contract mining services market.
  3. Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) are likely to remain leading markets for contract mining service providers.
  4. Australia and South Africa will particularly continue to represent high-growth countries.
  5. North America and Europe are poised to remain important target markets for vendors in the contract mining services market.

While contract mining services typically allow completion of mining processes at lesser turnaround time, mining companies have been particularly benefiting from the most desirable advantage, i.e. the complete land optimization. Several small and mid-sized companies have gone through the route of contract mining services, and a number of new businesses are currently planning to step in the contract mining services landscape.

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Although contract miners assure to align their services with risk management in terms of workforce and occupational health and safety, they are repeatedly failing to build the certainty of sustainable jobs as a result of a few prime challenges, such as labor broking, sub-contracting, casualization, relatively lenient legislation, and a fair amount of political interference.

Top Factors Shaping Contract Mining Services Market

The Degree of Mechanization Is Increasing

Mines are typically characterized by low mechanization levels and thus, continue to face challenges thrown by massive labor spend of nearly 35-40% of the overall mining costs. Rising automation of the mining industry is however shaping the industry differently, since the recent past, which is prominently impeding the growth of contract mining services. However, in the backdrop of narrow mine shafts that remain unprofitable when subject to mechanization, manual labor continues to sustain demand, sustaining revenues of the contract mining services space. 

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Governments Are Pushing the Number of Mining Projects

Increasing R&D spending targeting exploration of new areas will remain among the key factors sustaining contract mining services market. Moreover, rapid urbanization and the increasing spending on mining are expected to create potential growth opportunities for the contract mining services market. Another strong influencer identified by the research includes rapidly improving awareness about safety and security services across the mining industry.

Several governments also play a significant role in boosting the growth of mining landscape, thereby reserving pointing to potential opportunities to contractors. For an instance, the Argentinian government had signed a collaborative agreement with the country’s provinces, in 2017, regarding the increase in mining projects across Argentina.

Automated Mining Equipment Is Trending Among Service Providers

While cutting edge technology enabled mining equipment is gaining ground recently, a majority of service vendors prefer delivering fully automated mining equipment in order to gain edge over the competition, in contract mining services market. The demand for technologically advanced contract mining service equipment is thus likely to grow at a steady yet promising pace and will mark an important trend among the participants in global contract mining services market.

While automated contract mining service equipment provides high efficiency without compromising on the safety of workers, research anticipates that it will be among the most vital factors responsible for the mining industry’s revival, thereby the growth of contract mining services market.

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Commodity Prices Remain Key Indicators of Market Performance

Recently, the global economic slowdown and subsequent slump of commodity prices are heavily affecting miners, eventually pulling the overall demand for contract mining services and thereby, the profit margins of contract mining service providers. To combat this scenario creating a declining market for contract mining services, mining companies are highly likely to prioritize outsourcing rather than fresh investments, which will potentially help them optimize expenditure.

In the light of recently changing picture of mining industry owing to a strong increase in mining activities, companies will be compelled to exclusively focus on the core mining operations, outsourcing rock breakage, material handling, and other chores to contract mining service providers. Research points to a possible resurrection of the contract mining industry, however, at a gradual pace.

Contract Mining Services Market Structure Analysis

Slumping commodity prices translates into deterring mining investments, eventually leading to stoppage of mine expansion projects. While this has had a considerably negative impact on the contract mining industry, high labor dependence is also a crucial factor contributing to the decline of contract mining services market. Some of the globally recognized mining players are targeting new investments to achieving the reduced capital spend, which is strongly influencing the commodity prices. This, coupled with in-demand mining operations such as drilling and development, will hold a far-reaching impact on the growth of contract mining services market. 

Some of the most prominent players in the global competitive landscape of contract mining services industry, include Ledcor IP Holdings Ltd., Brierty, The Redpath Group, SGS SA, Saumya Mining, Mining Plus, Byrnecut Group, Macmahon, CIMIC Group, BGC Contracting Pty Ltd., Exact Mining Group, Downer Group, PYBAR Mining Services, and Laxyo Group. Leveraging the flexibility in terms of equipment offerings, a majority of companies active in contract mining services market are focused on offering advanced technology enabled machinery, to maintain an edge over other service providers