Xiaomi 13 Pro review: Good omens

It'll put a spell on you.

Xiaomi 13 Pro review: Good omens

I decided to get a little spooky for the Xiaomi 13 Pro review. After all, what is 13, if not the unluckiest of numbers? So, I grabbed my black cat and Ouija board and asked the great beyond what I had to look forward to with this high-end flagship. Instead of an answer, my cat swatted the planchette off the table and ran to his food bowl, reminding me there was no need to be superstitious about Xiaomi’s best Android phone contender. Let’s find out if Xiaomi got the same message or if there’s something freaky going on after all. This is our Xiaomi 13 Pro review.

About this Xiaomi 13 Pro review: I tested the Xiaomi 13 Pro (12GB RAM/512GB storage) over 10 days. It was running Android 13 with the MIUI Global 14.0.15 skin and the January 2023 security patch. The unit was provided by Xiaomi for this review.

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