Meet the youngest Elected president in the history of USA, see the age he was elected president.

In the spirit of the recently concluded elections in USA, this writer decided to entertain readers with a brief story of the youngest Elected president of USA. 

The name of the man in question is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and till today he remains the youngest elected president in the country's history of USA while Theodero remains American's youngest president, Theodore wasn't elected like John Kennedy. 

Theodero was initially elected as vice president of USA but he was promoted to president of the country after president William McKinley was assassinated. 

John was born into one of America's wealthiest families and paralyzed an elite education and a reputation as a military hero into a successful run for congress in 1946 and for the senate in 1952.

John F Kennedy was elected in 1960 as the 35th president of the USA. Born on the 29th May 1917,Kennedy was elected at the age of 43. Kennedy wasn't just the youngest elected president of USA. He was as well as the first roman catholic member to become president of USA. As Kennedy confronted cold war tension in Cuba, Vietnam and else where.