Gemini could be finally getting new voices (APK Teardown)

The two new voices are named Ruby and River.

Gemini could be finally getting new voices (APK Teardown)
Google Gemini logo on smartphone stock photo (5)
Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • We have discovered a new voice selection feature in the Google app version beta.
  • This feature appears to allow users to select between two new voices, Ruby and River.
  • It is uncertain if these voices will be specific to Gemini or shared with Google Assistant.

As the battle for AI dominance between ChatGPT and Gemini intensifies, the next frontier seems to be about transforming these generative AI models into all-knowing voice assistants, much like JARVIS from the Marvel Universe. Google’s Gemini has so far lacked the ability to choose different voices for its voice responses, but that could soon change.

In the latest beta of the Google app on Android (version beta), we came across a new option within the “Voice” settings called voice selection. The description of this option reads, “Choose which voice should be preferred for speech responses for Search.”