10 Winter Trends I Found on Instagram After Scrolling for Way Too Long

They're earning likes left and right.

10  Winter Trends I Found on Instagram After Scrolling for Way Too Long

If you scroll through Instagram enough you're bound to notice more than a few common themes. The printed Prada bag everyone and their mother is snapping photos in? Yep, it's basically gone viral. How about the colorful knitted scarves that seem to come back around every single winter? While my job may entail that I scroll through Instagram more than the average person, the dozens of images pooling in my saved folders confirm that the trends I'm noticing are most certainly a thing tis season. Meet the winter Instagram fashion trends we can't stop seeing all over our feeds.

An endless slew of influencers, editors, buyers, and miscellaneous fashion people all agree on the list below. Don't just take my word for it though—the proof is all over the 'gram. Keep reading to see and all eight fashion picks and shop them yourself. I've seeded out the best options at many price points.

While there's plenty of winter trends that are made for the holiday season, there's always room for a little comfort. Thanks to this trend, there's a lot of sets that I'm pretty sure you can get away with wearing while going out too.

Although this trend comes around every winter, it's just as exciting every time it does. It's like a portable blanket, so add one to your cart and bundle up.

Listen, I know, Uggs have never really gotten out of style but recently have seen the go-to winter brand being worn in a more styled manner than with loungewear like they usually are.

The cozier you want to be in the winter, the cozier the accessories start to get. Telfar's collaboration with Ugg in 2020 was just the beginning, but this year a plethora of brands have added shearling styles to their collection.

We like to call this outerwear style "cloud coats." They're thinner than a puffer so the style is perfect for optimal layering, and can easily be more dressed up.

Cut-out dresses were the theme of the summer, so why not bring the style into winter knits?

I'm usually a puffer jacket person, but with the weather going up and down, it makes sense to have a vest on deck. Plus, they're much versatile when it comes to styling.

Leather weather has arrived, everyone!

This may not be everyone's taste, but it's starting to grow on me. It looks especially great when styled with a coordinating sweater and oversized coat. Either way, it's a cozy accessory that's everywhere this winter.

Holiday season is coming, so it's time to bring on the drama. Sparkle, glitter, and crystals—it's their time to shine.

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