The 13 Coolest Halloween Costumes With Wigs


The 13 Coolest Halloween Costumes With Wigs

Wigs can make or break your Halloween costume. The right one can help you fully transition into the character, celebrity, or creature you're dressing up as. Whether you're into a long black style à la Cher, a blunt bob to channel your inner Anna Wintour, or a bold red number that'll help you impersonate Poison Ivy, there's certainly something for you in this costume roundup. These 13 picks are bound to be instant hits come October 31.

Being a bad gal has never looked so good. No worries, though; there's no real fur here.

Before Kim Kardashian West sported long black hair, Cher was the one who made it a (glamorous) thing. 

Lady Gaga is the queen of wigs. This yellow one she wore for the 2010 Grammys is still iconic a decade later. 

When fashion week rolls around, you can always spot the legendary Grace Coddington thanks to her fiery-red hair.

Try a blunt black bob to channel Uma Thurman's character in the cult classic Pulp Fiction

Go all-out glam on Halloween and imitate the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Selena Quintanilla, also known as "La Reina," was a major influence in both the Latino community and mainstream music industry for her ethereal voice, her effervescent personality, and, of course, her style.

God is a woman, and she wears a dramatic ponytail. And so should you this Halloween. 

With a blunt blonde bob and oversize sunglasses, anybody who loves fashion will be able to recognize you from a mile away.

Bubblegum-colored wigs are always fun when you're one of the bad guys. 

No one does a wig quite like Cardi B. 

Who doesn't want to feel like royalty, especially royalty in a Sofia Coppola film?

Who can resist dressing up as one of the best villains in the DC Universe?

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