One of the Most "Outdated" Lipstick Colors Ever Has Officially Made Its Comeback

We're excited about this one.

One of the Most "Outdated" Lipstick Colors Ever Has Officially Made Its Comeback

It's pretty much a given that most trends are cyclical. I mean, that's why bike shorts, scrunchies, bucket hats, butterfly or claw clips, crimped hair, and padded headbands have all made comebacks in 2021. What's old is always new again, am I right?

Listen, I don't mind trends coming back. Some I welcome back with open arms, so to speak. One beauty trend that I've been loving lately? The resurgence of mauve lipstick. The color that was big in the '90s is back, baby. And who doesn't love this pink-purple hue?

The shade is pretty flattering on any skin tone. It's also a subtler shade than, say, a deep-red lipstick, but it's not quite neutral or nude, so you still get a dose of color. And I think the lip color is versatile for just about any type of look. It's great for everyday wear, but it also works well for a night out. You can just play with the finishes, from a matte lipstick to a creamier, shinier coat.

Take a look at some mauve lipstick options below, broken down by skin tone.

You'll get amazing color and all-day moisture with this lipstick. The formula contains vitamins A and E to lock in moisture, leaving your lips softer.

Described as a "dusty mauve," this lipstick not only looks good on fair skin tones, but it's also a universal shade that works with just about any tone. It contains moringa and passion fruit seed oils to condition the lips and enhance color.

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick is always a classic go-to because it delivers high-impact color without feeling too heavy. This particular creamy formula contains vitamin E and avocado oil.

If you're looking for a subtler color, try this pale mauve. It's almost like an upgraded version of your natural lip color. All it takes is one swipe, and you've got maximum color.

A cooler, muted mauve pink, this is another lipstick shade that's very similar to your natural lip color. The ultra-creamy formula glides on and delivers medium to full coverage that you can build on. This one has a satin finish.

Some matte lipsticks can feel super drying, but not this one. The lightweight lip cream goes on so smoothly and has a long-lasting mousse-like texture.

This shade is more of a pinky-red hue, so it's a bit different from traditional mauves. The formula is made with 65% essential oils, so it will moisturize your lips and leave a shiny finish.

Maybelline's liquid lipstick is one of my favorite long-lasting lip products. I especially love the Ringleader shade, which is a flattering pink-mauve. It lasts for up to 16 hours and leaves a highly pigmented matte finish.

There's a reason Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk is a cult favorite—it just works on pretty much any skin tone. The medium version is a berry pink that's like a deeper mauve.

When I say this lipstick is long-lasting, I'm not lying. It's got you covered for up to 24 hours thanks to its shiny topcoat that you apply after adding the color.

Maybelline's satin-finish lipstick is formulated with honey nectar for comfort and conditioning. This mauve shade has a bit of an orange-red tone, which will look so good on tan skin tones.

Nyx's matte lipstick will leave your lips looking so plush and smooth. This mauve shade has some brown tones in it, so it's kind of like a neutral.

A soft pink-mauve, Kjaer Weis's liquid lipstick is another one that helps enhance your natural lip color. The matte formula is enriched with cold-pressed sunflower, jojoba, and castor-seed oils plus hyaluronic acid to leave the lips completely hydrated and nourished.

This particular shade is more of a purple-rose mauve, which makes it unique. The highly pigmented product has a smooth, matte finish.

This weightless and long-wearing lipstick is just so effortless, but it delivers a ton of color. The rosy mauve finish works well on all skin tones.

Tom Ford's lipstick is a richer, deeper mauve that is so sophisticated and stunning. The formula has specially treated color pigments that give both a saturated hue and luminosity. It also contains murumuru butter, soja-seed extract, and chamomilla flower oil for a creamy and smoothing texture.

With a weightless, air-whipped texture, this liquid lipstick delivers saturated color and soft velvety matte and blurred finish. It's also infused with nourishing ingredients like lotus, gardenia, white water lily, and vitamin E.

You get up to 12 hours of continuous wear with this lipstick, but you don't have to worry about your lips feeling super dry. The creamy and lightweight lip product has a matte finish and full-coverage color. Next, This $6 Drugstore Lip Liner Is My Secret Weapon for Full Lips