John Deere 5310 4x4 Price in India - Tractorgyan

The John Deere 5310 boasts a robust engine with 3 cylinders, and it offers 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. With a lifting capacity of 2000 kg, it is more than capable of handling various agricultural tasks across different soil conditions and fields. Additionally, it features a cooling system with an overflow reservoir, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of farming. This tractor serves as a versatile and comprehensive solution for a wide range of agricultural and farm needs. The john deere 5310 4x4 price in india starts from 7.85 lakhs to 9.39 lakhs*, making it accessible to farmers with different budgets. One of the standout features of the John Deere 5310 is its high backup torque, which is a significant asset for heavy-duty applications. The tractor's power steering enhances productivity, making it easier for operators to maneuver. Furthermore, it boasts self-adjusting, self-equalizing oil-immersed disc brakes that not only provide safety but also require minimal maintenance. John Deere tractors are designed with a focus on fuel efficiency, ensuring that they can meet all farming requirements while minimizing fuel consumption. In essence, the John Deere 5310 tractor is a symbol of innovation and power. It promises to revolutionize farming by enhancing efficiency and productivity. For those seeking a comprehensive agricultural solution, this tractor is a worthy investment.