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What you need to make liquid soap and earn money. 

A bucket

Wooden stick


Nose mask

Table spoon

Raw materials you will need 

Clean water  20 litres

Salt 1 Kg

Sulphuric acid  1 Kg

Ungalo 1 Kg

Caustic soda ¼ Kg but you will have to measure 3 table spoons. 




Mix ungalo and salt and stir until they turn white and add one cup of water from the 20 litres and stir well. 

Prepare the sulphuric acid aside in another container with water and add to the mixture of ungalo and salt. 

Prepare the caustic in another cup until it dissolves and add to the first bucket. 

Add colour and perfume and stir well. 

After place the bucket (uncovered) aside until you nolonger see any bubbles and then pour the mixture in clean containers and pack it in containers of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 litres. 

Then look for the market. 

Keep checking on Emuria to get to know how to get market for your liquid soap. 

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