ICT Job Fair 2023: President Museveni cautions Ugandan young people on smartphone addiction.

ICT Job Fair 2023:  President Museveni cautions Ugandan young people on smartphone addiction.
President Of Uganda Gen Yoweri Museveni displaying the small analogue phone at the 2nd ICT Job Fair in Kololo on Tuesday

Ministry of ICT & National Guidance in partnership with Airtel Uganda, Huawei Technologies Uganda, and other stakeholders organized the 2nd ICT Job Fair 2023 at Kololo in Kampala Independence Grounds aimed at empowering the youth and shaping a brighter future in technology and innovation through bridging Uganda's youth unemployment by offering job opportunities, internships, apprenticeships, and training programs through various employers

The theme "Navigating the Digital Horizon." 

The President of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Museveni underscored the importance of ICT in supporting business, processes including communicating, and fastening processes while storing and allowing traceability.

He said he supports digitalizing government processes through innovations becuase of its enabling ability to improve service delivery and  the quality of life. 

“While producing food, building materials, and textiles among others there is a need to communicate that’s where ICT comes in to make the processes faster, quicker, traceable, and storage among others. I support digitalizing government processes that’s why I agreed with the President of Huawei long term ago to establish here in Uganda” he said

The President however said that there is a need to embrace ICT in the African context to avoid becoming an African new problem. He cautioned leaders, youth, managers, and others to avoid over-dependence on smartphones for information to enable them to stay focused on bigger issues.

“Some young people are earning from followers on social media through advertising, but the question is whose products are you advertising? If it's used to promote Ugandan products abroad, that's good. I have heard about smartphones, I have seen them at a distance, but in my work, I need to do more thinking that is why I will stick to my feature phone” he advised.

Huawei Technologies Uganda Managing Director, Mr Xie Qiuxiang (in above picture) urged the youth to use technology knowledge to build smart businesses as Huawei works on digital connectivity in Uganda. 

He highlighted various initiatives that Huawei has supported including internship opportunities, free training, and connection to global ICT competitions among others.

The Minister of ICT & National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi said that the government is the advanced stages of laying the 5G fiber across the country with Huawei support to hook Ugandans to fast internet connectivity.

The Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development Hon Betty Among said: “The Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development acknowledges the critical role that ICT plays in empowering individuals and communities, opening doors to new opportunities, and driving economic growth, among others”

ICT services in Uganda according to The Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT Dr Amina Zawedde, continue to grow at an impressive growth rate of 14.8%. The ICT sector contributes 2% to the aggregate nominal GDP in FY 2021/2022 and this continues to grow.

Uganda's ICT sector sees a robust growth of 14.8%, contributing 2% to the total nominal GDP for FY 2021/2022, & this trend is on the rise.

Ugandans allocate over 8% of their average monthly income to data bundles, marking the highest ratio in the @jumuiya

“Uganda's ICT industry maintains an impressive 14.8% growth rate, steadily contributing 2% to the total nominal GDP in the fiscal year 2021/2022, with this contribution on an upward trajectory,” she said