The best Huawei smartwatches you can buy

Whether you seek a gym companion, a budget fitness tracker, or a flagship smartwatch, there's a Huawei watch for you.

The best Huawei smartwatches you can buy
Huawei‘s smartphone business might be past its prime, but the company’s wearable line is still going strong. Since the first Huawei Watch launched in 2015, the Chinese company has built on its wearables’ strengths: minimalist designs, long battery life, and reliable fitness tracking. But which Huawei smartwatch is right for you? We’ve rounded up the best Huawei smartwatches available right now.

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Buying the right Huawei smartwatch for your needs

Whether you’re looking for a Huawei smartwatch that puts design first, focuses on fitness tracking, or is the best fit for your budget, there’s an option for you. For those specifically looking for a running watch, all Huawei smartwatches listed below pack built-in GPS. If you put smartwatch features first, Huawei offers three round-faced wearables, while the rectangular Band 6 also provides an alternative option.