Fort Portal Tourism City: Explore a completely breathtaking memorable destination.

Fort Portal Tourism City: Explore a completely breathtaking memorable destination.
The Panorama view of the Fort Portal Tourism City Crater

By Allan Bamuha Atwooki

Have you been to the Land of Empaako yet?? "Amooti, Apuuli Akiiki etc". Relax!!

Setting foot on Fort Portal soil is a soul-soothing destination with a blend of spackling nature, beauty, culture, leisure, adventure, and hospitality.

Irresistibly endowed by nature, Fort Portal is one of the best tourist destinations in Uganda. Overlooking snow-capped “Mountains of the Moon”, adorable climate, culturally diverse and hospitable people; visitors are spoilt with choices of adventure, learning traditions, and culture; or just relax at the facilities surrounded by the wonderful sights and sounds of Africa’s most hospitable destination.

Serenity is a phenomenon that makes up tourism, this is completely spread by nature all across corners of Fort Portal on top of the Batooro who are naturally humble and down to earth, beautiful and most peaceful creating a whole exciting welcoming tourism environment capped by the endless and numerous tourist activities and sites.

Fort Portal City is a Tourism City of Uganda situated at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains in the greater Tooro kingdom, Western Region of the Country. Known for being vibrant and welcoming, Fort Portal is the gateway to Uganda's adventures. Fort Portal City lies on the northern foothills of Rwenzori Mountain ranges, 50km north of Kasese District close to Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is 26km from Kibale national park.

The City is the center of Toro kingdom and it’s where we locate the Tooro Kings palace Karuziika in picture above. The city is the only town in Uganda with an English name built in the 1960s and was named after the British Consul General of Zanzibar, Sir Gerald Portal who came to Uganda in 1890s to formalize British protectorate ship over Uganda.

Due to the development and existence of tourism sites in this town, there has been tremendous developments in the social and economic aspects. Several landmarks like hotels, restaurants, and banks have been put in place and to-date it's gradually becoming the New York of Uganda

Experience with us the natural roaring Nyakasura waterfalls, the exquisitely welcoming tea plantations, dazzling explosion crater lakes, Amabere ga Nyinamwiru, Kibale National Park, the beautiful jaw dropping slope ranges of Mountain Rwenzori, the intangible cultural heritage of Empaako, Kogeere mini-museum, the Tooro natural Botanical Gardens endowed with Africa's last surviving tree species, the fortress etc

Fort Portal City due to its tourism phenomenon is destined to become a unique Africa's leading metropolitan area with a blossoming hotel and hospitality industry holding hundreds of thousands of tourists at any single time from across the world boosting lots of other local businesses including majorly the transport and agriculture/food sectors.

Fort Portal is expected to be a fully-fledged tourism city by 2040 according to the government’s national development plan will be easily attained with increased government financing and focus on infrastructure development and providing incentives to intending tourism investors both local and international.

Fort Portal stands out to be unrivaled as the tourism destination in Uganda which provides huge potential for employment of the young workforce hence increasing the per capita income of the local households. Let us unite to build a more environmentally friendly Tourism City with the century-old botanical gardens in the surroundings.

Sculputure of the British Portal in midst of the city. 

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The land of Beauty

Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon


Papaya Lodge

Amabere ga Nyinamwiru

The Cretor lakes

Welcome to Fortportal Tourism City

See you soon!!!

The author, Allan Bamuha Atwooki is The Deputy Resident City Commissioner Fortpotal City North, Division