Call It the Fashion-Month Influence: 29 High-Impact Pieces I'm Itching for Now

I'm impressionable.

Call It the Fashion-Month Influence: 29 High-Impact Pieces I'm Itching for Now

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

Since September, every inch of my social media has been devoured by the fashion-month parade. From the designers and brands to the critics and the editors I follow, it's like getting a play-by-play of every happening on and off the runways. While so much fashion in your face all at once can definitely get overwhelming, it's also hugely exciting—just think about it. We finally get to see the culmination of months of conceptualizing and creating. The pieces and styling on the runways now will affect what we'll see and what we'll be wearing months from now

Admittedly, the fashion-week buzz has also greatly influenced my own shopping habits. And when Instagram is constantly directing you to street style images on your Explore Page, it's kind of hard to resist the urge. The items below show the effect of fashion month's influence (as you can probably deduce by the dramatic flair of each piece). I've been in the mood for high-impact, statement-making clothes and accessories that instantly grab people's attention, which lots of Loewe pieces, sequin dresses, and lace opera gloves will certainly help do. To see the full list of items that made it into my cart, keep scrolling. 

You don't see bags like this just anywhere, which is precisely why I'm into it.

These are arguably the It sneakers of the moment, so I, too, have decided that I need a pair.

After seeing the street style from all four cities over the past month, these sunglasses are definitely the winner.

It's kind of wild to think that the holiday season is quickly approaching, but true to form, I'm already prepared.

If you look at any of the celebs attending fashion week, they're more than likely wearing lace-up strappy sandals. They're just so versatile.

I'm getting big Saint Laurent vibes here.

How cute would this be styled with cargo pants?

As I've seen on the spring/summer 2023 runways, maxi dresses are here to stay.

I could see my dad wearing this, which is coincidentally a trend right now.

Designers love sculptural jewelry, and I'm stocking up right now.

The Dries Van Noten show is always a highlight during fashion month.

Rule number one for a good fashion-week street style pic: wear cool sunglasses.

I think off-the-shoulder tops like this will be a big trend come next season.

Tall platforms or bust.

Another emerging trend on the runways? All things sheer. This Zara cardigan comes at the perfect time.

I mean, come on!

I've been aboard the cargo train for a hot minute, and I'll keep chugging along into 2023.

It's time to celebrate the beginning of statement-boot season.

Beautiful draping will always win my heart.

The longer the jeans, the trendier they are.

This top sings all on its own.

My jaw dropped when I saw this dress.

Let this be your signal to grab some chain-mail pieces.

This is a style that's a bit more under the radar, but at least you can say you had it first.

I know I've said this before, but lingerie-inspired trends are really having a moment right now.

All fashion girls love Loewe.

Cool accessories do so much to uplift an outfit.

Bring the drama!

Just too good!

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