JoriPress & : Tour & Travel JoriPress & : Tour & Travel en Copyright © 2022 JoriPress & All Rights Reserved The new Rastafari Foundation to promote culture, sports and religion The King  of  Rastafari community has established The Rastafari Foundation with the aim of promoting the culture, the religion, Sports among other objectives for the Rastafarians community in Uganda.

The foundation that is based in Kitgum Municipal Council  officially came into force after being registered on 3rd October 2020 and accepted to operate basing in the Central Division of Westland B Ward Parish as a Community based Organisations

After being accepted to operate pictured above by district official including the Deputy Mayor, Town Clerk and the Communities Development Officer, King Jahfire has embarked on activities to promote, coordinate the foundation and strengthening collaboration with all other culture leaders in Uganda.

The massive community of Rastafarians in Uganda are in full support of their leader and have entrusted him to develop the culture and religion through the foundation.

“King Emanuel Jahfire is our King, we always believe in him, he is the one leading us with righteousness. We trust him to steward us through the world” one of the Rastafarian said.

During an interview online with King Emanuel Jahfire, he said “ I double as a cultural leaderRwot, Kerkwano, Pubech Parish, Lutukubor Kal and King of Of Rastafarians”

King added  that the cooperation with other cultural leaders including Rwot Alata Samson and others  will strengthen the working relations of the foundation

The foundation under the leadership of King Emanuel is among other activities is promoting  sports for the benefit of the community which he said he started practicing way back in 1994.

“As a master of Karate, I have practiced for 27 years” he said

In 2013, The Cultural Leader, Rwot Ker Kal Kwaro Parish in Mucwini sub county confirmed and introduced King Jahfire as among the cultural leaders Rwot Alo, and a member of the royal house of Okeny from whom he inherited the title.

“With great respect and honour this letter serves as an introduction of Rwot Alo that he belongs to the house of Okeny and all members of this house have given full support” the letter partly reads.

The Royal Rwot of Acholi, King Emanuel Jahfire has got the legacy as a royal  chief from his late father Rwot Opokaa Lobokoloro as an inherited  Rwotship.

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